September 7, 2015

imagesThere is a huge change going on in the worlds demographics due to the refugees that are showing up. They’re running from wars that to some degree are religious in nature. A lot of this is from the Arab nations Syria, Libya, and many others. These wars accomplish nothing but pain and the destruction of once beautiful countries. Do you remember the Lebanon civil war between the Christians and others? It destroyed what was considered the most beautiful city in the world at the time. It’s amazing how different countries interpret emergencies. In Colombia where I live neighboring Venezuela expelled around two thousand Colombians that were living in the country illegally. Everybody says Maduro is doing it to distract voters in the coming election. Well Colombia’s response is to go to the UN and complain as well as the Organization of American states. This is over two thousand people that have families in Colombia as well as being Colombian citizens. This too is being touted as a political ploy. In Greece people are leaving and refugees are arriving from Africa. All of this will soon change the demographics of the area. I know what I’m about say is logical but for some reason the world won’t do anything. WE NEED TO STOP USING HUMAN BEINGS AS POLITCAL TOYS. Now that sentiment is voiced by religious and political leaders all over the world, but none are willing to stop. This is a very sad Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


April 6, 2015

2030-2039wOceanLabelsIt’s the Monday after Eater and I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday. Now let’s get down to business I think a lot of remember a post or two I’ve written involving drinking water and climate change. Well with people coming out to run for president these topics become more important. You can tell because candidates or prospective ones are trying to avoid the subject. I think it’s necessary to look at California’s four year drought and how that will impact the rest of the country. People in this country take fresh water and plentiful food for granted. Jeff and I live in Colombia and we’re lucky because Medellin has some of the best water we’ve ever tasted. But that can’t be said for other parts of the country. Just like in the US when there is a drought on the East Coast and restrictions are applied the one who get fined are the home owners not the big corporate campuses that have sprinklers running in the rain. California has an excuse when it applies more stringent restrictions to home owners its economy is an agriculture one. But they still have Coco Cola bottling water and shipping it out of state. If we are to blame this on Climate Change then thing like Florida being underwater in thirty years is not somebody’s day dream but a fact. Even without Climate change the prospect for there to be enough fresh drinking water for the world in thirty years is not a good one. We have too many people and as the world becomes more modern there’s is more waste and pollution. Nobody wants to believe that all this will end someday and if they do they just say well it won’t in my lifetime. I told you we live in Medellin and have great water but it’s a delicate thing a mud slide here or old pipe there and no water for a month or two or more. Religions keep the population growing and I see that trend only getting worse. I hate to tell you this but as of right now I have little faith that without something drastic happening humans might not survive the next hundred years. My solutions such as population control are shared by others with much higher IQ’s than I but no one wants to believe. Well that pretty much took joy out of the day this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


February 11, 2015

logoYou know those of you that have followed this blog that I believe in the death penalty as punishment that befits the crime. That is very apparent lately especially down here in Colombia where there is no jury trials and no death penalty. You might say that having no death penalty without jury trails is a good thing. Well maybe not judges are a lot easier to bribe then juries. I’ve seen murder suspects go into court smiling and get 25 years for killing someone during a crime. Just recently a famous member of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel was released from prison he had made deals here and the US his nick name was Popeye and is believed to be personally responsible for as many as hundreds of deaths. In the US if you convict someone and condemn them to death they get to sit in a cell watch TV be fed etc for up to 16 years while they appeal. Now an average criminal casts the taxpayers around 138,000 dollars a year to keep in prison. They sometimes end up living better than their victims. Why have I brought this up again well there are two case down here that in my opinion warrant torture as punishment. First we have the case of four kids shot to death in order to force the family off their farm and unfortunately the parents and family have abandoned the farm. So it would appear that the kids died for nothing. Now I believe that when these killers are caught they should get to live that rest of their lives in a jail that the people of Colombia have to pay for. Instead I am in favor of a slow painful death for these people as a punishment befitting the crime. The next case is the discovery of a dismembered child again jail is not a befitting punishment for these criminals. Now I know you’re going to say that there’s always a chance the person is innocent. Well I’m willing to take that chance in both of these cases. The moral activists out there that say jail is the only way should look at the percentage of repeat offenders in jail. It doesn’t work and either does butting a serial killer in a mental institution. Now I know this will star some nasty debates and I hope just like I hope a good cop will find the killers down here and make sure they get what they deserve. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Oh and for those of you say that God wouldn’t want that then I say God needs to rethink his priorities.


January 20, 2015

050711_runningbullsIt would seem that animal cruelty is on the rise in Colombia. I hadn’t been aware the bull fighting was still legal in parts of the country until I saw some horrible images on TV. It seems some town has a festival similar to the running of the bulls only it’s held inside a stadium. The bull back is pierced by short spears like the one used in bull fights. Some say it drugs the bull while others say it’s used to enrage and make him more aggressive. Well on this particular day the bull was doing his thing chasing people all over the ring when some demented sole decided to shot and kill it. now that was bad enough but now the crowd attacked the dying bull jumping on it,, kicking it and cutting pieces off of it. Not the type of death this magnificent creature deserved. And then today I saw photos of where the bull had gored a horse and then the crowd again jumped on the horse and basically tortured it to death. To watch these things on the news which were being pursed as criminal events once again made me wonder why bull fighting is legal anywhere. I mean they take this animal piss it off just so some moron in a tight suit can stick a sword in his back. And I don’t want to hear how good the bull has it until he enters that ring or how hard the Matadors have to train. To me this is animal cruelty to the extreme. It’s like how people mistreat pit bulls down here and then want to kill them when they bite somebody. Animals are not born cruel they fight and kill for food or to protect family much like humans. But you can change an animal’s personality if you keep abusing it. I find no justification for the continued legalization of bull fights and believe the barbaric policy should be stopped immediately. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 13, 2015

epiphany-cartoonYesterday was a holiday in Colombia. It was Epiphany, which means it was a Catholic Holliday. Now Colombia is a Catholic country but when it comes to celebrating religious Holidays it’s not done in church. As is the norm for most holidays in Colombia it’s party time. At least this one tends to be less of a drunken one than others. I mean like Christmas Eve which is celebrated with fireworks and drunks. When I first got here I expected a special midnight mass whit massive attendance and a lot of pomp. But what I got was an all night party where people seemed to be trying see if they could single handily raise the gross national product for Colombia by consuming as much alcohol as possible. Yesterday was more about food just a few beers and some good fun family stories, Jeff enjoyed this one he hates Christmas eve but goes because his wife and the rest of the family does and he has always spent Christmas with family. It’s funny how countries that are referred to as Catholic or Muslim, Jewish, or what have you are usually anything but. Italy home of the Catholic Church spawned the worst criminal organization ever The Mafia; the Muslim countries are responsible for most of the terrorism in the world today, and Israel is the most war like country in history. And people want to know why Jeff doesn’t believe in religion. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

10259884_10203539987124835_781715931543537504_n This is our last post before we head out to the USA for seventeen days of vacation. I decided to do a rant about Colombia’s leadership since I really didn’t have anything else to write about. About a week ago the rebels (Farc) kidnapped a US counter intelligence trained Colombian General. He was the first ever General kidnapped. The group that dir it was supposedly close to the drug cartels. Well they released him and three other people taken at the same time on this Past Sunday. The General has been forced to resign because he was travelling in a dangerous area and not in uniform. This after he had spent his entire captivity handcuffed or chained to a tree and threatened with death all of which are the international treaties. Now Santos has immediately sent his negotiators back to Cuba to continue peace talks. Why doesn’t he just bend over and kiss the FARCs ass I mean they kidnap a General kill a few policemen every once in awhile and blow up oil line every week. But he still wants to deal with what is estimated to be 5500 rebels, most of who are working for the Cartels. If it wasn’t for the disruption of the oil fields or the gold mining he wouldn’t give a shit. His attitude stinks of Peace at any cost and I’m sorry but this country has been fucked over enough. Now I am by no means saying war is a good thing but if you’re in the majority you should be able to negotiate from a position of strength or at least equality not weakness like President Santos. I’ll probably get a lot of shit for this post but I kind of like it here and hate to see these hard working people get screwed by a bunch of rich aristocratic politicians. Hey that sounds familiar doesn’t it America. This is Flounder (counting the minutes till the party begins) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


November 19, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou know every once I awhile I write a blog about Colombia and the Farc. Well this on demonstrates the Governments absolute failure to realize that the rebels doing the negotiating in Cuba have no control over the actual fighters. They say there are about 5500 fighters left that may be so but most of them stopped being a legitimate rebel army awhile ago. The ones that just kidnapped a general are supposedly members of the 34th brigade. That isn’t what is being reported now it seems that these terrorists are aligned with the Clan Usuga which is a criminal group like the mafia in America. Today the rebel negotiators claimed they knew about the kidnapping. I believe that this shows that the so called rebel commanders in Cuba have no control over the rebels and that the rebels no longer operate from a central command and have aligned themselves with the cartels. That makes them nothing more than a bunch of terrorist cells running around the jungle. Why do you think more and more of their commanders are showing up in Cuba and why the negotiators never go back to Colombia but instead are caught enjoying the good life in Havana. By the time the people and the government of Colombia realize the true problem the criminals will be running the country. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


September 26, 2014

104e4a9aab3582b2ecb62fe94de85cafToday I’m going to write about how banks, insurance companies and the people who work for them lie to you. Let’s start with banks HSBC to be exact. When we decided to move down to Colombia I needed a bank that was both in the US and here, there were only two left. One was HSBC and the other was Citi bank. I have a lot of unpleasant memories of Citi bank so that left me only HSBC. As it turned out I had a friend working there so I felt comfortable in going to talk to him and that was a mistake. He said I’ll fix you up with a premium account and I said I don’t have the 100,000 dollars to qualify. He of course said no problem I’ll attach to mine. Well things started out good until I got down here and found that the branch here was not affiliated with the one in the US. It turned out they were for sale and soon sold. So we loss free access to our money and now had to pay fees but we were getting the money back because we had a premium account in the US. Then one day I get an email from some woman I don’t know who tells me in order to maintain my premium status I must bring the account up to a 100,000 balance. That didn’t happen and they changed my account to a regular checking account then without notifying us they cancelled the bank card I had and supposedly mailed me a new one. Now that was three years ago and I’m still waiting of for that card. I managed to call them and explained that they needed to send it Fed x or DHL in order for me to get it. Since then they have at time blocked my account because the failed to notice I live in Colombia. When I called my “good friend” Jeff Dzoba informed he no longer was responsible for my account and there was nothing he could do. So that ended that story next we have AXA insurance company whose agent Mike Natale sold me a policy saying just pay 200 dollars a quarter and when you get older you’ll be fine. Well that turned out to be a croak of shit. Recently I went to make my 100 dollar a month payment (that meant 300 bucks a quarter) and found out my policy was expired. I got a hold of the company and they told me that cost increases in my policy now meant that the 100 dollars I was paying wasn’t quite enough and that the longer I lived the more I could expect to pay. These are two examples where your so called friend desire to make money will end up with you being screwed. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


September 24, 2014

drunkI felt I should address the drinking problem in Colombia and other parts of South America. The first thing I don’t understand id the capital of Colombia Bogota allowing discos to stay open on the weekend till 6am. I think they do that thinking there would be less people on the streets to cause trouble. Your right it ain’t working all that’s happening is people come out of the clubs a lot drunker. One way to help with the drinking and driving problems in South America is to follow Americas lead in making the bartenders and bar owners more responsible for over serving or serving a drunken person. Enforce the laws governing public drinking make having an open bottle or can of alcohol in your vehicle a moving violation. Jail unlicensed drivers impound their cars and have them first pay a heavy fine before they can get there car or motor cycle back. Sell the impounded vehicles at public auction after thirty days. Making it a crime for the original owners to bid or regain possession of the vehicle. As you can tell one of the big things here is enforcement of the law. That isn’t something you see a lot of in Colombia. They have helmet laws and anyone driving around Colombia knows that most of the time the police don’t enforce the law. They need to make public intoxication a crime not a sign of machismo. If they start tomorrow and keep at it religiously it will still take years to solve the problem. But they will start to save lives right away and that is important. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


September 3, 2014

BobKnowsWhatsImportantInLifeAt what point did sports and what some slutty entertainer is doing become more important to us then people killing each other. In Colombia the story of a soccer player’s move from one team to another took up more than half a newscast. On the internet you see stories about what this or that star is doing taking up headlines. Now I’m all for putting good news on the air to balance all the tragedy in the world. I just don’t think a story about Lindsey Lohan’s dress or the fact that she’s showing her legs should be that story. It’s sad but this kind of news can replace stories about starving or poor children around the world. I personally don’t give a shit what Justin Bieber is doing or Brittany, Lindsey, or any of the others or doing. I want to know why the economy is screwed up and who’s really responsible. I want to know how many more American have to be executed before we carpet bomb the shit out of those assholes. If you want a happy story to write about or put on TV there are lots of them about ordinary people doing wonderful things. And you shouldn’t have to dig those stories up they should already be up front instead of some story about what a football player said about retiring. But what do I know I’m just a cat, this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.