October 31, 2012

Well I couldn’t think of what to say with the storm and everything but now it’s Halloween and down here we call the day of children and that’s what we do celebrate children. I think it would be a good idea up there after the horrible storm if you all celebrated the children too. Even though the streets are still a mess a little trick or treating with the kids is good for the soul and you really shouldn’t let Mother Nature ruin a fun time for them. I guess what I’m saying is get your head up and go out with your kids it’ll do both of you some good. There’s not much more I can say right now except I hope your all safe and you’ll get through this the human spirit is an amazing thing I’ll be back tomorrow for now CIAO.

Stormy Monday

October 29, 2012

I know everybody up north is worried about themselves and family and friends as are we down here. This storm is having an impact on the hemisphere; all flights from Colombia to Washington DC and N.Y. have been suspended until further notice meaning people here on vacation or business are unable to return to the US at this time. This could present problem for air travel for the next several days or even possibly weeks as airlines try to play catch up and people I the US try to get to meetings and their families. I had originally wanted to let Jeff rant a little about some stuff down here but I think I’ll have him save it for later in the week; somehow our little problems down here don’t seem as important right now as yours up there. I’m going to go watch CNN and say a couple of cat prayers for you guys and be back later CIAO


October 28, 2012

Well I’ve been reading weather reports and comments on Facebook about this storm and it looks like if it goes 20 miles one way or another there could be some real problems for some folks I really hope everybody takes this serious and stays safe. We’ve had our share of bad storms down here but nothing like they’re talking about up there. Everybody stay connected however you can weather it be by Facebook or some other chat or cell phone keep a flashlight handy just in case and no matter what happens don’t panic it won’t last forever. On the brighter side it does offer an excuse to stay in and watch the Dallas Giant game or if that’s not your thing play a game of Uno with the kids, but do something so that the kids don’t see your scared or worried. I’ll be here I don’t what I can do except pray I’ll be watching Facebook so if anybody wants to chat give me a holler I ‘m on Jeff’s page until he gets me my own good luck CIAO.

It’s to early

October 28, 2012

Ok so I missed another day I can’t help it everybody got up early and went shopping so I went back to bed. Today everybody got up at 20 after 6Am that’s way to early even the birds weren’t up yet but people expect me to get up with them and be wide eyed and bushy tailed. Well I got the bushy tailed part down but I don’t know about wide eyed. Hader and the kids were here for dinner yesterday which was fun, if those kids ever had to move real fast to get dressed they’d never make it Jeff says he’s never seen someone take so long to get ready, not even Ruby moves that slow. They say you guys up there are really in for it the next few days I hope you’re ready you know if you’re stuck in your house I’m always around if you want to email or whatever. It’s still too early for me to have any complete thoughts yet so I’m going to take a nap and try to get back to you guys later CIAO.


October 26, 2012

I just read this article about a New York cop they arrested who was planning on kidnapping, boiling and then eating women don’t they ever test these guys. I mean they let him carry a gun I the largest city in the country somebody needs to find out how this guy got in, anyway welcome to Friday. You know I’ve been noticing a lack of readership on the weekends does this mean you guys are going out and having fun and not telling me about it? If this is true you can expect me to get in touch with a few of my feline friends and dig up you gardens and poop in them. You know how we like to make fun of the news but sad to say there’s nothing humorous in the news lately other than politics, as you can from my opening story. This is why, especially at this time of year where there is less sunlight to make people feel good, that the suicide rate goes up. I mean if I didn’t have Jeff and Ruby as well as Hari to laugh at once in awhile I might have jumped off the balcony myself, so let’s all make a conscious effort to make someone smile this week and I’ll keep looking for some humorous news CIAO.


October 25, 2012

Thursday and the sun came out after a really bad night of storms they even woke up Ruby and Jeff I still can’t fall  asleep. Some big upsets in the Champions league games yesterday Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester city, and Ac Milan all lost  so who knows who the favorite to win is it could be Barcelona but they will have to beat Real Madrid something they haven’t been doing on a regular basis. I hear that another Storm of the Century or Perfect Storm is headed for the east coast of America early next week. That’s one good thing about having 10and 11 thousand foot mountains between you and the ocean those really nasty storms don’t get here of course we have some really bad local storms a couple of times a year but nothing like what their talking about up there. Everybody better go get milk, water and batteries I would also suggest a cooler with ice just in case. If you live in a house make sure everything is tied down or stored you don’t want that lawn furniture turning into flying weapons of destruction. Maybe the whole thing will blow out to sea but please everybody take precautions you know the expression “Better Safe than Sorry”. Well I’ve got to go and try to catch up on some nap time CIAO.


October 24, 2012

Hump day and its one week till Halloween everybody got their candy and costumes ready. Down here from what I’m told only Hari is ready for Halloween and I don’t know what his costume is going to be. I can’t believe how bright the sun is right now, bet you if Jeff plans to go out it will get cloudy and rain on him. The election getting closer are you all going to vote? Jeff says even if he was in the US he doubts he’d vote for any of the Presidential candidates, he says he’d write in Bill Bradley name again the two guys running don’t impress him at all. It has to d with voting for the lesser of two evils and Jeff thinks it’s about time the voters demanded a government that actually cared about something other than how they could screw everybody and get rich. OK I’ll leave the political rants to Jeff, there was Championship league soccer yesterday Chelsea lost but Barcelona won today Real Madrid plays. It would be great to see a finale between Barcelona and Real Madrid I don’t think anybody would go to work down here except bartenders beer sales would sky rocket after all they do take soccer very seriously down here. Time for me to get a drink and take a nap CIAO.


October 23, 2012

Ok so I took a day off what are you going to do fire me. Anyway nothing much happened yesterday so you guys didn’t miss anything as for a Sunday after the pool session everyone went to his Church festival up on the hill. Jeff did not enjoy himself because the music was much too loud and as usual Ruby had to sit near the speakers (she has to get those ears checked. But al and all it was a pretty good day. Today the new mattress is supposed to be delivered which makes me happy the old one is a little lumpy from an overweight Jeff. Right now this is looking to be the best day in a long while but like I’ve said in the past you never know. Jeff tried to exercise this morning and it was fun to watch first he couldn’t find as spot to lay down because there wasn’t enough room, finally he put his mat in the hallway and did some stomach crunches (the only thing that got crunched was the mat LOL). I hope he keeps it up I don’t want lumps in the new mattress. Well I’m going to try and come back after the mattress gets here and let you know how it is in the mean time I’ll try to find a smooth spot on the old one CIAO.


October 21, 2012

Here’s why the world needs anti depressants first Halloween is coming and then according to the Mayans the world is going to end in December, so what should we all do I’ll tell you PARTY TILL YOU DROP. I seriously if you take all this crap seriously you’ll go crazy so just don’t think about it and party. Is anybody out there planning to fly or get on a boat on the 21 of Dec., I doubt it. As for me I’ll be on the bed like usual because there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I will be pissed if I miss the super bowl because the world ended thou. They brought some nice young lady over yesterday to cut my nail, that was something I did not enjoy, but I look good with a fresh manicure. So tell me people what are your plans for the “END OF THE WORLD” let me know and we’ll write it up in the blog. I know Halloween is no biggy for most people but if you’re a cat you have a responsibility to make yourself as scary as possible. Hey look Mauricio and his girl just showed up to use the pool so much for a quiet afternoon of American football. I’m going to put my head under a pillow and take a nap CIAO.


October 20, 2012

Dam Jeff broke his new classes what a klutz, this is not a good start to the weekend. Only eleven more days to Halloween everybody got there candy and costume ready. I don’t need a costume on Halloween all cats are scary it’s our nature. This year Jeff has to buy a lot of candy because there are a lot of kids living around here. There’s a meeting tomorrow of the property owners they want to put up a gate at the bottom of the road so that they can control who gets into the property. Jeff thinks it’s a good idea it would cut down on the garbage people leave here and kids wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in cow or horse poop. Mothers wouldn’t have to listen to bad language or watch kids smoke pot and drink so all and all it sounds like a good idea. Jeff sees one problem though and that’s a lot of busses come up and down this road especially in the mornings, how a guarded gate would affect their passage will definitely have to be discussed. Jeff and Ruby are going mattress shopping now so I’m going to go and watch some soccer and then take a nap CIAO