October 28, 2012

Well I’ve been reading weather reports and comments on Facebook about this storm and it looks like if it goes 20 miles one way or another there could be some real problems for some folks I really hope everybody takes this serious and stays safe. We’ve had our share of bad storms down here but nothing like they’re talking about up there. Everybody stay connected however you can weather it be by Facebook or some other chat or cell phone keep a flashlight handy just in case and no matter what happens don’t panic it won’t last forever. On the brighter side it does offer an excuse to stay in and watch the Dallas Giant game or if that’s not your thing play a game of Uno with the kids, but do something so that the kids don’t see your scared or worried. I’ll be here I don’t what I can do except pray I’ll be watching Facebook so if anybody wants to chat give me a holler I ‘m on Jeff’s page until he gets me my own good luck CIAO.

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