I ‘m sitting here listing to some Doors music and thinking how screwed the country is. I mean look at it now on one side you have the people who blame Obama for everything and the other the ones that hate the Trumpster so much they blame everything on him. Well personally I for one think the public should start taking responsibility for their own fuckups. It’s not the Blacks or the Jews or the Muslims it your fault your out of work. Now thats going to upset a lot of people but I mean look in my work history i’ve been fired quit without a job filed bankruptcy twice but managed to survive move to another country and retire. I took real shity jobs to get myself back on my feet, but I did it. I don’t have a college degree I educated myself for the most part although I did attend college at night. If your a coal minor and you want to blame the Chinese or the Democrats for you not being able to find work. Well you need to wake up the demand for coal is just not the same as it was 20,10 or even 5 years ago other cheaper and cleaner products have been found. The same goes for the steels industry or auto making only in their case robotics have replaced you not Blacks or Muslims and certainly not Latinos. Latinos aren’t taking your computer job. Yes a lot have gone over seas because of cost. But you can blame that on capitalism not on immigrants. They didn’t take your job you boss gave it to them so he could make more money. There will always be unemployed or worse yet unemployables in this country as technology replaces humans and there is nothing we can do to stop it because they all it progress. I was in my mid 40ś before I got my first computer I took courses on line and from the state. Now I ‘ve built my own computer repaired other peoples and have certificates in most Microsoft programs. I recently installed Linux to my computer and am getting ready to install my third up grade. These are things I ‘ve taught myself in an effort to make myself more employable. I tought myself to cook and ended up working as a chef for six years. I ‘ve never blamed any one else for my losing a job or not finding one right away. So this racial hatred as a basis for everything thats wrong in this country is just bull shit. I know people have problems out there and need help but 99% of them aren’t blaming anybody they just want a little help. Well look I have a lot more to say on this topic and I will as we move along but in the mean time this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

I’m posting today because tomorrow is fathers day in Colombia as well as a world cup game against Poland. The Trumpster has had a rough week but if you look around while all this has been going on his minions have been screwing with Social Security and Medicare. There attempting to find money to pay for there tax cuts. Now I know most people under lets say 50 don’t think about social security other than to ask whats that deduction on my pay check. But if your not rich and you want to retire at some point and you either don’t have a pension or it’s a small one Social Security is dam important. In my case with out it I’d either be living in a one room apartment in a not so nice area or on the street. As it is I had to move out of the country to be able to afford to retire at a level anywhere near my life style in the US. I’m fortunate that I can pay my bills go out to eat or away for a weekend every once in awhile. Also my medicine and health insurance are dirt cheap here. But if you can’t leave the US and all you have is a small income plus Social Security, which by the way is not an entitlement but rather a return on your contributions over the years, then I have to say your pretty well living in poverty. Now your politicians don’t worry about any of that they’re part of the 1%. Most have never paid for health insurance and will receive pensions in excess of a hundred thousand dollars for basically screwing you for years. In many of my posts over the years I talk about this, how people that have never had to really worry about paying there rent or buying food are making decisions that adversely affect your lives. If this was a less educated third world country most of these people would have been overthrown and executed or worse and there is worse. The two main reasons this doesn’t happen in America is people believe they can change things at election time (pardon me until I can stop laughing). The other is complacency meaning people don’t want o make real waves they just want to get up go to work watch their TV and get laid on a fairly regular basis. Give then these things and you pretty much screw then any time you want. Well listen if you live in Colombia have a great Fathers day tomorrow hope our team wins the game and this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


June 21, 2018

Well how about this a post and it’s not even Sunday. I guess you’ve all heard about the Trumpster’s separation of children from their parents policy and how it was turned over this week. Well first let me say that the 2000 or so kids in the detention camps are not being released right away. He has changed the policy or so he says, you really can’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth. I worry when he does thing like this not only for what you see in the papers. But when he does something that ganers so much attention it usually means he’s doing something else on the QT to screw the American public. If the public was to keep protesting his decisions he would probably either declare Marshal Law, start a war or have (we can only hope) a complete mental melt down. I look at America and the world and see a scary rise in Fascism’s everywhere. When a country elects a leader like the Trumpster at first the world figures he’ll come round once the election is over. Well that was a mistake, because he hasn’t come round if anything hes gotten worse. You know have a president who actually believes hes that smartest man in the room and only he know s what right. This attitude is not only incorrect it’s exceedling dangerous for world economics as well as world peace. I am surprised that the American public isn’t in the streets protesting this administrations policies but instead would rather do nothing and hope it goes away. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but as it stands right now the Trumpster will get reelected and America will continue its downward trend in the world. This is a very sad Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Sorry for being a day late but I had family stuff to do yesterday. Well the Trumpster has really gone overboard this time. While he’s going around saying he ended the North Korean nuclear threat his minions have been going around building wire enclosures to house immigrant children taken from their parents. he’s not making America great again unless you like a Fascist state. Now a lot of people are surprised by this but he’s always been a racist and a religious bigot. He is a true sociopath a person without empathy for anyone. Everyday this man stays in office he becomes more of threat to the world as we know it. Now God knows that world ain’t perfect but at least we still have the right to change it. If we are gong to make a change we have to stop thinking Republican vs Democrat and start thinking Good vs Evil. The Elite that are I control of most Governments care little for others and only what is good for them. If the United States was a country in South America there would have been a coup and God knows what we would have now. But that doesn’t mean that the massive disparage between the Elite and the rest of the country won’t spark a revolution of some kind. The Whites think that be just being white it makes them Elite and everybody else not. it’s not about skin color although its convenient to blame whats wrong in the country on people of color. The Trumpster uses sayings like he’ll bring jobs back to this country. Well folks a lot of those jobs are gone for good thanks not to China but to automation. What took a hundred people to do before now take as little as five. No the Trumpster is going to make America great again he’s going to destroy it something the Nazis and Communists couldn’t do. This is a very upset Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Look for more posts and maybe a video or two on you tube in the near future.

Big doings this week. The Trumpster has already managed to piss off most of our friends at the G7 now he’s sitting down with Kim for the big summit. I hope he read a liitle history before he went there but based upon his comments I doubt it. His comments were I don’t need a lot of preparation for this I ‘ll know in the first 5 minutes if it will work out by my touch and feel. Ok first he has to realize that they have a complete psychological profile on him, which is probably better than anything we have on Kim. The North Koreans are master at that kind of stuff. The phrase brain washing came out of the Korean war. As backward or deprived we thing this country might be they are experts at deceit, where as the Trumpster is just a liar. This is one of those time when Korea really can’t lose and the Trumpster can’t really win. The Trumpster is the absolute last person on the planet I would want to lead this summit. Previous administrations knew how much of a waste of time it would be to talk to the North but the Trumpster with his giant ego plays right into the hands of the North. I want to able to say I ‘m sorry I was wrong and this summit is going to work out great. But I don’t think so. We don’t do well in negotiations with the Oriental mind because they have had many more centuries of practice than we have. The North Vietnamese negotiated in Paris until we ended up paying them so we could end that dumb war. Any war in Korea would involve China, North Vietnam as well as most of the countries in the pacific rim most of which tolerate us but don’t love us. What that means they’ll either stay out of it or go where they think they ca get the best deal and right now that’s not the US. Well Fats is a little under the weather right now so I ‘ll say just say this is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Lets talk about America today since my birthday and Ruby’s birthday are all gone till next year. First I have to ask was America so fucked up under Obama’s leadership that it was necessary to elect a complete ass hole to replace him. It looks that way I mean the Trumpster wants repeal any program that he had anything to do with. Now from my point of view he might be right a a couple of things but for the most part it looks like he’s just insanely jealous of anybody more popular than him. It also looks like he wants to send the country back to 1930’s. He’s repealing worker rights laws as well as child labor laws. He seems determined to make this a country of gun carrying white people. Now I’ve said this a few times in the past but we need everybody in this country working together in order for it to work right. You can’t have just whites in charge or just blacks or just any other race. If we don’t work together we’ll end up a third world country. The Trumpster is a comedian misdirecting us so that others may push through his and there disgusting racist programs. I just read one article written by a official of th UN that says in the last year poverty has increased in the country. Now assuming this to be true it would seem that the Trumpster is trying to set up a country where only the elite can survive. His tax break did nothing fro the little guy and he wants more breaks. Thats all good but we still have bills to pay so I guess the poor and average people will be footing the bill. it’s sort of like war where the rich people like the Trumpster can get out of going but the little guy gets to go and fight so the rich guy doesn’t have to get his hands dirty and can sleep in a nice soft bed. One thing th election of the Trumpster brought out is the massive hidden racism in this country and he’s given it a voice it doesn’t deserve. The Trumpster’s really good at blaming others for his shortcomings so I ‘m wondering who he’s going to blame for the next war or the depression thats coming. Well I’ve succeeded in throughly depressing myself so I’ll just say this his Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.