March 31, 2015

liar_2740802bWell it’s me I’m back again. Have you heard the expression everybody lie’s. Do you believe it? Well I do we lie to our kids our significant other and everybody else at one time or another. We justify this by saying it’s only a little lie and the truth might be painful. Of course if you lie and get caught it’s much more painful than if you had spoken the truth in the first place. Here are a couple of quotes from famous people which are lies George Bush senior READ MY LIPS NO NEW TAXES. When that proved to be untrue it cost him his Presidency. Just so you know I’m not partisan here’s one from Bill Clinton I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN. Now that cost him a lot of credibility and almost got him impeached. The saying goes if a politician’s lips are moving he’s lying. You know the Jack Nicholson quote from the movie A Few good Men don’t you? THE TRUTH YOUWANT THE TRUTH YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. I think that’s how a lot of politicians think as well as adults when talking to a child. We all lie you think because it’s what is referred to as a little white lie it has very little effect on things. Of course you’re wrong even the tiniest lie can reflect on the future how you or the recipient of the lie handles things in the future. Of course most people that lie never think they’re going to get caught BULL SHIT you always get found out. Humans just aren’t smart enough to keep a lie to themselves. Sometimes it’s ego they want the world to know they pulled one off. Sometimes, and I think this is the most common reason, they simple forget the lie. So how often do lie and do you think nobody knows? This is Flounder, glad to be here on a Tuesday saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 30, 2015

sWell here we are with another Monday morning and I know you been waiting breathlessly to see what I’ve come up with this time. Well I got two things all dealing with the idiots in Washington. First there is talk of making voting mandatory. Not a bad idea, not a good one but not real bad. The first thing that comes to mind is how you enforce it second will it make any difference in the type of idiots we have running around DC now. The reason I think it’s not totally a bad idea is if people are going to complain about the leadership in this country they should have to vote first. The second reason is if they accompany it with some sort of mandatory political research it might work. The reason it won’t is because people will spend time and money avoiding it. You would have to make a lot of decisions as to who would be included in this and you’d probably end wit up with voting taking months instead of a day or two. And what happens if they find out a couple hundred thousand people didn’t vote can one of the candidates challenge the result. OK on to the next on a US senator has proposed mandatory church attendance. Now must of my readers already know how I feel about religion so I won’t bother there? What bothers me is she’s a Christian and appears to be referring strictly to Christian services this is why half the world hates us. We have men and women fighting to keep part of the world from telling us how to live and worship and now we have the largest idiot ever in the US senate. No wonder our young people are being seduced by ISIS and other extremists. I know we have free speech I also know that people should exercise restraint when something really stupid enters their heads. The sad part of this is you could see a lot of people in her audience shaking their heads in agreement. Well that’s it for today till next time this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 23, 2015

March-Madness-2015 Well it’s that time of the year again where sports fans show there masochistic side. What do I mean? You mean to tell me you’ve never filled out a bracket and then watched as it got destroyed in the first few hours of the tournament. At least ESPN understands and gives you a second chance when the tournament reaches the sweet sixteen. Of course that does nothing for the people in the office pools or just those who like to use the bracket as an excuse for not going to visit their mother-in-law. It’s heartbreaking to sit there all year following college basketball waiting for the tournament to start. Spending the few days before the game agonizing over your picks, then watching the tip off and poof you’re out of it. You run around screaming that this is it never again will you fill out a bracket only to have your heart broken during the very first games. But then after the Superbowl you’re sitting there and you can feel it. That slow knowing in your gut as peruse the sport channels and then you pick up a pencil put it down jump up and say no no, but you’re only avoiding the inevitable as once again you prepare to inter the world of broken hearts. But maybe just maybe this will be your year. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia where we have our hearts broken by the Champion League bracket.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere we go another Monday morning and I would like to thank everybody that did not buy a copy of Jeff’s new book A Child Gone Missing. I mean if you all did he would have made some cash and would have probably gone back to visit the US and I would be left all alone. Well I wouldn’t be all alone Hader would be here to feed me and talk to me and I do have all my Stuff. Did you know I have one toy that’s almost 14 years old. It’s amazing that no matter how much new Stuff we get we always seem to like the old Stuff the best. And as you get older you like to go and look at all that old Stuff and try to remember why you have it. I know Jeff misses a lot of his old Stuff because it got given away or just plain left behind when he and Ruby moved to Colombia. Ruby funny she really doesn’t miss any of the old Stuff until the Holidays and then she cries because the younger generation isn’t using the old Stuff. Not only that but the younger generation throws a lot of Stuff away and then we have these big Stuff dumps. There are people who try to recycle Stuff and they do a good job, but that just means more Stuff. Rich people don’t save their Stuff they don’t care they just keep buying more Stuff. But people like us we save our Stuff and if we can we pass it on to younger folks with the hope that they’ll enjoy our old Stuff as much as we did. Well we’ve reached that point where I’m running out of energy so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 9, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell another Monday is here along with daylight savings time so time for some Stuff. Jeff has read about 470 books in the last year and a half and written reviews for about 200 or so. Those reviews have been responsible for around a 160 book sales. But as you can tell he doesn’t review all he’s read. He has found a lot of writers suffer from the same thing he does. How do you end the dam story? You can tell from his and mine writing on tis blog that sometimes we just end it and maybe we went too far or not far enough. Sometimes you just run out of Stuff to write about. If you write about a specific type of Stuff then you’re obviously limited to how much you can write. But if you’re just writing about Stuff you can write forever and never find the end, because you know that there’s a lot of stuff out there. And the thing is people love to read about Stuff and it doesn’t even have to be real. That’s kind of sad how people don’t care as long as it’s about Stuff. I can write about my Stuff or your Stuff or somebody I don’t even know Stuff and people will read about it. That’s what I like about Stuff you just have to put the word stuff out there and people will read it. but for now I’ve run out of Stuff so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 4, 2015

Religion_in_SFHere’s an interesting point; you know man invented religion to help control the masses to bring them into a common belief as to why things were. Now I don’t profess to know all the religions in the world but I do know that most have one top being. Now the problems come about when everyone thinks theirs is the only true one. That in itself creates problems because of its arrogance if you look at the Muslim religion you see that Mohammed met with Jesus, Moses, Jehovah, and the rest but considered Allah to be the boss. I find it interesting that something that was invented to help explain the world turned out to be something that just might destroy it. Religions don’t even know who the top dog is. Catholics worship what they believe to be the son of God and Muslims for the most part worship Mohammed who like Jesus was just a profit. Getting confused yet? Apparently war is a good thing for religions. The American Indians fought a lot of wars and asked their Spirit Guides to help them defeat their enemies. But as far as I know they didn’t kill in the name of their religions. Anyhow that’s all I got today so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


March 2, 2015

33ffd626a2910fd9d6006803e7e425daSo I was wondering if some of the stuff I’ve read lately could actually be true. For instance the Holy Grail isn’t an object but rather knowledge that would change mans outlook. Or how about that there are multiple universes all existing at the same time and that one of them contains the perfect result? Now take those two results and you find the Grail to be the knowledge of how to go back and forth between these universes. There is a saying in some Aikido teachings that the perfect throw already exits and we just have to wait and except it. Of course there’s always this version of positive thinking that if you expect a certain outcome and I mean really expect it, then you’ll get it. There is a recent publication called Joining Miracles that might be of some interest to you. In the mean time it can’t hurt for me to expect you to love and comment on this post. This is Founder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.