January 30, 2022

Well, from the title you think something spectacular happened, maybe it did. On January 16th I turned 76 and now have decided my new nickname will be the Ancient One. He is a character for the Marvel comic Dr. Strange. He was the Doctor’s mentor and Master of all things Mystic. Now that we have that out of the way yesterday looked like a Presidential election. First, it was wildly reported that Tom Brady had retired for football, hundreds of Tweets went out congratulating him on his long career and then hours later he and his team claimed never to have said it. The Bucs said he hadn’t told them anything, so this morning it looks like fake news has hit the sports world. I personally think he should. I know he had a record year but he threw a lot of passes that looked like they had been thrown by an old man with a bad arm. I’m not a big Brady fan as you can tell. He did well when he left New England but so did his rookie replacement. Maybe it wasn’t all him. Maybe the coaching staff had a little to do with it. Joe Montana had the same thing happen to him when he left the 49er’s and Brett Farve as well. QBs are a vital part of winning in the NFL but they aren’t the only thing. This is the ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 23, 2022

Well, I’m really sorry about last week. It was my birthday the family showed up we went out got back more family a little party then the NFL playoffs and Sunday was gone. The week was spent trying to get a new bank account. Why a new bank account you ask? Well, my old one HSBC decided they didn’t want to deal with small depositors because they are leaving retail banking. When they first told me in April I was told by them that bank they were going to transfer me to not to worry. They lied, they said my living overseas would not be a problem. On January 14th I got an email telling me I needed a US-based phone number. I proceeded to give them my niece’s number. On Friday they told me they couldn’t use it they weren’t going to take my account because I live overseas. I said thanks for nothing you SOB’s and went looking for a new bank. Google said Capital One was the highest-rated bank for ex-pats. Expats are people that don’t live in the US. OK, so I called them to open an account informing them that I didn’t live in the US. They said we could work it out this was on Saturday the 15th. I waited till Monday to call back and they said they needed copies of our passports and that they need to be sent from my niece’s phone I said no problem We did that and they accepted them. Later when I didn’t hear anything else I called them back. Had to tell them what we had done and he proceeded to tell me I needed to send the passports again right now while we were on the phone. I told him we couldn’t do that because I had to send everything to my niece first. He said let me get my manager. He does and she says they can’t open the account because I don’t live in the US. I said but you listed as the number one bank for ex-pats and the other 5 people I have talked to said no problem. I also asked if they were lying to me she said no it looked like they were trying to circumvent the procedure to get me an account. I was kinda losing my mind right about now and said they did lie and so does your advertising then I hung up before I really got mad. I am now working with a credit union that is accepting me, but I have to have all this done by Feb. 18 or I go into banking limbo. This is a pissed of FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 9, 2022

Well, the second post of 2022 is here and you just might recognize the theme. it’s about getting rid of the old politicians and bringing in some young blood, and by young blood, I mean young intelligent men and women, not crazy’s. I don’t have any new blood recommendations I don’t live in the US so it’s hard for me to keep up. I know they’re out there but a lot have lost hope and aren’t very motivated to seek political office and then fight the good fight. We need these people to get up off their asses and fight or they can sit back and watch the Democracy, which their ancestors fought for vanish. I don’t think they want to see a White Nationalist as President or an idiot like Trump either. People seem to believe that Trump is the biggest threat and I for one do not. The biggest threats are the ideas that Trump and others have given credence to that are the real threat. The fact that small-minded racists and anti women’s rights people are getting elected as well as those that feel Free Press and voting rights need to go is frightening. Antonia and I both feel that the desire to remain in power is making these old farts give life to the past. The past that people of Color and Women bled to replace. I know those of you that actually read this are yawning and saying it’s just a phase, but ask the people in Venezuela about that. They represent the latest in people that thought a dumb regular guy would make things better for them. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 2, 2022

Welcome to 2022. what to write to start the New Year. Well, last week I wrote about stuff. This week I think I’ll write about people that we should leave behind. First up is Donald Trump, of course, it’s time to leave the narcissistic prick in the trunk where he belongs. He should be joined by Mitch McConnell, also known as Mitch the Bitch, another Narcissist who really does nothing but prevent others from doing anything. Not just Republicans need to go Nancy Pelosi needs to leave because well she’s been around too long we need new blood. On that list is Joe Manchin, we don’t need any more self centered dicks, also there is AOC, Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, Ted Cruz, Fox News, and a whole lot of others. We don’t need a bunch of self serving semi educated morons telling us this is what we need and this is really what happened. We need news agencies that are impartial so we can get to the truth and politicians that remember that the Constitution says Government for the people and by the people and that being part of that means doing what we say not just filling your pockets with cash. Now do I think it will happen? I doubt it, too much greed. I don’t know how many more of these blogs I will post, after all, I turn 76 this year, but I would like to be able to write one that says Democracy is saved. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.