December 31, 2011

First I would like to recommend this blog by Ruby’s Godson to all my Spanish speaking readers  He is very good and the photos show a great appreciation for his country. Now then it’s the end of another year and for Jeff, Ruby and I Flounder it has been very exciting year with lots of changes. Jeff’s business had its best year, he retired, and we moved to a new country, said a sad farewell to friends of many years. Only some Jeff’s friends don’t use computers or cell phones. I know it seems strange but you’d have to know these guys. Some of Ruby’s friends will come to visit because there from Colombia, I think only Jeff’s nieces will visit him most of his friends only travel as far as Florida. It has been a great experience moving to Colombia as the title of this blog says it’s my great adventure, something new every day, like me a cat writing a blog. But at this time we miss all or friends and relatives and would like to take this opportunity to say a little something to everybody. They say this time of year is a time to reflect on the past and look to the future. Looking back we can’t thank everybody so much for the friendship and love we have been given it’s just too hard to tell each one of you how much you’ve meant to us. How your friendship has helped us threw the bad times and how great it was to celebrate all the wonderful times. You all know you’re more than welcome to visit us anytime and if we ever go back you’ll find us knocking on your doors to say thank you in person so before I start crying (yes Cat’s do get emotional) let me say from all of us to all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR Till next year Ciao.


December 30, 2011

So I’m really bored so I made Jeff get out his CDs and look threw them he came up with a couple of really good ones, but you have to be an old fart like him. The first was Breakfast at Tiffany’s The music is by Henry Mancini this was the first movie he ever took a girl too, I guess that’s why he really like the music The year was 1962 now that’s old. No 2 was from an old TV show called Peter Gunn again the music was from Henry Mancini he was pretty hot back in the day. He looked up DUD’s of the TV show and they were around 126.00 dollars, don’t think we’ll be seeing them soon. So tell me people how many out there will admit to remembering these classics. I’ll tell you this the music is still great and could be used today. I wonder if Mancini is still alive and what happened to him after he stopped writing music for the movies and TV, you just don’t get such prolonged productivity in today’s world. Well I’m going back to sleep if anything else happens today I’ll be back if not there’s always tomorrow Ciao

Almost forgot

December 30, 2011

I was being so bored I almost for got


December 30, 2011

Well everybody is sick today so I don’t think I’ll have to much to write about unless you want me to describe how they’re throwing up and such. Lets try a little more history about Colombia shall we.” Since the beginning of the periods of conquest and colonization, there were several rebel movements under Spanish rule, most of them were either crushed or remained too weak to change the overall situation. The last one which sought outright independence from Spain sprang up around 1810, following the independence of St. Domingue (present-day Haiti) in 1804, which provided a non negligible degree of support to the eventual leaders of the revolt: Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander. A movement initiated by Antonio Nariño, who opposed Spanish centralism and led the opposition against the viceroyalty, led to the independence of Cartagena in November 1811, and the formation of two independent governments which fought a civil war_ a period known as La Patria Boba. The fowling year Nariño proclaimed the United Provinces of New Granada, headed by Camilo Torres Tenorio. Despite the successes of the rebellion, the emergence of two distinct ideological currents among the liberators (federalism and centralism) gave rise to an internal clash which contributed to the reconquest of territory by the Spanish. The viceroyalty was restored under the command of Juan de Samano, whose regime punished those who participated in the uprisings. The retribution stoked renewed rebellion, which, combined with a weakened Spain, made possible a successful rebellion led by Venezuelan-born Simon Bolivar, who finally proclaimed independence in 1819. The pro-Spanish resistance was finally defeated in 1822 in the present territory of Colombia and in 1823 in Venezuela”. Ok that’s it for today I’m so bored I might just start scratching Jeff’s leg. I know some of you are really interested in this but Jeff had enough trouble with US history, I’m sure we’ll continue this another time when there’ nothing to do. But we do want to thank Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia for all this Notice the Quotes I’m out of here Ciao


December 30, 2011

Oh boy are Jeff and Ruby tired they took Juan Pablo to Parque Norte today and they came home exhausted. Parque Norte is located near the center of Medellin. It contains a small lake and many rides and attractions for young and old. Juan Pablo loved the water ride, roller coaster, and mountain slide Jeff took pictures and Ruby went on the pirate ship ride. Jeff was willing to go on the roller coaster ride but while Juan Pablo was to short for some rides Jeff was too big for others he did go on the haunted train ride and jungle ride with Ruby. These were pretty mellow and were probably for kids, but they gave them an excuse to sit. Jeff got a nice sunburn, and the sun wasn’t even out. You know one of Jeff’s biggest complaints about the people in Colombia is they never take time to look up and see the beautiful mountains and cloud formations that surround them every day. They really should enjoy these things you never know when somebody will find something in the mountain they can sell and the next thing you the mountain is gone or the Mayans prediction for the end of the world in 2012 could come true. As a cat I enjoy laying by the window watching clouds go by I’ve lived inside a skating arena so I enjoy what I can when I can. Well for once it’s not me that wants to stop and take a nap it’s the old man so I’ll get of his boney lap and I’ll see you guys tomorrow Ciao.


December 28, 2011

Another day another post Jeff and Ruby took Juan Pablo to the Exito today to return that awful harness they bought me and the stupid store wouldn’t take it back. Something’s are exactly like the US, as further proof while they were waiting to check out with their food order, you could see several employs wandering around with nothing to do. You would think that they would give their fellow workers a hand by bagging some groceries or something , but no if they see the manager coming the run up to him give him the usual hug and greeting kiss and as soon as he leaves back to doing nothing. Did I tell you Jeff got a guitar for Christmas? He started learning how to tune it last night and he didn’t get mad at himself and smash the guitar on the floor, so I would say day one was a success wouldn’t you? He also got a slot car racing set that I think John got him just so he could play with it, he is one big kid. Speaking of John he’s still a little sick when I heard them describe the symptoms’ (high fever, diarrhea, vomiting) I thought of Jeff when he worked in the school in Parsippany. He spent what he classifies as the worst 19 hours of his life with the same symptoms he was told it was the novo virus it took out 99 kids in one day. They say the only way to prevent this is to constantly wash your hands, I don’t have to worry cats are the cleanest animals in the world. Speaking of which it’s time to give myself a good lick and take a cat-nap later Ciao.

Everybody’s sick

December 27, 2011

Hi guys would have been here earlier but had a problem with our internet connection. Where to start Hari got sick last night and John called Ruby about 11:30 PM to ask for some blankets, this morning he called again around 6:30 Am to ask for help to take Hari to the emergency. They had to make an appointment which was for 10am it was then we found out John was sick to and when they get sick they really get sick. It seems everybody is OK and it was just flu that’s good because John has to play in the band tonight and tomorrow and then the whole weekend. So Ruby was gone all day, the internet was down, Jeff had to make his own breakfast, he was a lot of fun this morning. Now Ruby is waiting for Hader to come home from work and he’s late this has been a bad day for Ruby to. Jeff says he’ll cook dinner; he is a chef after all so that should make it a little better for Ruby and that’s about all that happened today. So I’m going to take my tired ass off to a well deserved nap we’ll try to have a more exciting day tomorrow. CIAO

Day after Christmas

December 26, 2011

Jeff and Ruby had to go to Itagui a wealthy town north of Medellin to pick up some mail that was brought down from the US. Jeff said it was pretty easy to get to take the train to the end of the line and then a short bus ride. I should tell you when you take the bus sit in the middle of the bus if you sit in the front or the back you’ll either get spinal compression or a bruised kidney. These bus drivers take great pleasure in seeing that they hit every available bump or pothole in the road. When they got off the train there was a huge discount outlet mall, well I think there must be a different meaning for outlet in Colombia than in the US. Prices were not cheap it was as or more expensive than malls in Medellin. Now that Christmas is over everybody is getting ready for New Years Eve. Jeff is past the age where he gets excited about the day he’s just glad to have made it through another year and I just can’t stand the noise. I think I know why Ruby doesn’t hear that well people turn the music up to ear piercing levels and then set off fireworks, GIVE ME A BREAK. I can’t put my head under the pillow you know and I’ll be by little old self the whole night and the next day, it’s a two day party. One thing not to like about down here is the amount of alcoholism you see People are in the bars at 8 or 9 am there’s no closing time and they get on motorcycles and want to know why there are so many accidents. They really need to address this problem if they want to an increase in tourism. The present Jeff and Ruby got for John and Hari were broken when they opened them Ruby got them from a friends store the price was good but know they don’t have replacements in the store but don’t worry they said there coming. That’s what they said about the phone they bought and that was a month and a half ago. Listen I appreciate all the people who stop and read this but I could use more subscribers and casual readers if I get enough I might be able to make a little money from this, you know I told cat food ain’t cheap down here. You know if you want to subscribe (you’ll get in your E-mail box every time I post) Just look at the bottom right of this post and click on Follow and enter you e-mail simple as that. Time for me to go bother Ruby she’s been resting enough and then she’ll yell at Jeff and I’ll go take a nap Ciao

Christmas 2011

December 26, 2011

Well Christmas Eve and Day have come and gone I really can’t explain in words what happened so I had Jeff post pictures to Facebook and a few here. Ruby Got what she wanted for Christmas and so did John, Hader, Vanessa and Jeff and of course me. Last night they staggered back to the house around two after their secret Santa party to open there gifts, Hari and I took a pass Sleep was more important, we got our at a normal time today. I’m going to cut this post a little short I want to wait for comments on the photos not only here but from face book as well. Besides Jeff is really beat, you know it is when you get old, you can’t party like you used to. So check out the pictures and we’ll talk tomorrow Ciao

I know it’s early but down here things will be rally hectic later so I thought I’d get his out of the way early. Jeff and Ruby finally got me something nice for Christmas, I know because they came home complaining about how much they had to walk to find a gift for cat. I’ve told you before that cats aren’t big down here but if you a dog you go anywhere to find toys or food cheap. My food Royal Canin is about $27.00 for 5 lbs and cat litter is $7.50but I’m worth it you can tell from the cute picture of me under the tree. They say thee all coming back to the house around 2am and are going to open presents then that mean another night of no sleep for me and Jeff. You don’t want to be the person who wakes us up Christmas morning. Jeff should have plenty of pictures tomorrow if he doesn’t fall asleep tonight you now he’s getting up there in years and needs all the beauty sleep he can get. Well I might as well get comfortable under the tree it’s going to be a long night, you know I might just get enough sleep to be able to wake Jeff up early tomorrow he can’t get to me under the tree. Have a great night everybody talk to you tomorrow Ciao