October 29, 2017

Well Halloween is only a few days away and I was wondering if kids still dress up as the Devil. The Devil, Satan, Lucifer and many other names is blamed for just about every bad thing that happens. Christianity will tell you it because we’ve succumbed to his temptation. They refer to him as the evil therefore anything evil in the world is his fault. I don’t think so; I mean we all face a little temptation everyday like having that piece of cake or an extra glass of wine. These may seem trivial but they go along with jay walking parking in a handicapped space. Now there are people going I would never do that. That maybe true but they would take an extra piece of cake or ignore the bum on the corner. The point is humans are not perfect. I believe there are those that are born evil. Now what does that mean? Did the Devil slip in the middle of the night and plant his seed? For generations that was the answer. I don’t believe that I think if you believe in god no matter what you call him or her you have to believe in pure evil and I think the both come from the same place. I also don’t believe any religion is right I think a lot are really just ways for people to make money and gain power over others. I don’t think religious leader such as the Pope or Imams or the head Rabbi or any of the other humans who claim to speak the word of God are speaking for him. the other thing that bothers me about the Satan thing is everybody seems to agree on him but nobody can agree on which God is really God. So it seems that evil is real and there’s only one but we can’t come to any conclusions on the God thing. And here’s another thing we seem to know what god looks like because he walked the Earth ain some human form such as Jesus, Buda, Mohamed, and others. Does that mean that the Devil walked around earth with horns and a tail? Seems like a pretty screwed up situation doesn’t it? Well I’m going to put on my horns and get ready to go trick or treating in the mean time this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Wellcome to another Sunday. I decided to try and write something nice about the Trumpster this week and I just couldn’t do it, which says a lot for the guy when you can’t find one thing nice to say about him. So let’s see what’s going on now, there seem to be increasing pressure to impeach the Trumpster but it that really enough to save us? I don’ think so I think you’d have to impeach every last one of his minions as well and since most of them haven’t committed a impeachable offense yet it’s not going to be possible. Now I hate all politicians some a little more than others and I do recognize the need for change of some sort. I say the need, if nothing is done, will result in a really bad situation. When you have disparity in wealth such as exists in America sooner or later this system breaks. How do all the despots and whackos get elected well they tell the poor what they want to hear. It worked in Russia with communism, it worked in Germany with fascisms, it worked in Venezuela with their socialism. It’s worked all over the world where there is a great disparity in wealth. The result is the elite are removed and replaced by even more evil elite. Look at Venezuela, I believe in the beginning Chavez meant well but he got sick and then the crazy ex Colombian bus driver was left in charge and it all went to shit. That’s not to say it wouldn’t have happened with Chavez in charge it just probably would have taken longer. That is why the elite say that the non elite are not prepared to govern. They may be right but the elite need to know that if they just take and don’t give back sooner or later they will find themselves on the outside looking in. This is Flounder and Fats, still looking for some good news, saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Do not make any loud sounds

Ok I’m back, don’t know for how long but we never do. Anyhow I’ve been following the Trumpster and his attempts to completely dismantle all of Obama’s work and I find this very troubling. It appears he has a unnatural fixation with Obama and I’m not sure of exactly why. At first glance it would seem he has some sort of jealousy about his success. But the more you look at it the more it strikes you as a combination of that and a race issue. One thing this has shown is that America still has issues dating back to the civil war. Somehow people believe that all our problems are because of Mexicans and blacks oh and some really crazy people like to throw in Jews as well. Let’s take a look at this shall we. First let’s look at the blacks they are the most exploited race. The criminals who first started selling drugs in this country sold to the blacks because they believed people wouldn’t get that upset about a bunch of black people getting their lives ruined be illegal drugs. But soon the black people realized that white people wanted to be cool and they thought drugs were cool so the black people just embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and went into the drug business. At this time the two big drugs were marijuana and heroin both imported from China and other countries. But it didn’t take long for the white criminals to take over that part of the business. Eventually other drugs were found to be favorites of the rich, like cocaine, crack, meth, PCP, ecstasy and others. The dealers went to Mexico and South America for cheap labor and loose laws to manufacture. They found that white American youth was bored and was looking for a thrill. Now you can see that the blacks are not responsible for this problem and either are the Mexicans. The real cause is Americans trying to escape reality and their willingness to pay millions of dollars for the opportunity to ruin their lives. Now this brings back to the Trumpster and his racial bigotry. Somewhere along the line Obama and the Latin and Black communities have pissed off this egotistical moron. He is reacting in an unnatural way leaving me and others to believe he has been unhinged by this perceived slight. Having this kind of person in power is as dangerous as it gets. I used to think that after Nixon revenge minded candidates would never be elected, but to my surprise there are a whole lot of people out there that would rather blame everyone else rather than take responsibility for themselves. Maybe being at the end of my time here is a blessing because I won’t have to witness the complete disintegration of this great country. This is Flounder (great to be back) and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


October 8, 2017

Geez can things get more fucked up then they are, it’s getting so I don’t want to read the new (not even the sports).We didn’t make it to the vet the other day because I was feeling better but now we going to go in a little while so here’s Fats with today’s post. I think the Trumpster wants a war to divert attention from how fucked up his administration is. I said on Facebook the other day that it would take at least ten years to straighten out the country when he gets done screwing it up. Most people think I’m being to conservative. To those who think he’s doing the right thing America can’t survive as either a all white nation or one that close its borders and decides it will ignore the rest of the world. Now I’ve long thought that when we get involved in other countries policies it’s because of money and I still firmly believe that. Politicians listen to the money when they send kids off to die telling them it’s to preserve Democracy. That’s pure BULLSHIT they do it to preserve their fat ass wallets. The Trumpster also wants to implement a sort of Christen law on us. Does that make him any different than the Muslim larders that want to impose Sharia law on their people? Every time I look around now that 60’s song Eve of Destruction comes to mind. Well I’m off to take my friend Flounder to the vet I’ll update his conditioner as soon as I know something.


October 5, 2017

First let me say fats will be writing this post I’m kinda sick. I can’t poop and my but is swollen I have fats update you on my condition. Well thanks Flounder don’t worry friend I’ll take good care of him.
We couldn’t wait till Sunday to say something about the shooting in Las Vegas. Mass shootings such as this one have been committed by what is referred to as domestic terrorists. These are the hard ones to find because they’ve never preached against this country they don’t belong to any organizations and for the most part are bat shit crazy. Now everybody is yelling for stricter gun laws, well that’s all well and good but unless you can make the gun manufactures liable in some way the guns will still be out there, plus we don’t know exactly how many are already out there. There are many more guns not registered that those that are and that’s a big argument used by those against stricter laws. They always claim that stricter laws won’t stop the sale of illegal guns just make them more expensive and we would be punishing the legal gun owners. I’m old so I remember back after the race riots, especially the one in Newark; you could get just about any kind of weapon you wanted on the corner no question asked. I have absolutely no faith in law reinforcements ability to stop the sale of illegal firearms or for this country to pass stricter gun laws. We might be able to get some laws restricting magazine size and ammunition sales. It’s possible the NRA might; if enough pressure is applied to them support those laws to prevent tougher ones on the sale of actual weapons. That to me is about all we can hope to get. Remember a gun doesn’t have to be registered or bought legally in order to kill someone. This is fats filling in for a under the weather Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Get better soon Flounder I miss you very much.


October 1, 2017

You better come out soon mister sun

Well it’s been a hell of a week, the Trumpster’s up to his old tricks showing the world how he’s a self serving egotistical ass hole. This, of course makes this country’s politics look worse than a third world countries. He went out and attacked the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico for doing her job in asking the President and congress for help, he also attacked athletes for kneeling during the national anthem. The sad part of that is that his supporters were more upset at the athletes than at his inaction towards storm ravaged Puerto Rico. If this had been Florida that was being ignored he would have responded with just about everything he could because Florida is a swing state. As for the reaction to the athletes he’s just trying to divert attention from his administrations inaction and its problems. People on the mainland in the United States have never really taken much of an interest in Puerto Rico other than it’s a nice place for a golfing vacation. Has it been mismanaged of course so has every other island in the Caribbean. If you don’t have banks that handle all the drug money and bribes nobody really cares. Wait you say what about Jamaica that seems well run. Yeah but your told you really shouldn’t leave the resort your staying at because it’s not safe. Sort of like Cuba in the fifties. I don’t know when the American people will wake up to the fact that yes there needs to be some changes in how our government goes about its business but the Trumpster’s not the answer they were looking for. Unless of course you the United States to become a combination of pre Mandela South Africa and Nazi Germany. Yes it is the time for change but it’s up to the people now to say what kind of change you want. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.