February 28, 2014

Colombia Building Collapse

378760_9248_1Yesterday they imploded a building in Medellin that had suffered a partial collapse a month or so ago. If you look at the two pictures above you’ll TOP see before the implosion and BELOW after the implosion. The city and the company that did it are claiming success but Jeff points to the pictures and feels that all they succeeded in doing was creating an even more unsafe condition. Now Jeff may know a lot about explosives but he’s not a structural engineer but it’s his belief they screwed up in the interest of trying to save the rest of the building. Now there isn’t enough money in the world to make Jeff want to live in that building but Colombians are obviously of a different opinion. It was undecided as to the cause of the original collapse but from the photos and new coverage if it wasn’t geological it was from faulty concrete. Neither of those reasons seems to be what the authorities want say. If they do then someone made a mistake and other buildings could be in danger in fact they have found others in the country. Maybe they’re having the same problem those plaques large cities in America dishonest building inspectors. Another thought might be that the way buildings are built down here maybe they should limit the height to twelve stories. It could be the taller buildings can’t handle the stress of high winds. Well whatever the case may be they need to figure it out soon before a lot of people die. This is Flounder (on the tenth floor)saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


February 27, 2014

indexJust finished reading a story about an American company JC Penney and how they’re getting customers back by doing sale rather than everyday low prices. There doing to old fashioned way there screwing you. First they raise the price then they’ll tell you the sale is 30% off and when you by the product if you think you’re getting a deal but actually you’re paying the same price if you had bought the product last week. Macy’s and other big high end retail shops do this all the time even Wal- Mart does it on some products. If you really want to save money and this applies to Colombia as well you have to know your prices then you’ll be able to tell if you’re really getting a good deal or not. That’s why Jeff likes going to “the main” in Bello because you can find the same products at a much reduced cost. In America Jeff once used a gift card at Neiman Marcus to buy Ruby a blouse that cost around eighty dollars they late saw the same blouse by the same maker for 28 dollars at Burlington coat. Stores that claim to have the lowest price for an item are usually not telling the whole truth you have to know what model number or manufacturer before you go buying what they tell you is a good deal. It all boils down to being smart and taking a little time to check thing s out something the average shopper won’t do. Well I see a sale sign down the road so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

escapism-lJeff has been looking on Facebook and sees friends and relatives discussing the Oscars and how moving or whatever this picture or that picture has been. Jeff doesn’t understand that he feels he lives life he doesn’t want to pay money to see life; he wants to escape it for an hour or two. He likes to watch Sci-Fi movies and then discuss the possibility of what he watched happening in the near future. He loves action picture where the bad guy gets his and the good guy is a hero. He really loves it when the “good guy” gets to torture and kill the bad guy. He loves movies and books where he can’t predict the end after a few minutes or pages. But it would seem he is in the minority people want to know the end before the beginning they love stories that reflect real life. I guess that’s why Jeff still reads comic books and what people used to call “Dime Store Novels”. Today’s movies are all the effects and the cinema photography there are few great actors and even fewer movies for them to act in. Jeff doesn’t understand why someone would fork out twenty dollars to go to the movies watch bad acting and come out and say Oh that was so moving it was like were really there. News Flash: most of you were wouldn’t you rather see a movie or read a book that stimulated your imagination rather then you memory. Well we’re out of here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


February 25, 2014

stupidity-460x505Well seeing that I’m a roll here’s some more bad news the governor of New Jersey wants to reduce pensions. Well you say Ok so what that mean to me if I’m collecting from the state already? Well maybe nothing they might leave you alone but I doubt it they’ll try and mess with your health benefits if they haven’t already and for those nearing retirement they’ll try to extend you or will just reduce the amount of the benefit. Now when Jeff graduated High School way back in 1963 if you couldn’t afford or just didn’t want to go to College you could take a civil service exam and get a job in the Post office or for the City State or Federal government. You would get benefits you probably couldn’t afford other wise and you got job security and retirement benefits. Which you might not of gotten had you gone on to college, if you had gone to college and went into teaching you not only got to do something rewarding but your future was secure. If you went into the military you could get the benefits after your enlistment was up that would allow you to go to school. Things have changed what was once considered a great job I’m speaking of the Post office or Teaching are now considered to be low paying with little or no guarantees of a secure future. Now Jeff knows from personal experience that the post of is loaded with dead weight starting at the top and working down. He is aware also that some teachers are just going thru the motions, but that is a small minority, most are dedicated to the kids. But politicians like Christie in New Jersey think there to blame for the children not learning. It’s not the poverty in the state or the fact that both parents have to work and the kids are left on their own unless some teacher reaches them and gives them the desire and assistance to stay in school. Christy is like most other politicians he comes from a privileged background and doesn’t understand or care about those that don’t. This is Flounder, and I’m not happy, saying CIAO from Medellin.


February 24, 2014

Typo_News_and_TrendsOk we were looking at our Yahoo home page this morning and saw stories that were trending. These are the most looked up stories of the moment and we saw Brooke Burks Chavant, Jennifer Aniston, Daytona 500, 4 man Bobsled, 2014 Ram 1500, Online Dating, Danica Patrick, Kelly Ayotte, Vitamin D Supplements and finally Snake Salvation. It was similar stuff in t news section so we’re wondering do people really not give a shit about what’s happening in the world. It’s no wonder things are so screwed up and people are screwed so easily. If people actually took the time and had the interest to see what was going on around them in politics, health care and didn’t make sports and social media such a priority maybe just maybe some good change could take place. But when you have a generation that is more concerned with what Snookie did this weekend then what going on in Europe and Latin America it’s a wonder that they remember to eat. I’m not saying give up your Twitter and Facebook accounts after all that’s how some people actually get news. What I’m saying instead of just yawning when the news is on pay attention and if there’s something going you don’t like or you think is really wrong say something instead of tweeting OMG did U see Snookie last night. This is a very disappointed Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


February 21, 2014

olympic_judgingWell there’s another scandal brewing in the Olympics about judging. I don’t know why they can’t do something about it. It seems to happen mostly in figure skating and diving I guess because it very subjective and most people don’t understand the judging rules and can easily be deceived. But they seem to have a scandal or some sort of controversy every Olympics. The one thing people really don’t understand is that these athletes competing in the event are amateurs. The figure skaters don’t make real money until they retire and divers the same except most of them will never make real money from their sport. Skating has had bribery scandals accusations of home country favoritism a lot of which have been proven but nothing changes. Somehow changes must be made in the sport so that a judge can’t take away from the athlete what the athlete has worked here whole life to gain. I mean that they have to remove the ability to taint a win. I have no idea how to accomplish this what I do know is that people like Jeff who learned to watch these events from their parents will, as Jeff has stop watching. Jeff being an old guy thinks things were better before they started letting professional s compete, but like I said he’s an old guy. Well if anybody has a good idea just post it in our comment section and we’ll put in Monday’s blog and see what other people think. This is Flounder, I hate ice and water, saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


February 20, 2014

indexMany states in the US and some countries are legalizing pot much to the chagrin of drug enforcement agencies. Why do you ask are they objecting is Pot really that dangerous? Well anything that’s done to excess is potentially dangerous but in the case of Pot it’s all about money. If Marijuana becomes legal the drug agencies would lose a lot of the money that is now supposed to be used to stop Pot use. In Colorado the legalization of Pot has increased tax revenues far above expatiations. But in the US government agencies compete for money so that they can have the big salaries and maintain some influence in politics. If you look at Colombia and the money the US government spends trying to help them rid the country of drugs they would lose 2 Billion dollars in income is drugs were legalized. The US would lose the ability to influence the politics of the government and government corruption would probably be reduced slightly in both countries. Legalizing Marijuana maybe a simple way to reduce jail populations as well as control and tax a huge illegal income source. As far as Jeff and I are concerned we support legalization even though our pot days are far behind us. Will there be cases of the abuse of pot of course just as there are cases of abuse of alcohol. But remember how much money organized crime made when drinking was illegal and how much tax revenues dropped in some states. There will always be people selling illegal pot just as there are still moonshiners making illegal booze. But we believe there won’t be millions of kids walking around in a drug induced state because of legalization. This is just our opinion: This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


February 19, 2014

funny-horseSo I received a comment complaining that my posts are getting to serious. Look I usually get my ideas from the news or something that happens around us. The news isn’t funny right now and with Hari in school nothing much happens around here now. So if you find my post to political or none humorous don’t blame it ain’t my fault. It’s you humans screwing everything up not us cats. I’, not running for office or trying to get a mall built all I want to do is nap in the sun and play with Hari from time to time. If you want humorous posts do something funny stupid isn’t always funny. But if it’s not happening to you it can be very funny. But droughts political corruption crime these things can’t really be funny. So I’ll try to find something humorous to write about but you guys have to do your share as well go out and fall into a mud whole or get spaghetti stuck in your hair then I can right about it. this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

artmax_180Jeff grew up on New Jersey and I guess I did to and we saw the corruption so when HBO did the Sopranos we knew it was based on truth. Now today the Governor of the state is Chris Christie an ex federal prosecutor for New Jersey so people would think he be a honest Governor. But not really he is arrogant, self centered and thinks he’s smarter than you. Now he might be a really smart guy but his arrogance and conceit have made him into the bully everybody hated in high school. Some people like his attitude that’s only because they’re on his side, or want to make money or, want to share in his power. What has become obvious to us, and remember we don’t live there anymore, and we have no axe to grind. Is his total disregard for laws that he enforced just a few years ago and his attitude that he can do whatever he wants and the hell with everybody else. It has been widely reported that he might run for president in 2016. First let me say thank God we don’t live there anymore and secondly the one thing this country doesn’t need is another politician in Washington that thinks he’s better than the people that but him there. Unfortunately New Jersey is stuck with fats I don’t think anything less than a criminal conviction will get him out of office. If we were still living in the US I would be praying he doesn’t run or worse get elected President if he did I would move but since I don’t live there all I can say is good luck. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


February 17, 2014

article-2169499-13F1FA69000005DC-304_634x441As the North East United States looks out their windows at the tons of snow on the ground the rest of the country and a good portion of the world I s looking at drought conditions the like of which hasn’t been seen in over fifty years. Now it’s not so much where are we going to get water for that new office building as it is how are we going to get water for what we already have. Other parts of the world have experienced this many times in their history but in the US it doesn’t happen, all that often. The effect won’t be felt economically for a few months yet then the price of everything will start to skyrocket. Companies that make hybrid seeds like Monsanto love this because their seeds don’t need as much water to produce. It means the small farmer will be the first to go away as water will be rationed and as usual the people with the money will get it before the little guy. But the real problem especially in states like California and Texas will be drinking water. Now don’t you people in the north or the east think your safe all you need is one really dry summer and you as screwed as everyone else. So when you’re on your knees praying for no rain remember what the result will be and don’t think oh I’ll just stock up on bottled water, unless of course your prepared to pay $10 for a 12 oz bottle. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.