May 12, 2014

kddi_phonesTo say we live in a disposable society is an understatement especially in the US and a couple of other so called advanced countries. Every few months there is a new rumor about a new operating system for your computer or a new iPhone coming out or TV. But do you really need it? I mean look at cell phones do you really need a new one or do you buy it so you go to your friend look. Jeff doesn’t have an iPhone or tablet he still has an old laptop which he lets me use to write this blog and he lugs around a digital camera. First he likes the pictures he gets with the camera and he needs a full size key board to write with and with his eyes a seventeen inch screen is also necessary. Ruby has a tablet and now spends more time on line than ever before doing nothing. Jeff watches all his friends and relatives with smart phones texting and talking while you’re trying to have one of those old fashioned things called a conversation with them. But that isn’t the point the point is what’s so special about the new phone that you can’t live without it. I mean really is a new game apt worth junking your old phone and getting a new one. Now they’re coming out with smart watches and smart glasses. More stuff that once a new version comes out you’ll throw in a drawer never to use again. I know if we didn’t do this stuff the economy would be in trouble but if Jeff was to do this his economy would be in trouble. One more thing isn’t it funny when you walk through some poor neighbor hoods the kids have $150 Nike Air Jordan’s on and are listening to music with Beat head phones and either an iPhone or iPod. Well this is Flounder going to take a nap on an old T-shirt and listen to some 50’s music saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia one of the most wired cities in the world.

escapism-lJeff has been looking on Facebook and sees friends and relatives discussing the Oscars and how moving or whatever this picture or that picture has been. Jeff doesn’t understand that he feels he lives life he doesn’t want to pay money to see life; he wants to escape it for an hour or two. He likes to watch Sci-Fi movies and then discuss the possibility of what he watched happening in the near future. He loves action picture where the bad guy gets his and the good guy is a hero. He really loves it when the “good guy” gets to torture and kill the bad guy. He loves movies and books where he can’t predict the end after a few minutes or pages. But it would seem he is in the minority people want to know the end before the beginning they love stories that reflect real life. I guess that’s why Jeff still reads comic books and what people used to call “Dime Store Novels”. Today’s movies are all the effects and the cinema photography there are few great actors and even fewer movies for them to act in. Jeff doesn’t understand why someone would fork out twenty dollars to go to the movies watch bad acting and come out and say Oh that was so moving it was like were really there. News Flash: most of you were wouldn’t you rather see a movie or read a book that stimulated your imagination rather then you memory. Well we’re out of here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

criticYou know when you get to the end of a book and the author asks you to post a review on Amazon or Good Reads o r maybe some other web site do you think they really want the truth. Jeff doesn’t believe in critics because they only express a personal point of view unless they’re going to go after grammar or in the case of restaurants technique their opinions are just expressions of their own. Take for instance Top chef do you think for a moment that the judges aren’t influenced by their own like and dislikes then you extremely naive. So when it comes to books you might pick a book because the title intrigue you or the cover did and then once you start to read it the progression of the story doesn’t really fit your tastes. When this happens do you think it’s fair to write a review critical of the style simple because you don’t like it? I mean we’re not experts I could see reviewing the content for accuracy or grammar but not because I didn’t like it. Jeff just finished a book and it took him a long time which is highly unusual he said the pace of the story was just to slow for him now doe s he right a negative review because of that and maybe effect the authors sales in a negative way, isn’t just his opinion? His nieces read books and give good reviews but Jeff would probably not read any of them only because there not his style. Now he has read some and he didn’t enjoy them all that much should he right a review that’s the opposite. Now if you go to a restaurant and do so at least twice or have read a book and they were truly horrible then a negative review might be in order otherwise I think the old saying “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” should be the order of the day. Just so you know when Jeff sees a movie get a bad review it makes him want to see it more. Well listen tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the good old USA so we’ll have to come up with something in tune with it in the mean time this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.