January 31, 2013

no_violence_by_shit2009-d38fzzcOk no more weird stuff today let’s talk about all the violence I the world today. Now I’m going to talk about the violence to animals and humans first humans you guy are going completely nuts just look around first people are shooting up schools and offices because thing aren’t going well for them so now there’s a cry for more laws about guns. The NRA claims that any ban is in violation of the second amendment which they say allows the people to keep arms so that they can protect themselves from other people or the government. Ok I get they want make sure the country doesn’t turn into a police state there solution is armed guard everywhere now as I see it, and remember I’m only a cat, that sounds like a police state only difference the people with the guns aren’t called police they’re called armed security. OK let’s say we just ban what they refer to as assault weapons and large capacity ammo clips here again the NRA says people have the right to protect themselves. From what a full scale invasion that’s what I pay taxes for to maintain an army so I don’t have to out and be shot at, and there’s no other good reason to have an ar15 with a 30 round clip. You’re not going to tell me you need to hunting, if it takes that many rounds to bring down your target, your obviously a lousy shot and aren’t hunting for food. I know this is going to piss off all the gun advocates but remember one thing I’m not saying ban guns just use a little common sense. As for those of you that like to torture animals well you need to seek some serious help. It is a proven fact that torturing and killing animals a t a young age is a symptom of a serial killer in the making or a pyromaniac. One thing that keeps me loving Jeff is that when he walks down the street he won’t just walk by someone beating an animal or a little child and speaking of children I really can’t discuss pedophiles they just make me too crazy when I think about them and Jeff starts beating on the computer keys so we try to do what we can to stop that kind of violence. I could go on and on and if I let Jeff get started it would turn into another book and a book length rant by him is just something I don’t want to think about mine is bad enough so remember the weekend is almost here I’ll be back tomorrow CIAO.


January 30, 2013

cat thinkerFrom the response that I got to yesterday’s blog it would appear you guys like it when I ask the ridiculous questions, so today lets discuss this. Is there intelligent life out there? Well first we have to define out there do we mean out in the yard, out of the state or out in space. Now here’s something I just thought who decided what out meant maybe it means I’m hungry or late for work and along those lines what outing somebody mean, if we take the current definition of out does that mean we just shoved someone out the door? Getting back to the beginning of this blog what does intelligent mean and who decided it would mean that. Look at all the languages we have who decides what words mean when we translate them to other languages and if there is other life “out there” will our words mean the same to them. What if saying hello is a insult to someone from Venus. As you can see this can get very stupid and very complicated but it is fun and us cats like fun we also know all the secrets CIAO


January 29, 2013

imagesToday is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday now I have to ask you who made up these rules and are they sure tomorrow is Wednesday. I mean think about it maybe if you did some math factored in leap years maybe today is Sunday and Tomorrow is Monday and who selected the order for the days and months why wasn’t Wed. first how did it get in the middle and is Saturday the last day or is Sunday and why are there only seven days in a week why not eight like the Beatles said. I don’t have any of these answers and quite frankly I don’t give a dam I just want to eat when the sun comes up and goes down the rest of this philosophic crap is just here to make people go crazy. Now that you guys have these unanswerable questions to ponder I am going to take a nap after all I’m just a cat CIAO


January 28, 2013

retirement-gift-item-t-shirt-no-work-required-400I was having a little chat with Jeff about his retirement this morning and he seems to be pretty happy with it. Look at it this way today is Monday right and the worst thing about Monday is that the weekend is over and you have to go back to work. The best thing about being retired is you don’t have to get up and do anything, you can sit around the house all day in your under ware, or naked if you’re so inclined, you eat when you want talk to who you want when you want to it’s great. It the exact opposite of working that goes for the day s too like I said now Mondays don’t bother you but Fridays and the weekends they mean going to relatives doing things with the wife like shopping and such, so now instead of hating Mondays and looking forward to Friday it’s a little different. Jeff feels bad for the people down here because most of them have to work six days a week he thinks that’s why they have so many Holidays down here so people get a chance to relax. Well as always it’s been fun this morning but now I’m going to exercise our retirement rights and go take a nap CIAO.

shoes worn out sneakersIt’s Sunday sorry about yesterday but Jeff was under the weather he’s still not feeling to great today but he’s trying. Do you guys remember when you bought a pair of sneakers not as a fashion statement but because you needed them for Gym class or to save wear and tear on you good shoes when you went out to play? Most of you probably don’t remember but the old grump Jeff does and he wondering when a pair of sneakers started costing more than a pair of Florshiem dress shoes, hell for that matter a pair of Adios or Nikes cost more than a pair of Jeans and a couple of shirts. You don’t want to know the profit margin in these things either, them being made in foreign countries for pennies and then sold here for hundreds. There are two things you can be sure poor people have a Cell phone and a pair of Nikes. Now the sys a lot for the culture of a country and where it’s headed and in the case of the US it not going in a good direction, when Jeff was growing up a car was what you wanted, now you need a car, and I pad, I phone and a 300 dollar pair of Air Jordan’s. I give up on you humans especially those in the US you perspective on life sucks so I’m going to go take a nap and think about what I want (a little food and a clean litter box) CIAO.


January 25, 2013

DSCF0928Friday’s is here and another cloudy morning, I will say this the afternoons have been pretty nice and we don’t have that really bad heat. Yesterday Ruby’s sister Nelida had surgery on her hand; due to the difficulty in translating some of the medical terminology I really don’t know the whole problem. It has something to do with the thumb I’m guessing sort of like carpal tunnel syndrome but not the exact same thing. It was a three hour deal but she was home last night and everybody went over to see the cast on her hand and try to make her feel good. It seemed to work, at least for awhile, but the thought that she’s going to out of work for a couple of months at least is a little depressing for her. You see they don’t have disability down here and for the matter they don’t have paid vacation either, that’s the big disadvantage to this work contract thing they have here. I’m guessing it’s the only way to keep the majority of the people off of any social programs that they might have down here. It surprises me that the people down here are always so happy Americans would be jumping out windows with this system. They’re so used to having the Government there to assist them when things go wrong like Nelida’s operation up there she would have disability to help her down here she has Jeff and Ruby because they both love her and do what they can to help. Well one thing I know for sure it’s nice to have a family to fall back on in tough times anyhow it’s nap time CIAO.


January 24, 2013

AuthorInterviewToday I decided to do an interview type blog with my buddy Jeff so he could say a few things about his new book so here goes nothing.

Me – Jeff why did you decide to write a second book was the first one that      successful

Jeff – I didn’t do it because it was that successful I just felt good about the experience of writing the first one and decided to keep on writing till it’s no longer exciting for me or I run out of ideas

Me – So tell us a little about the second book

Jeff – Well I don’t want to give away to much but I can tell you this I introduce a new group of characters as well as continue the development of the old and we also have romance in this one as well as murder.

Me – Tell us a little about the romance angle

Jeff – Well again I don’t want to give away the whole thing but the romance is between Tac and Jazz Tac being one of the new characters and a member of the cat people Jazz as you will remember if you read the first book is a Werewolf so we have the cat and canine thing going the other romance is sort of weird, and I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going to go with it, is between my Android detective ILF and the half wolf half human Cleo. Now before you ask as I said I don’t know what I’m going to do with these characters.

Me – Do you think your reading public is ready for a human robot love affair.

Jeff – First Ilf is an android and second it has been done somewhat on one of the Star Trek series. So I’m not worried about that I just have to decide how I want to handle it.

Me – Do you want to give us a hint or two

Jeff – Not at this time

Me – Well Ok then I think that’s about it for now we’ll catch up to a little later   when you are closer to a publication date.

Jeff – Ok sounds good I would like to say thanks to everyone who has read the first book your support is greatly appreciated and as Flounder would say CIAO



January 23, 2013

Do-You-Care_main-logoIt’s Wednesday and I decided to take a look at the headlines that make no sense to me. No. 1 Ashley Judd Senate do we really care about some over the hill country singer running for senate she’ll right in with the rest of the brain dead in there. No.2 Radcliff gay love scene I always thought Harry Potter was a little gay, but how is this a headline news story. No.3 Arnold loves Maria yeah right that’s why he slept with the maid and she had his kid again this is not a world news story. No.4 Chuck Schumer photo bombs the President OK this was not an assassination attempt and since it wasn’t what the hell is a photo bomb and who cares. Now if you look at the headlines you know I could go on and on but I’ll stop here for now. It’s cloudy again down here and that’s another headline you don’t need. The weekend is coming that’s a good thing and so far it looks like a quite one, Jeff will have to tell Ruby if she want s to anything it has to be this weekend because next weekend is Super Bowl and he plans to watch the opening kickoff if nothing else. I’ll have some news on Jeff’s new book, maybe tomorrow if I can get him to open up a little bit in the mean time I feel like I have to cough up a fur ball CIAO.


January 22, 2013

mlk2Well we made it through the Presidential inauguration and all the BS that comes with it, but you know what I found interesting is how they change everyone birthday to fit their own needs. Look at Martin Luther King his birthday is Jan 15 (Capricorn just like Jeff) and they could have celebrated it on the 14th but they chose to move the holiday to the 21st so it would coincide with Obama’s second term inauguration, pretty sneaky if you ask me. I wonder if I could get my birthday changed maybe take a few years off, what do you think. I understand the desire to make three day weekends it gives the government and the banks a chance to make more money off you, but why do this wouldn’t it serve the same purpose to keep the date original. The banks would still make interest everybody else would actually save money as well because they would take trips that they really couldn’t afford and maybe just maybe they would do what the day off was intended for rest. Look at me I’m beginning to sound just like Jeff, I have to stop reading the news and looking at the calendar. Well it’s another cloudy morning down here and it actually did rain for a change, I hope it means the real hot weather is over for a little while although Hader says you only get about a month of really nice weather then it either rains or get really hot. I haven’t seen Hari in awhile hope it clears up later so he can visit. Jeff second book is 25% done, according to him; he’s looking at late March or early April for publishing. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have a rush of enthusiasm and inspiration and finish the book sooner. Ok I’m done time to take a nap talk to you all later CIAO.


January 21, 2013

Mondays+suck_9d759a_4247811Gee it looks like Monday and it might rain but guess what I don’t care. Well the two teams are set for the Super Bowl and I don’t think anyone outside San Francisco or Baltimore really cares, I know a lot of people will watch to see the new commercials and hear Beyonce perform and Jeff will watch at least the beginning just to keep his strike alive (he’s watched every Super Bowl so far). But nobody I know has any real interest in it, the media will play up the fact that it’s brother coaching against brother the only one who really care about that are their parents. This weekend is the Pro Bowl which all of two people will probably watch the rest of the husbands will be doing Honey do lists so the wives will leave them alone during the game. Not much going on this week at least so far but this is Colombia and you can never tell since most decisions are made moments before. Speaking of which the sun came out I’m headed to my window seat to get a little vitamin D CIAO.