January 30, 2013

cat thinkerFrom the response that I got to yesterday’s blog it would appear you guys like it when I ask the ridiculous questions, so today lets discuss this. Is there intelligent life out there? Well first we have to define out there do we mean out in the yard, out of the state or out in space. Now here’s something I just thought who decided what out meant maybe it means I’m hungry or late for work and along those lines what outing somebody mean, if we take the current definition of out does that mean we just shoved someone out the door? Getting back to the beginning of this blog what does intelligent mean and who decided it would mean that. Look at all the languages we have who decides what words mean when we translate them to other languages and if there is other life “out there” will our words mean the same to them. What if saying hello is a insult to someone from Venus. As you can see this can get very stupid and very complicated but it is fun and us cats like fun we also know all the secrets CIAO

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