Both Sad and Happy

June 30, 2012

Well today is a good news sad news kind of day Jeff’s niece is getting a big promotion at work along with more money, that’s the good news the bad news is she’s moving to Tokyo for two years and doesn’t think she’s going to be able to come for a visit next year. Jeff is sad about the not coming for a visit part but he also happy and very proud of Janet and her success and knows her father would be just as proud and don’t get nervous Jeff is just of proud of his niece Kim and the great job she’s done raising her family. Kim was as successful as Janet’ maybe even a little more so when she worked and now it’s Janet’s turn. A Jeff just worry that Janet works to hard she always says just a couple of more years and then I’ll retire. Jeff hope she means it this time he know she likes the perks the gourmet dinners and fine wines but that’s nothing compared to being able to set back and smell the roses for more than a few weeks a year Oh we can hear her now Uncle Jeff I take time to smell the roses. Yeah right when was the last time you went somewhere and didn’t check your I-Phones at least once a day? Jeff says people always told him he would never be able to retire that he would have to do something and he is he’s doing whatever he wants, like writing this Blog with me and of course he doing his book thing (it’s almost done) but he gets up when he wants doesn’t have to worry about what people think about his book or blog if somebody publishes his book and he makes some money great if not he did what he wanted. He thinks Janet should be a writer she has an elegant style that makes recipes sound like works of art in print. Well Jeff knows he can’t make Janet or Kim do things they don’t want so all he can do so all he can do is Love them and if they need him or want to talk to be there for them, as for me I’m just Jeff’s friend so whatever he does I’m on his side so long as I get fresh water, food and an occasional scratch behind the ears CIAO.


Friday I decided to look at the headlines again today to see what dumb one Yahoo could up with here are some. How to get Toned Abs, Bicep Lasting Workout, Story behind the Wiffle Ball, and Wild Food Paula Dean Eats. Now you would think with all that’s going on in the world they could find better stories to do, but no this is what they come with for Friday maybe they just don’t want to ruin your weekend. These are some of the stories I think are more important; Colorado Wild Fires, Barclays banks casual e-mails, and the one I find the most upsetting Republican vow to repeal health care law I it’s entirely. You going to say why the Health care law story, well because I don’t think anybody knows the whole law they pick out parts that they think will get voters behind them and then complain about them. I have no idea what the whole law is about or for that matter any part of it I’m upset because people are always saying Healthcare needs to be reformed and one someone comes up with a plan all of sudden there are people jumping around telling you how bad it is. Let me say this we live in Colombia South America it cost us roughly 54 dollars a month for health insurance and then another 8 dollars for six prescriptions. Are we getting the absolute best doctors? Maybe yes maybe no it’s the same anywhere in the world the more money you have the better the insurance and the doctors, but some of the best vacillates in this hemisphere are located in Medellin, so for our money we’re in better shape than we were in the US.

The Colorado wild fires, which might have been cause be arson, are of deep concern for Jeff and Ruby because they have family there and there are people up there that are losing everything. Some cynical people would say well they have money so they probably have great insurance. Let me tell you when you lose thing that have been part of your family forever or pictures of you and your kids and grand kids its traumatic no matter how much money you have even more so if you lived in that house all your life. Don’t forget the damage to the environment trees don’t grow back in a week and they just like all plant life supply us with the oxygen we breath and there’s the animals small and large that are dining in the fire and will continue to die now that there food supply is going up in smoke. People don’t get concern when one it’s not happening in their back yard and two when the perception is it’s only a bunch of rich people losing their summer homes. Well it’s not rich people losing their summer homes it’s all of us losing part of our heritage so when you see picture of this on the TV don’t look away if they give numbers to help; help as much as you can. Well you all probably wanted me to talk about the weird foods Paula Dean eats but I decided to give you a little food for thought instead CIAO.

Well it’s Thursday and I feel like its Monday there was a poll a o Yahoo that asked the question do you still think the American Dream exists, that’s where a kid from the ghetto can crow to be president of the USA. The results were 50% said yes and 50% said no I have to be on the no side. The US has gotten to the point that if your born poor the odds say you’ll stay poor not because you can’t get an education or go to Harvard but because the rich people don’t want you I their club. If your poor everything is against you if you are lucky enough to get a good education go to a good college you still won’t get to be president because you won’t have the right background or the right friends. You might get wealthy if you’re smart enough to invent something really cool or your crooked enough but if your honest and want to save the country, it ain’t going to happen. Politics is one of those places where honesty is never considered the best policy and besides the only thing that a politician wants to save is his own ass. Jeff is 66 years old and spent a little time in politics, basically to help his mom keep her job,  and the one thing he learned was that all politicians tell you what they think you want to here and then go and do what they want. I would have to say that humans are a great disappointment to me they’re supposed to be smart yet they  keep electing idiots and then go around complaining about it till next time when they go out and do the same thing all over again. America is made up of many different type of people from all over the planet yet they all act the same give me a pay check and you can do whatever you want take away my civil rights put toy planes in the air to spy on me, giving myself a good scratch, the list goes on. I don’t know when it started but the policy of I don’t care as long as it’s not my back yard but I can tell you this writers have a way of predicting the future look at Jules Verne but the author I’m thinking about is George Orwell and if the American people aren’t careful and don’t star voting with their brain then Orwell’s vision of the future is what you’re going to get I think that does it for now you guys have enough to think about until next time.

Good Old Wednesday

June 27, 2012

Wed good old Wed. nothing going on Ruby is having a pedicure Jeff read a book and I just got up from my nap and there’s nothing going on. Hari was here this morning and was I a great mood when he’s like that just about anything you do will make him laugh. Spain beat Portugal in European Soccer tournament it went to penalties after regulation ended 0-0. Germany plays Italy tomorrow and the winner plays Spain for the Championship. Weekend on the way no plans no money so I guess that means they’ll be hanging around, so much for rest and relaxation. Ok now I’m really out of tings to talk about so CIAO.

250 WOW

June 26, 2012

Wow 250 posts a hundred and 118 or so pages of BS pretty amazing for an old guy and a cat don’t you think. We just got done reading an article about Facebook giving you a new primary address whether you want it or not and also making public. Now I’m not a lawyer but I don’t remember ever giving them permission to do that so isn’t it a violation of me constitutional right to privacy? It’s bad enough you got the Patriot Act in the US and Drones flying everywhere checking you out now this. Well I’m going to have to rethink my Facebook account on account of their really starting to piss me off. You guys that know me for awhile know I’m not a big fan of Micro-soft either, it’s because I think these guys want to run the world and you know what their pretty dam close. OK so you think I’m paranoid I’m a cat we’re always paranoid. Yesterday ws pretty noisy around Hari was here the doctor came here, really young looking and spoke perfect English, John was here Louis was here Hader showed up God what day I had to hide under the bed to try and find some quiet. Ruby; already at Johns so it’s nice and quiet around here for now so I’m going to go and take a quick nap before Hari comes CIAO.

Oh Crap it’s Monday

June 25, 2012

Monday UGH well let’s get this over with I know I’m a little late but Hari is here and he’s not feeling to good so we had to stay with him. John played music last night and got home at 5AM so he’s still sleeping and we’re taking care of Hari. I don’t mind he’s cool and a good friend even sick he tried to comb me today. Nothing much else is happening they went apt. hunting yesterday they have one vacant I the build Jeff wants to live now they just have to get a hold of the woman that owns it so they can find out if it’s in their budget if it is Jeff says they’ll take it. Jeff has come to the conclusion that the busses in this country were built just to torture him his knees are always in his chest and the drivers seem to great pleasure when they hit a bump and Jeff moans because the set back just stabbed his back. You have to understand drivers, whether they be taxi, bus, motorcycle or civilian are all crazy and never would be allowed to drive in the US. The motorcycles are the worst they all drive like they have a death wish I’ll get Jeff to try and find some photos so you can see for yourself. Well that’s it unless you want me to go into a rant about the driving and I think I’ll save it for another time CIAO.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

June 24, 2012

So yesterday Jeff finally got to talk to one of his best friends David he was at work and was really surprised by the call. They use something called Magic Jack it uses the computer to make the call and the quality is very good it costs about $50 buck a year but if you make a lot of long distance calls it appears to be worth it. They both miss each Dave was of the people that supported Jeff’s decision to Marry Ruby and to move to Colombia. Jeff stays in touch with his friends as much as he can threw email and Facebook he says the problem with the Magic Jack is getting access to it and knowing when some of his friends and relatives are home. Look how long it took for him to talk to Dave, I should tell you Dave is a non tech person( No computer he just got a cell phone) Nacho is the one with the Magic Jack he keeps it at the restaurant / internet café. John called and said they took Hari to see the new Madagascar movie and Hari loved it, I think John liked it more he’s really a big kid. The weather has been hot down here and we here it’s been the same in the US but at least the sun has been shining. The thing about the sun down here is if you get two weeks without rain the mountains all turn brown the sun is very strong down here. You go out an hour before sunset and think you won’t get burned and the next thing you know you’re fried. Well I think I’m going to get a little fried Ciao.


June 23, 2012

So it’s Saturday afternoon instead of morning shoot me I got up late and Jeff had gone shopping with Ruby. Nothing is going on anyway so nobody missed anything. Jeff and Ruby are going to Olga and nachos for dinner then there’s some ugly rumor they’re coming to sleep here tonight because there’s a party in their building (Big Deal). You think I’m going to be quite so they can get a good night’s sleep, fat chance. Sunday Jeff and Ruby plan to go apartment hunting in the morning then chill the rest of the day. I think that’s about it for today so Ciao.


June 22, 2012

Happy TGIF everyone I’m sitting here with Jeff listening to the Band Playing Music from Big Pink and we decided to comment on a few of the headlines on yahoo.coms home page. First up Great Whites in Mass I guess they never saw Jaws they been in those waters forever maybe they were in disguise. Two and this is from the financial section Where to find a wedding cake for $316? Bake it yourself or go to Carvel’s ice cream store. Third the Heat wins now here’s one that nobody except Lebron James cares about. Fourth they’re going to remake what was one of the worst comic book hero movies ever made Judge Dredd it sucked with big name Sylvester Stallone staring in it whatever gave them the idea that someone would pay money to see another one. Fifth Microsoft is coming out with a tablet that has a key board well it not bad two expensive for us and we do more writing than computing probably great for business my Nieces Janet and Kim will probably get one they like all those gadget things. Sixth Celo is bring a cockatoo to the TV show the voice, maybe his cat is still hanging around and will eat it on live TV. Seventh and the last one Crickets invade Austin Texas. I always thought Bush would bring the wrath of God down on himself. Well I hope you enjoyed out take on some of the headlines of today maybe we’ll do it again sometime and by the way the album I mentioned at the beginning is GREAT Ciao.


Thank You

June 21, 2012

Well once again I must say thank you for the wonderful thoughts about yesterday’s post I guess I’m finally get good at this. It’s Thursday and not much is happening John is on Vacation Ruby is still babysitting which is Ok Jeff and I get peace and quiet to write and still visit with Hari. Jeff was going to write something about the Presidential in the US but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. He did see one interesting story from a real character Jesse the Body Ventura the ex Governor of Minnesota he compared the tow party system to the Bloods And Grips (two well known violent street gang that started in California) never letting a third party get into their territory I know he’s nut’s but it does make some sense when you think about it. I don’t want Jeff to get started on this topic it’s too close to the weekend maybe when it gets closer to the election and Jeff get’s really upset I’ll let him write about this in the mean time Ciao