Sunday Bloody Sunday

June 24, 2012

So yesterday Jeff finally got to talk to one of his best friends David he was at work and was really surprised by the call. They use something called Magic Jack it uses the computer to make the call and the quality is very good it costs about $50 buck a year but if you make a lot of long distance calls it appears to be worth it. They both miss each Dave was of the people that supported Jeff’s decision to Marry Ruby and to move to Colombia. Jeff stays in touch with his friends as much as he can threw email and Facebook he says the problem with the Magic Jack is getting access to it and knowing when some of his friends and relatives are home. Look how long it took for him to talk to Dave, I should tell you Dave is a non tech person( No computer he just got a cell phone) Nacho is the one with the Magic Jack he keeps it at the restaurant / internet café. John called and said they took Hari to see the new Madagascar movie and Hari loved it, I think John liked it more he’s really a big kid. The weather has been hot down here and we here it’s been the same in the US but at least the sun has been shining. The thing about the sun down here is if you get two weeks without rain the mountains all turn brown the sun is very strong down here. You go out an hour before sunset and think you won’t get burned and the next thing you know you’re fried. Well I think I’m going to get a little fried Ciao.

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