June 24, 2019

I had some trouble coming up with a post today that would not make you think that I’m nuttier than I am. I watched this show on the discovery channel down here and was pretty shook up afterwards. It was about all these different end of the human race scenarios. The real scary part is some have begun already and the rest except for the possible destruction by aliens are all very probable. In other words there is not a lot of hope for the human race to last more than a hundred years. Now when you all stop laughing lets take a look shall we. First up is one of my all time favorites there are too many dam people on the planet and theres no way as the rate of growing population continues for us to be able to feed everyone. Several movies come to light like Solient green and others that depict populations committing government ordered suicide. Not a pleasant picture but one that ill happen if we don’t control population growth. I listed that one first because it sort of dictates all the others like Peak Oil production and our use of oil for just about everything besides fuel for cars. I could write pages on this but I suggest you look it up for your selves. War is one that everybody talks about but not near the top of the list. But a by product of a nuclear explosion or accident is something called an EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) which would destroy anything from the smallest toy to the largest electrical source and send the world back to the dark ages. Another is Artificial intelligence which you’ve all heard me talk about before. When you create a artificial brain based on pure logic sooner rather than later as it gains the ability to think and reason it will decide that human are the greatest danger to the continued existence the Planet. Now this is not some crazy dream of mine as Steven Hawkins believed this and before he died called AI the greatest threat to mankind. Well most of you will laugh all this off some will build bunkers which by the way will only prolong the inevitable and I for one will not be around to see it not that I want to. All these are possible and the really scary thing probable. So at this point we will just say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia and GOOD LUCK.


Ok sorry about no post last week I just couldn’t get in the mood to sit down and do it. So today is Fathers Day so let me the first to wish all you dads a great day. I think most dads that are into it go play golf with their buddies or BBQ and watch golf. Fathers are for most of us our first hero’s and some time our only ones. Lets take a look at hero’s shall we. We not only don’t have many these days but rather we’re flooded with anti hero’s from TV to comic books and video games we see them rise in popularity. But what about real life is there a hero out there now. Is there a Lincoln, a Kennedy or Martin Luther king or even a Malcom X. I for one don’t see anyone certainly not a politician. Some would say perhaps Bernie Sanders but they’re limiting it to just America. Remember Gandhi, Churchill they were hero’s. We’ve many great men come forward and try to lead us to peace and prosperity but in todays world I don’t see any man or woman out there that could unite us. The women who are running for president of the US and those that are I power else where have no united agenda. No great plan for the world just there little part of it. I think that at every protest march or gathering they should play David Bowie’s Hero’s because that’s what the world needs now. This is Flounder Saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


June 1, 2019

You know I can actually understand why some people support the Trumpster as president. I mean racism and nationalism have been around since the signing od the Declaration of Independence. But what I can’t understand is there support for him as a Christian Human Being, lets face it he is scummy human at best. The man has no morals or empathy for others. He acts as if the only person on the planet that matters is him. Now I really wish he wasn’t around so there would be some topics to write about but he is and here we are. I see a lot of stuff written about him being this great President but I see nothing about him having any redeeming factors as a Human Being. He lies like it is a normal thing. He cheats on his wife like its expected. He’ll turn a friend the minute they disagree with him. He holds a grudge forever. He doesn’t even respect those that stand in the rain to hear him speak. As you know I live outside the United States and have access to people from all over the world as well as news sources and I can’t find anyone who respects him. If you look at Venezuela you’ll see they don’t really want his help in getting rid of Maduro. They know he’s only after the oil and doesn’t give a shit about the people. You want something worse? Well the anniversary of D Day is coming up and I can almost guarantee that fat orange haired one will try and make the day all about him. Well I ‘m getting bored writing about his ass hole so i’ll just say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.