June 30, 2019

Well we made it through another week and thing aren’t any better. The Trumpster walked into North Korea and laughed about Russian meddling with the leader of Russia. The Trumpster fails to remember that North Korea invented psychological warfare back in the early fifties and Russia was there too. Some have said he’s trying to get a Nobel peace prize. Well they gave one to the President of Colombia and the country is just as violent and corrupt as before so it really doesn’t mean shit. What the Trumpster admires about these dictators is the way people will sit or stand in there presence and how the will always cheer and they face no descent in the media. Well they aren’t cheering them because they respect them. They know if they don’t go to the rally or parade or if they say something against these leaders their neighbors will turn them in an d they will either be sent to reeducation camps or simply never be seen again. The Trumpster wants to take the 4th of July, a day of celebration of our independence from tyranny by making it all about him instead. He can do this because most Americans will be watching ball games or be at the beach and don’t really care about anything else. This apathy is what could get the Trumpster reelected and then the Racists and so called Christians will feel they have the right to tell us how to think, where we can live, what we should think and America will be celebrating Trumpster day instead of Independence day. This is a disheartened Flounder and his equally disheartened pal Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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