just a quickie

September 29, 2012

Just thought I’d post this photo real quick for those of you that don’t have Facebook CIAO.


September 29, 2012

Saturday morning and the weekend is underway, rumor has it that the fireworks from yesterday morning, and yes from today too, are the mafia celebrating a big score. Which brings up the question if it the mafia how come the cops just don’t drive over and arrest them, probably to early and the cops are still sleeping. Ruby and Jeff are going to Bello to do some shopping so I’ll have a little peace and quiet after the fireworks. I really don’t know what those guys think waking everybody up early is going to accomplish besides pissing them off. I always thought that the mafia liked working in the background everyone of their leaders that has done stuff to draw attention to themselves, here and in the US has usually resulted in their arrests. I guess down here maybe the jails are nicer or the cops are too scared to go after them. Anyway it a beautiful day so far, you should have seen yesterday there were huge storms trying to make their way across the mountain to us and they just couldn’t do it,  you could see lightening striking the mountains but the storms just went to either side of us pretty cool yes. Well Jeff and Ruby are headed for the shower (separately) so it’s time for me to get my nap space in order CIOA>

More Friday

September 28, 2012

Its’ now Friday afternoon and we are having a weather day. It’s raining across the valley and sunshine and blue skies above us. It seems as if this storm can’t make all the way over the mountain top pretty cool huh. The news hasn’t got any better so I decided not to include any headlines in this post. If anybody knows a reliable cheap shipping company to have things sent from the US let Jeff and Ruby know they don’t want to have to pay to get gifts sent to them with all the family they have to buy gifts for they really can’t afford it. John still insists he’s not going to watch anymore Colombian soccer we have serious doubts about that, but time will tell. Well we’ll make this post a quickie I told Jeff has to come up with I 30 posts in 18 days to have an average of one a day for the year CIAO.

And here comethe Weekend

September 28, 2012

Hacker attacks banks (could they please give me a little extra cash) US postal service defaults again (they had to E-mail them the bill) Minnesota office worker kills 4 than himself (I so glad Jeff is retired) and guess what here comes the weekend. Boy I knew the end of the week could be stressful but this is going a little too far I guess everybody up there is really glad the weekend finally got here. I would have preferred some more humorous headlines for Friday but it is what it is. I still haven’t got any suggestions about something for Jeff and Ruby to do this weekend what’s a matter cat got your tongue (now that’s funny). There was some sort of celebration or something that started about 4AM today with some idiot shooting off exploding sky rockets every 20 min, now I have to deal with a cranky Jeff and Ruby this is going to be one of those days. Hey if you guys have to make calls to the US or calls to Colombia you should really get one of those magic jacks they really work great and for, I think 30 bucks a year after the first year you can’t go wrong. OK enough of the commercials I see by the old clock on the wall that it’s nap time so see you later CIAO.


September 27, 2012

Well I’m glad that’s over he really gets carried away sometimes. This time I happen to agree with him but that’s just a cat’s opinion. So let’s see we made it to Thursday and the weekend is just around the corner it looks like the weather is going to start improving I don’t think it rained last night although you could major lightening on the mountain top. That means that towns like Rio Negro, where the air port is, got a lot of rain. That’s why when you fly down here always call ahead especially if you see clods over the mountains. The airport is hard enough to land and takeoff in good weather so they tend to close it during rain storms. Still looking for something to do this weekend anyone have a good idea I really need to get Jeff out of the house so he’ll leave me alone. I see the NFL refs went back to work that should make the gamblers happy and the games a little shorter and easier to watch. OK it’s nap time Jeff has to make some phone calls so I’ll have some peace and quiet for the moment CIAO


September 26, 2012

Well here’s Jeff’s rant I’m going back to bed.

Have you ever tried to figure out how the world got to this point? I have and as you know I always come up with an answer maybe not the right one but an answer never the less. In this case my answer is the Bushes , I blame the father for instilling the contempt for the American public and the son for being not only contemptuous but a complete idiot, and you have to throw in the American voting public because they elected this idiot (maybe, see Florida election results). The Middle East is screwed up because Jr. decided it would be better for him to invade Iraq then just go after the people who were responsible for 9/11. After all did we want to admit that a crazy guy living in a cave with a laptop and a prayer rug could put together a sophisticated operation such as the attack on the twin towers had we just gone after Ben Laden we more than likely wouldn’t be dealing with a possible nuclear Iran. Let me explain prior to desert storm and even after Iran was afraid of Saddam attacking its borders most of it military budget was spent on defending that border. When we finally went and invaded after 9/11 we removed that threat and allowed Iran to redirect its spending to other things, remember prior to it becoming a religious government the country had been run by the Shaw one of those first class depots that the US made friends with. When he was removed from power and the Khomeini took over the Iranian people were ready to hate us so we naturally started arming Saddam in the hope he could rid Iran of the Islamic rule. Well after many years of stalemate Saddam needed more money to finance his little empire so he decides to attack one of the most hated regimes in the Middle East Kuwait. They were so hated because of their arrogance and exploitation of the people who went to them for work. He believed no one would come to their aid and he would be able to seize there oil fields without much opposition. Well he was wrong and so began our problems. Saddam was a stabilizing threat to the area the other Arab countries were afraid of him so they were grateful when we invaded the problem was that without this threat hanging over them they were able to concentrate more on Global expansion of their religious revolutions. Iran got a president that wanted to have Iran back as the ruling country in the region and the other Islamic radicals focused on Israel while Iran realized that if they presented a huge treat to the US maybe they wouldn’t want to be involved if Iran invaded a neighboring country. America is at present supporting the rebels in Syria another stabilizing country in the region because their leader ws considered a nut job and his army was trained by, you got it the US. With all the strong despots removed from power there was a vacuum which the Us thought would be filled by Democratic governments and as usual we were wrong. It is being filled by Islamic revolutionaries who hate us and want to destroy us so in conclusion if we had left Saddam alone and had just gone after and killed Ben Laden we probably wouldn’t be in this mess now so Thanks George for screwing up the future for my Nephews and grandchild you ASS HOLE.

That’s not me in the pic

September 25, 2012

Tuesday and it’s still cloudy and Oh how it rained yesterday I would have had Jeff take some pictures but all you could see was gray. Boy the NFL referees stink, they aren’t the regular ones there on strike so they have these substitute refs that don’t seem to understand the rules. Not only are the ref’s bad but two of the premier teams in the league stink, the Packers and the Saints. For those of you down here that would be like Barcelona and Real Madrid starting their season’s o and three. The week is progressing slowly Ruby is off today and is going to visit a cousin while Jeff stays here and continues to bug me. Would you guys start thinking about something for them to do this weekend so I can get some peace and quiet. I think later I’m going to give Jeff a chance to rant maybe while he’s doing that I can get a nap without him coming over and waking me to see if I’m alright, back in the US he wouldn’t talk to me for a couple of days at a time now I’m lucky if I get a couple of hours alone. Well I might as well try to got a couple of winks now while Ruby is still here and he’s spending time with her CIAO.

A new week is here

September 24, 2012

Monday is here the Emmy’s are over, thank God, I’d rather watch grass grow then watch award show. Fortunately there was Sunday night football with the Patriots and Ravens doesn’t get much better than that this early in the season. The clouds outside are hanging so low it looks like you reach out and touch them, can’t tell what kind of day it’s going to be. I wish some of this rain around here would go where it’s needed but you know how much of a Bitch Mother Nature can be at times. Like I said yesterday the week looks kind of slow so we’ll be posting some stupid stuff probably in our attempt to get to 365 by the 17th of October. I don’t know what Jeff’s obsession with averaging one post a day for a year is, I’m more into quality then quantity but I guess I should humor him for the time being. At least he’s not asking for a million words be the end of the year, this blog has more pages and word than his book and probably makes more sense. Well that got Jeff going, I think now would be an appropriate time to go and hide under the bed CIAO.

Red Carpet Fashions

September 23, 2012

OK I was just looking at my Yahoo home page news and I saw this photo essay about the gowns worn at the Emmey’s and how in their opinion they were ridicules. I don’t think so remember your dealing with people that have to be noticed if they go to things like this they want to remember the next more than the people who win the awards and I think they accomplish this without getting drunk and creating a scene. After all they got their pictures in the news in some cases years later so if their objective was to stay in the news I think they accomplished that. Well I just thought I’d through that out there for you to think about, by the way the Emmey’s are tonight CIAO.

Sunday is here and as we all know Sundays were made for football and it doesn’t make any difference if you’re talking about American style or what the rest of the world calls football and we call soccer. It’s Sunday and sense most people aren’t working you’ll see football of some kind on every TV. Jeff will probably watch the NFL if he can if not it will be soccer Sunday in our house. The week ahead looks to fairly normal but that’s subject to last minute surprises. I look forward to the beginning of the week because I usually don’t get to see Hari on the weekends so I miss and enjoy his company until around Thursday, then I can’t wait until the weekend. You may see a few extra posts this week were trying to make 365 in a year so we average one a day we’ll see. The longer I’m down here the harder it is to come with stuff I think you might be interested in, but we’ll keep on trying. Ruby is trying to bake some muffins for breakfast and sense we have to use a toaster oven it should be interesting. Apparently she watches Colombian cooking shows and then wants to experiment on Jeff so far it’s all turned out good. Well once again I’ve exhausted my thoughts for now so we’ll talk later CIAO.