And here comethe Weekend

September 28, 2012

Hacker attacks banks (could they please give me a little extra cash) US postal service defaults again (they had to E-mail them the bill) Minnesota office worker kills 4 than himself (I so glad Jeff is retired) and guess what here comes the weekend. Boy I knew the end of the week could be stressful but this is going a little too far I guess everybody up there is really glad the weekend finally got here. I would have preferred some more humorous headlines for Friday but it is what it is. I still haven’t got any suggestions about something for Jeff and Ruby to do this weekend what’s a matter cat got your tongue (now that’s funny). There was some sort of celebration or something that started about 4AM today with some idiot shooting off exploding sky rockets every 20 min, now I have to deal with a cranky Jeff and Ruby this is going to be one of those days. Hey if you guys have to make calls to the US or calls to Colombia you should really get one of those magic jacks they really work great and for, I think 30 bucks a year after the first year you can’t go wrong. OK enough of the commercials I see by the old clock on the wall that it’s nap time so see you later CIAO.

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