You know I do a thing called Three For Free on YouTube everyday. The last week I did obscure Blues artists. Today, however I did George Harrison and that got me thinking, what would George and John think about the world now. I would like to think that if they had stayed around a little longer maybe this place wouldn’t be so fucked up now. Having Martin along wouldn’t hurt either. These people were truly caring people that , although they cold be classified as old Hippies, had some really good ideas. They spread their message all over the world and young and old listened. There aren’t a lot of people out there today that can say that. There messages were all of peace and love not violence. I remember when they shot John, it seemed as if the world stood still and cried, I know I did. What has happened to us, that has made us lose hope and direction. Where did all this hate come from. How did we pick leaders that had no idea how to lead. I don’t have any answers to these questions. I, like you can only sit and watch and wonder will we survive. I think we had a great chance back in the day and we blew it. I got nothing else today. Be sure to catch me live on YouTube live tomorrow night at 8pm daylight savings time or 7pm standard. You can also check out my three for free everyday as well as posted videos on YouTube. This has been FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

So I have the title same thing just different people. Simply put we have DeSantis instead of Trump but he’s just another Fascist and Racist asshole who believes he’s right and the rest of us are too dumb to realize it. I get really tired of seeing how he is right about the dumb part it’s just not about just him. The American people should be in the streets like they were in the 60s but like MLK not like Jan 6th. Trump says he will be arrested on Tuesday and telling all his wacky followers to be in the streets protesting. Well, we have seen how his people protest and if they do it again in New York I hope he gets arrested and locked up for inciting a riot. That probably won’t happen but it would be the right thing. If we just sit around and let people like Trump and DeSantis do what they want, then we have no right to complain and we can kiss democracy goodbye and trust me they have no idea what to do if Democracy does disappear. Hey, I did my brackets for March Madness and of course, I got blown out in the first round. If I ever make it through the first round I going to take it as a win and quit while I am ahead. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

Well if you bother to follow my blog you know there wasn’t one last week. The reason was my internet froze and then I lost my email account. I spent Sunday and Monday trying to recover it. Fortunately, I know a lot about the internet and computer software. My internet provider and Mozilla and Google were no help. I even went to the dark net looking for answers. Finally, I found one and recovered my Email. I still have no idea what happened but I’m pretty sure I did something I shouldn’t of have. Most software and even hardware problems are the results of user errors. I still don’t know what’s causing my internet to freeze up, but I have my suspensions. This problem is why I haven’t posted a lot of live videos. It is a real pain in the ass to be three-quarters of the way done and the internet freezes and I lose what is done and have to go back and start over. I will be posting videos to YouTube but I won’t be live. You can find my videos by going to YouTube and typing in either Jeffrey Bruff in their search bar or Antonia and Fats the next post will be Vol 78. because these aren’t done live I don’t experience the freeze problem. So go check it out and I’ll make sure there are new ones to see in the meantime check back on Sundays to read my Blog. This is FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


February 26, 2023

Well as the title says there was a new addition to the family this week and that’s why there was no video. Juan Martin arrived a couple of weeks early and of course chaos ensued. The family controversy which is normal in this family was there, but in the end, Juan Martin made his appearance and all is well. This is our third grandchild so he has lots of cousins and aunts and uncles to keep him spoiled for a long time. I, because he was premature just got to see him yesterday and was amazed he was so tiny. But, he looks great and sounds good too. When I’m around babies I always have the fear of dropping them or someone is going to yell at me because they think I’m doing something wrong. I am very happy for Hader and Estefania they are happy which means I’m happy. I’m going to go over to YouTube and do a video right now it will be political in nature. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO From Medellin, Colombia.

Football is over for now and the world turns back to war and politics. If we are to believe the news it would appear that Putin and Russia are losing the battle in Ukraine. He also seems to be in some trouble politically. You see a lot of people happy about that but I always feel it’s better to know the enemy in front of you than one you don’t. In our country, it appears right now that Trump is slipping fast and DeSantis is rising. DeSantis has the appearance of being much more dangerous than Trump. I personally think that if he runs he’ll win but that is if he runs against Biden. Joe is a really nice guy but I think he is too old to run again and that we need young fresh blood not only at the top but in Congress and Senate as well. They’ll tell you he has the experience, that might be true but he doesn’t have the understanding of the culture that’s around now. I don’t think he could sit down with a 21-year-old college kid and have a discussion about anything that is relevant in today’s world. The 21-year-old would get impatient and he would seem to be lost. I as you all know am 77 years old I’m fortunate to be able to talk to young people every day and learn their points of view. I think they are much more aware than we give them credit for I also think it’s time to let the swim or sink since they are the ones who are going to be around in a few years and have to deal with the mess we leave them. The problem is if you look at the younger politicians like DeSantis you see the same thing they want the world to think like they do and they believe they are right and you are wrong. That’s how wars start. You know my God is the real God and yours is a fake. Well, I have always had a problem with people telling me how I should or shouldn’t believe. Listen I’ll be doing videos again starting either tonight or tomorrow check out Youtube or Facebook for live times. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

This is the 57th super bowl and I have watched every single one and will be doing so this year as well. I don’t bet on the game anymore and from a lot of what I’ve been reading that’s probably a good thing. There have been some ex-players who have written articles that the games are fixed. Now I don’t know about recent games but I do know from talking to players from the Jets-colts game who say that one was definitely fixed. I remember watching a regular season game with my older brother who played the game and had interest from the Green bay Packers and the New York Giants before tearing up his knee. The game was between two good teams and one team beat the other by thirty points and my brother said that there was no way two teams of such equal talent could have such a lopsided result. He didn’t say the game was fixed but he was pretty convincing in his opinion of the game’s results. I remember when Giants QB Phil Sims got his knee busted up I talked to the player responsible for blocking for him and he said it was a whoops block. Apparently, Sims wasn’t liked very much by the players. This year I’ve seen some obvious blown calls there was some uproar but most of them didn’t affect who won the game but they did affect the point spread. The legalization of sports betting has made me feel uncomfortable about the results of a lot of the games, some are beginning to look like soccer which I’ve always felt should be like pro wrestling and called entertainment. Well, that’s it for me for today depending on my agenda for Monday I might be back tomorrow with an assessment of the game. In the meantime, this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin and go CHIEFS.


February 5, 2023

You all know that I consider myself genuinely independent and that I think all politicians lie. Well recently Kevin McCarthy has gone a little far I think he and some of his Republican friends should remove their lips from Trump’s ass and do the job they were supposedly elected for that is to work for all the people. In reality, we know Kevin can’t do that he has used super glue to attach his lips so even the truth can’t remove them. You know when I was a kid if I lied I would get a beating, not a pat on the back, and a cushy government job. Maybe I shouldn’t be so honest perhaps then I wouldn’t be living on just Social Security from month to month. That brings us to Pence who has said he wants to privatize Social Security. If he does that he better have a lot of room in his house because I’m going to be moving in. Somewhere along the line, we have elected officials that don’t even pretend to care about the people but rather just play God with our lives as if we don’t matter. We have politicians that want to remove democracy from the dictionary and say there is just one way to live your life the way we think you should. I see a lot of dark clouds on the horizon for this country and it’s sad. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well, I’ve said this before and now they’re out there proving it. All politicians lie through their teeth. Trump is the worst of the bunch because the lies he tells harm others. Biden and DeSantis aren’t far behind in the telling of lies. All is being done so they can gain power and tell us what they think we should be doing. Did you know that the reason the Electoral college came into existence is that the politicians didn’t think we were smart enough to elect a President? If that’s not insulting enough they don’t think we have the ability to do what is best for us. They lie because we let them look at Santos he is only slightly worse than Trump because they both believe everything they say is true. When I say we let them lie to us look at it, we elected Trump as President, and Santos got elected as did DeSantis. Do you remember when I wrote about the Silent Majority? Well, it’s still out there, and our country is going to the dogs because of it. If we let Trump or DeSantis become President this country’s reign as a Free and Democratic Republic will be over. Now Biden is not the answer. I always thought of him as a stop gap measure until 2024, but it appears the Dems have got lazy and no one is stepping up to take charge. If things continue this way all I can do is say I’m glad I won’t be around much longer. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

Martin Luther King would not be happy with what he would be seeing today. The progress that had been made is being eroded by the rise once again of White Nationalism. It seems to me that every time we make some progress something comes along to set us back. I still remember my mother saying to me that we all have to work together in order for the HUMAN RACE to survive. Do you think your favorite football team could survive if they didn’t get along? That may not be the best example but it does show how if we just want to be a white country or just a black country or whatever and we don’t work together we won’t survive very long. We don’t have an MLK right now that could help us pull it all together. We’re going to have to get out own shit together and straighten this shit out before we find ourselves out of time. Unfortunately, I don’t see a leader to help us on the horizon, but I don’t think people that knew MLK and thought he was going to make a difference. We need leaders with high moral character to pull us together and we don’t have any right now. Somewhere out there is a plain simple man much like MLK who can pull us together. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well, Kevin got the job he wanted but at a huge cost. Have you ever wanted a job so bad that you would sell your soul and then let your opponents gut your ability to do the job just so you could say you had the job? It appears that’s just what Kevin has done. He’s kissed so much ass this week he can’t stand up straight. Then he gives credit to the one person that did little if anything to get him the job. As you know if you follow this blog I’m going to be 77 years old in a few days so I’ve seen a lot and not once have I seen a politician destroy his self-esteem for a position in such a way that he’s made the job useless. I have seen politicians embarrass themselves in support of another or in Giuliani’s case destroy their legacy. Kevin is now obligated to those radicals in the Republican party whose only agenda is self-gratification. Antonia and I can’t wait to they kick Kevin to the curb. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 1, 2023

Well, another year has passed and it would seem most have survived. How many of you are hungover and are searching for a cure. Don’t even bother a hangover is a badge that proves you had a good time. It’s also a great excuse to tell people you don’t remember what you did. Politicians should use it, then maybe they wouldn’t have to be so creative with their lies. They could simply say I really don’t remember that and we would believe that. I don’t make predictions for the coming year hell I’m not sure what’s coming in the next few minutes. People that predict the future usually select topics that lend themselves to predictability. They do little research because unless they’re really famous nobody will call them on it at the end of the year. Well look I may not be hung over but I’m really tired and it is a football Sunday so this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.