May 31, 2012

Today is Hader’s and Nelida’s birthday, I told you we had a lot of them this week, boy I’m glad I don’t have to do the gift buying. The sun is shining so they’ve got a good day to celebrate; I think Catalina is home so Hader will have a chance to celebrate with her. It’s still very quiet down here, but today is definitely a day you don’t want to go to the bank or use an ATM the line will be horrendous. Does anybody have a good birthday story to tell I would really like to hear it if you do. Hari was here already today he wanted to go out and I don’t blame him the weather is seldom as nice as it is today, I’m sure later it will get very hot, I think we have had three days without rain I think that’s the record for the last few months. Jeff got invited to go fishing next Sunday we’ll see if the weather goes and if he catches anything besides a cold (HA, HA, HA)actually he’s pretty good at it and he should at least catch the most or the biggest fish. Speaking of fish has made me hungry so Ciao.


Hump Day

May 30, 2012

Just another hump day, things are pretty quiet down here right now nobody is doing much of anything. This time of the month nobody has any money so they all stay close to home, as for one day the same as the next nothing much happening. Tonight Ruby is going to her visit her friend Ruby and celebrate her birthday, that means hot dogs and soda for dinner for Jeff and some quality nap time on the couch for me (I’m not supposed to be on the couch when Ruby’s around). There no soccer this week so we can’t make fun of John and his team and like I said everybody is maintaining a low profile until payday which is tomorrow, people get paid the 31st and 1st of the month, those are the days you don’t want to go shopping or the bank. The weathers been pretty nice the last couple of days hope it stays that way until the weekend, if it does Jeff and Ruby will probably go out somewhere and I’ll get more time on the couch. I think that’s about it for now so Ciao.


May 29, 2012

It’s me again i forgot to show some pictures Jeff took last night so here they are Ciao again

So last night Jeff, Ruby, John, Vanessa and of course Hari all went out for ice cream to celebrate Ruby’s birthday and when they got back the rest of the birthday family was there Hader and Nelida seems like there was a little confusion in the communication department, But all turned out good in the end. John says soccer is over for he and Hader until August when the league will start up again, until then they’ll have to be satisfied with the Colombia national team and the European team. Some guy living below John has brought a puppy into his house and it does nothing but cries all the time it sounds like it’s in a cage and is very scared and lonely. This guy better do something soon Jeff does not like to see any animals mistreated and he’s liable to do something he’ll regret soon. I think the guy will regret it more if Jeff gets his hands on him, that’s what I like about Jeff he protects us animals from ass holes. Well it was a late night last night so I’m headed for an early nap Ciao.

Well I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday today it should be a holiday down here too sense it’s RUBY’S BIRTHDAY. We won’t tell you how old she is but let’s just say she’s stopped counting. John is going to take us out for ice creams tonight that sort of a tradition with down here cats don’t eat ice cream it’s not good for us but you know Ruby and Jeff love it. Nothing else is planned for her birthday today as I said before they’re planning a big party for everybody in two weeks. I really don’t care just so long as they don’t have it here; when the whole family gets together the noise level reaches ridiculous proportions and not only that everybody wants to touch me and that’s definitely not my thing. Somebody got a puppy this weekend and left him alone this morning and judging by the crying I think he was a little too young to do that. I’m going to have to borrow Jeff’s noise cancelling head phones so I can take my nap. Well what else let’s see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco / Oakland celebrated its 75th birthday yesterday and from what they showed on the news it must have really been spectacular. Well the puppy finally fell asleep so it’s time I did the same Ciao.

Lazy Sunday

May 27, 2012

Boy this is going to be a really lazy Sunday and the Sun is out and hot nobody wants to do anything I love days like this. Last night Jeff and Ruby took Nelida out for dinner to their favorite spot Waffles and Crepes. They have a great menu of lite healthy great tasting stuff but the really great thing is the desert menu, if you love ice cream and want to be spoiled by beautiful and great tasting creations then you will want to put this on your list of places to eat in when in Colombia. Ice cream down here tastes like id fifty years ago in America before they started messing with those great recipes so they could sell it cheaper. After dinner they walked back to the stadium to see them record a TV show called Sabados felices if you can find it on the Spanish channel in you city watch it next Saturday and you’ll see us in the audience Jeff will be the tall good looking Gringo with the two good looking women, don’t know what time they’ll show us and down here the show is four hours but if you can check us out. This week Ruby has a birthday May 28, Nelida and Hader on May31, and Nacho on June 2. They decide to have one party on Sunday June 10ththat way they celebrate all the birthdays as well as father’s day that way everybody won’t go broke throwing a bunch of parties and the following Monday is holiday so everyone can rest up afterwards. Well this was enough work for a lazy day like this Ciao.


She Did It Again

May 26, 2012

Ruby made Jeff breakfast like usual well almost like usual. Do you guys remember the story from earlier in the week about the night Ruby cooked Jeff his first home cooked meal in Colombia and the plastic on the hot dogs? Well guess what cheese comes with paper between the slices just like in the US and Jeff got cheese and paper for breakfast, everybody had a great laugh at Rubies expense. She really is a good cook, who else do you know that can make paper taste how to make paper taste like cheese. They took Juan Pablo to Olga’s last night for the weekend Nacho took part of his restaurant and converted it to a PC Cafe. He says it’s working out pretty well for them, it does give Camilo something to do, and he looks good and is staying out of trouble for now. The rest of the weekend looks like it’s going to be a snooze unless there’s some good soccer on TV. You guys enjoy the rest of your Saturday me I’m going to take a nap Ciao.


May 25, 2012

TGIF baby it’s Friday and it’s cloudy but it’s not raining which is a good sign I hope. We had some very loud thunder last night but as far as I know it didn’t rain but I did go to sleep early. Ruby had a young cousin of hers come by to say hello and we invited him for dinner. He teaches dance and seem to be a very nice guy he gave me a scratch behind the ears, you can’t ask for more than that. We have a new neighbor and guess what she has a ct that looks just like my old buddy Sebastian. Jeff and Ruby have to go pick up Juan Pablo tonight and take him to Olga’s for the weekend on account of Hader has to work out of town and won’t be back to Sunday afternoon. I guess they’ll spend some time up there which will give me some peace and quiet. I have no idea if there are any plans for the weekend, you know how that goes they tend to make decisions at the last minute down here. Well I hope they do something and don’t decide to stay home and clean, that disrupts my siesta time. Well it’s pretty early down here so maybe something else will happen later and I’ll be back otherwise Ciao.

It’s  Thursday and Jeff and I just got through reading an article about a High School Freshman who invented a cheap 97% percent plus accurate test for Pancreatic Cancer, don’t we spend a few billion dollars a year on cancer research and see little results that the average person could afford, and here’s a kid coming up with this. I think there’s some inherently wrong with our society when there are brilliant young people out there that can come with these ideas and for the most part are pushed aside by the big drug companies as being too young to know anything. All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS kid don’t let those big companies screw you. Only one more day until the weekend anybody doing anything good let me know. I guess I have to admit my birthday is finally over now it’s time for everybody else to have there’s and celebrate. Hari got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and woke up anybody who was still sleeping, man that kids loud for a little guy. Sense me and Jeff had to get up early I’m going to take a nap I have no idea what Jeff is going to do Ciao.

Hump day

May 23, 2012

Wednesday is here some people like to call it hump day because it falls between Monday and the weekend. It started out like any other day cloudy and raining getting to sound like a pattern isn’t it it’s not one I like. The sun is shining now but we’ll see how long that lasts. I guess the people down here are used to it but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to all the rain and when it stops and the sun comes out it seems to be hotter than normal I guess that’s just because we’re not use to it. I writing this to kill time while I wait for Hari to come over he’s been sleeping late a lot a wonder if he’s doing a lot of partying at night, if he is I’m going to get mad because he’s not inviting me, you all know what a party cat I am. I think I might have to start writing about history or music soon cause with all this rain and clouds nobody seems to be doing anything exciting. I’m going to go over to the couch and take a nap while I think about that Ciao.