She Did It Again

May 26, 2012

Ruby made Jeff breakfast like usual well almost like usual. Do you guys remember the story from earlier in the week about the night Ruby cooked Jeff his first home cooked meal in Colombia and the plastic on the hot dogs? Well guess what cheese comes with paper between the slices just like in the US and Jeff got cheese and paper for breakfast, everybody had a great laugh at Rubies expense. She really is a good cook, who else do you know that can make paper taste how to make paper taste like cheese. They took Juan Pablo to Olga’s last night for the weekend Nacho took part of his restaurant and converted it to a PC Cafe. He says it’s working out pretty well for them, it does give Camilo something to do, and he looks good and is staying out of trouble for now. The rest of the weekend looks like it’s going to be a snooze unless there’s some good soccer on TV. You guys enjoy the rest of your Saturday me I’m going to take a nap Ciao.

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