April 30, 2017

You know I just read a story about ESPN laying off a whole bunch of on air personalities and saying there are more changes to come. They said they did this because of lost revenue stemming from people getting away from cable. Now this mean in a lot of cases, not all, people are watching for free. To me this is just another case of somebody telling me what I like or don’t like. In most of the cases where I was familiar with the show or people getting laid off I thought the people were boring and not very knowledgeable. Or maybe it’s that they just don’t like the products that are being offered in the ads and that’s why they’re not watching anymore. Just recent one of the other stations demoted a football analyst by the name of Phil Simms. He was an x Super Bowl quarter back from the New York Giants. Since I had watched his whole career I felt he was very overrated both as a player and TV guy. But you know our opinions don’t mean much unless were a sponsor and there research guys say hey nobody like this guy. Then and only then will they remove them I think instead of removing these guys and canceling their shows maybe it ws just time to put somebody in there with a touch more credibility or pizzazz but what do I know I’m just a cat. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


April 23, 2017

Well here comes another Sunday post. Two stories I’ve been following for awhile, one the crisis with North Korea. I don’t know how old my readers (all two of them) are but I’m 71 and Flounders around 82 so we’re old enough to remember the Korean War. That war gave us new terms in the English language. Terms like Brain Washing, and Psychological Warfare were introduced in the main stream language. We’re still trying to deal with a country we know nothing about much like we’re doing in the Middle East. We are also forgetting history and how we got played by North Korea and latter by North Korea. The Trumpster and his minions don’t realize that the North has really nothing to lose and a lot to gain by threatening war, especially non nuclear war. That’s because they can put a million self sufficient combat troops into the field. They could run over the South with little trouble and now you throw in nuclear capability and you have a serious problem. They may not really want war but they want to ne like Russia, China and the US. They wan to have the ability to bring untold destruction to the planet if they don’t get what they want. They don’t want to conquer the world just the South. They have seen the benefits of a combined Viet Nam and just like Viet Nam the poor don’t really care who runs the country they just want to be left alone to grow their crops and feed their families. The problem comes when you realize that the people in control in the North still resent out interference back in the fifties. Now a new problem has arisen over there in the form of a President in Washington that has no understanding of the world. He has turned his military loose with no oversight form him, not that any oversight from him would come with intelligent thinking. He has Generals that believe that the minute we drop a bomb on the North they will surrender. That, is not true what would happen is that the majority of the planet would become unlivable in just weeks. Well enough about that now on the next bad story. The Taliban seems to be making a comeback in Afghanistan. Now this is one of those stories where I ask you to look at the history of the area. You remember back when Osama was a friend and the CIA was supplying him with weapons to help kick Russia out of the country. Then when it was done we just walked away because besides Opium there wasn’t a much we wanted from there. You need to remember that these people used rocks against the most sophisticated combat helicopter in the world at the time. I think we should just leave them alone the Taliban aren’t going to invade us if they try then we just reduce the country to gravel. I got t stop here this stuff just gets depressing when you think about it. I’m talking about the absolute lack of knowledge from our leaders in terms of looking at history. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 16, 2017

It’s Easter Sunday and we all know the story weather you’re Christian or not. Now this story takes place on the African continent and it says the Jesus sacrificed his life for the rest of us. Now you know that Jesus is the big guy in the Catholic Church right. Well as he was born a Jew and later started his own ministry or that’s how the story goes. Christianity goes along with this and somewhere along the line the Catholic Church came along. This about the time that men started making the rules of the church which like the United States Supreme Court and the constitution are still doing now. The thing I don’t understand is the Christian world still calls the area the Holy land. Now this part of the world has been disputed since before Jesus. But part is still claimed by the Jews the rest by the Arabs. Now the question arises if Jesus was born a Jew, which it seems all historians agree with, and he started his own thing then Christianity was started by a man. It’s funny that those who were merely men are now called Saints and God has chosen to only speak to certain people. And God might be a Jew, or a Muslim, even a Catholic but if this is the case why is he telling everybody something different. This is the biggest religious celebration in Colombia not Christmas which would celebrate his birth. Could this be because he was born a Jew? Down everybody goes to church just like Passover for the Jews where they ask for forgiveness for all the crap they did the year before. Down here there are many, many processions through the streets. The Churches are filled to over flowing. Now when I was a boy we celebrated Christmas with the same vigor making sure we attended midnight mass (which I understand has been cancelled I many churches) it was a very serious time for Catholics. Now down here Christmas is a huge party where people try to see how drunk they can get. I haven’t been to a Christmas day Mass in years and I don’t think I want to. It would probably be just old people and drunks that couldn’t find their way home and stopped in for a nap. People are now in the process of killing each other to see which God is right. I got a flash for those people none of you are right. Whatever being is out there I can guarantee you he is not in favor of how this world is going. If I was him I’d pull the plug on us write it off as a mistake and go somewhere and start all over again. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia and can’t we just all get along.

Well welcome to another Sunday. This one is Palm Sunday and the final day of the Masters Golf tournament. Now these two things don’t really excite me. It’s also a couple of days since the Trumpster sent missiles into Seria. I am always fascinated when the Christian world decides that they need to get involved in the Arab world. Go back to the Crusades when the pope at the time said we needed to get the Muslims or Arabs out of the Holy Land. That ended up in a draw of sorts. We always seem to get excited after the fact and we created most of the crap that’s going on over there. But let’s get back to the early times. This thing about the Holy Land wasn’t Jesus born not only a Jew but an Arab as well. I mean he didn’t start Christianity it was Peter and Paul and they didn’t start it in Egypt did they? Now I could be wrong on this but it just seems to me if you’re going to call it the Holy land shouldn’t you have your headquarters there and not in Italy? Now let’s come forward a few hundred years and you see the British are back invading and colonizing along with the rest of Europe. Now that didn’t work out well for them and eventually they got there ass’s kicked and left. Now as we approach today we see Russia, the US, and other non Arab countries getting involved because of something called oil. And we led the screw up over there we supported the Shaw of Iran against Iraq then when Khomeini kicked the Shaw out and then took over the American embassy we decided to support Saddam Hussein a lovely depot if ever there was one. Eventually he pissed the world off and he was killed off essentially removing stabilization form the area. Now this may come as a shock to those of you that slept through US History in school but back in the days before Apple and texting way back when this country was first starting out we had some serious problems over there. Iran was called Persia back in those days and they had a history of taking what wasn’t there’s. This particular time it was Persian Pirates that were causing the problem and an American sea captain by the name of John Paul Jones went over there and wrote the first words of the Marine core hymn. So do you see my point yet? This shit has been going on over there since before the bible and the Trumpster and his cruise missiles or Putin and his big mouth aren’t going to change anything except the name of the people who hate us. Look I could go on and on but I got the end of the Masters and a Bass fishing tournament to watch so I’ll just say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Over 250 people have died this week in Colombia as a result of heavy rains which cause massive flooding and landslides. I’ve read where the government says the residents had plenty of ample warning. If this is true why are so many dead? Well first there’s the distrust of the government, then there’s the, we’ll be safe here they probably mean over there but certainly not here. For centuries humans respected even feared Mother Nature but as time went on and science began to study her Mother Nature seemed less and lees scary. People started to believe that story that lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place. So with the aid of science we decided that if this river flooded here once we could build on its banks without fear of it doing it again. Well the first clue that this was bullshit came from the insurance industry in the United States refusing to insure people against floods in these areas. Of course people said this was just a ploy to make people pay more money for insurance. Another clue ignored by us humans was the geological history of an area. Again we humans felt well it hasn’t happened a second time since I’ve been alive it probably won’t happen again. I like the one where they bring in the engineers like the US ARMY core of engineers and they build some retaining walls and smile and say it’s ok now, ask the people of New Orleans how that worked out for them. Two of the most destructive forces on this planet aren’t nuclear bombs but wind and water. The sad thing about this is that the people who suffer the most are the one that really can’t afford it. They live by the side of rivers for the old fashion reasons food and water. Or simply because it’s the only place they could afford their own home. Once a disaster such as the one in Colombia the news people are the first on the scene in their sharp clothes and with cameras and mike shoving them n the face of the victims so that they may get on the 6 o’clock news. Next come the politicians flying in, in helicopters that would be better served assisting in the rescue operations, to say this is a disaster (like we didn’t know this already) don’t worry we’ll give you all the assistance you need. Again ask the people of Haiti or New Orleans how that went. I fear that people like the Trumpster and others will ignore Mother Nature, and her warnings in order to make themselves popular and richer until it’s too late to stop the consequences. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.