April 23, 2017

Well here comes another Sunday post. Two stories I’ve been following for awhile, one the crisis with North Korea. I don’t know how old my readers (all two of them) are but I’m 71 and Flounders around 82 so we’re old enough to remember the Korean War. That war gave us new terms in the English language. Terms like Brain Washing, and Psychological Warfare were introduced in the main stream language. We’re still trying to deal with a country we know nothing about much like we’re doing in the Middle East. We are also forgetting history and how we got played by North Korea and latter by North Korea. The Trumpster and his minions don’t realize that the North has really nothing to lose and a lot to gain by threatening war, especially non nuclear war. That’s because they can put a million self sufficient combat troops into the field. They could run over the South with little trouble and now you throw in nuclear capability and you have a serious problem. They may not really want war but they want to ne like Russia, China and the US. They wan to have the ability to bring untold destruction to the planet if they don’t get what they want. They don’t want to conquer the world just the South. They have seen the benefits of a combined Viet Nam and just like Viet Nam the poor don’t really care who runs the country they just want to be left alone to grow their crops and feed their families. The problem comes when you realize that the people in control in the North still resent out interference back in the fifties. Now a new problem has arisen over there in the form of a President in Washington that has no understanding of the world. He has turned his military loose with no oversight form him, not that any oversight from him would come with intelligent thinking. He has Generals that believe that the minute we drop a bomb on the North they will surrender. That, is not true what would happen is that the majority of the planet would become unlivable in just weeks. Well enough about that now on the next bad story. The Taliban seems to be making a comeback in Afghanistan. Now this is one of those stories where I ask you to look at the history of the area. You remember back when Osama was a friend and the CIA was supplying him with weapons to help kick Russia out of the country. Then when it was done we just walked away because besides Opium there wasn’t a much we wanted from there. You need to remember that these people used rocks against the most sophisticated combat helicopter in the world at the time. I think we should just leave them alone the Taliban aren’t going to invade us if they try then we just reduce the country to gravel. I got t stop here this stuff just gets depressing when you think about it. I’m talking about the absolute lack of knowledge from our leaders in terms of looking at history. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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