February 26, 2017

eeeeWell Sunday is here and I know your all sitting by your computer and breathlessly waiting for my next post. Ok so here it is. Today is February 26 which means Black History Month is coming to an end so I thought I would give you a few examples of what some of the famous Black inventors invented. First up is Dr. Mark Dean from IBM whose latest invention is a 1 Gigahertz chip which contains one million (Yup right one million) transistors and has un limiting potential. Another is Dr. Charles Drew who invented a way to store blood plasma that is used in blood banks today. That mean you probably know someone who is alive today because of him. Then we have Kenneth J. Dunkley he invented 3D viewing glasses which allow you to see that monster coming for your head. Of course you all remember Dr. Philip Emeagwali who in 1989 built the world’s fastest computer. Others of interest Benjamin Banneker, who as a youth built a fully functional clock entirely of wood he was also appointed to the three man committee to lay out Washington DC for George Washington. Then we have Dr Patricia Bath who improved cataract surgery and allowed for modern day laser surgery. Another famous woman Black inventor was Marie Van Brittan Brown who invented the first closed circuit television home security system. The list of famous Black inventors goes on and on which proves one of my points that if we were still a white dominated country, like so many people seem to want, we wouldn’t be where we are in the world today. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO and thanks from Medellin, Colombia.

603101_10200262962761274_1667488794_nOk another Sunday is here what to talk about? Well let’s see what went on this week? I got a couple of things I want to say, but first let me explain why I think I’m qualified to say these things. If you have read my blogs and it political comments you know that I hate all politicians equally and the two party system. I do this because I’ve seen the corruption and back stabbing up close and personal. Back in the 60’s I was elected as a representative to something called the Democratic County Committee. Which meant that I, in theory, represented the people of the fourth ward at Democratic Party meetings and meeting involving the ward. I was elected because one I was young and the Democrats were trying to show that they had youth on their side. This was just after the Kennedy assignation and young people still believed that they could have a voice in Government (Yeah Right). Secondly I was elected because they needed another white person on the committee. I really didn’t have to do much more than show up. I believe I was paid enough to cover my gas getting to meetings. So having no real voice because the older men and women really weren’t interested in anything any of the young people present said. We were expected to show up at rallies for candidates and cheer simple because they were Democrats. What I did do was listen and watch something others weren’t doing and since no one really paid attention to me I was privy to things that maybe I shouldn’t have been. I think they and I were both lucky that the internet and smart phones were still years away. I saw people smile at each other then wait till the other left and began plotting against that person. I heard and saw the total disregard for the people that put them in office so after two terms of this during which I acquired not only political knowledge but an appreciation for Cuban cigars and good Scotch. Which brings me to events of this past week? I have a lot of friends on Facebook and this blog is visible there on my page JBBruff. Some of them are constantly talking politics others are quiet or only talk about their families. The ones talking only about their families most of the time are fine so are the one talking politics for the most part. Remember I deal with friends from two countries and politics from both as well. I had one friend who I had to stop following because I couldn’t believe how they had gone from not being on face book for more than once a year to posting some really fake stuff 5 or 6 times a day. We’re still friends but I no longer see her posts unless I chose to do so. I have other friends that complain about seeing nothing but political rants but of course they rant about this. I believe now more that ever it’s necessary for the public to get their heads out of the sand and pay attention to what’s going on in the country and the world not doing so, in my mind at least, removes their right to complain when something happens that adversely effects their lives. I comment because I’m old and have witnessed history longer that most of my readers and can’t be silent. I have heard that since I don’t live in the United States I have no right to complain about its political climate. Well Bull Shit to that its like telling someone that lives next door that they have no right to complain about your choice or the volume of music you play. I am a American citizen who has taken part in al that America is good and bad so I have earned my right to express myself in this blog. Well that was a little heavier then I thought it would be when I started so I stop here till next time this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


February 14, 2017

img_20170122_0001You know this being Valentine’s Day and all I happened to notice something and I’m not sure what it means. Women seem to be more likely to accept and pass on false news. Now I don’t know if that meant they have a tendency to read other news sources or they’re just having fun with us guys. I have a friend that didn’t appear on the internet except once or twice a year now all of a sudden she’s posting stuff five and six times a day. The sad thing is she posts it in rebuttal to post other friends put up opposing the Trumpster. I find this strange because she was always a fighter for women’s rights and equal pay. So when she stars supporting the Trumpster’s ban on Muslims and the wall I find it contra to the woman I knew. My only answer for this is she was always a closet racist. Another mutual friend who if I remember right was gay as can be is now supporting the Trumpster now he I believe is a racist and maybe that trumps being gay. Anyhow this was just some mid week musings; this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

time-to-end-the-two-party-system-republicrats-and-democansWell the NFL season is officially over but the political bullshit season is still in full bloom. As you know if you have read any of my political posts I pretty much hate and don’t trust any of them. I think the Trumpster is nothing more than a distraction to keep America from seeing the real issues and it seems to be working. Now I don’t profess to have answers I just throw out opinions and facts t see what you guys think about this or that. But I’ve come to realize that our two party system is stuck and as a result a person like the Trumpster became President. So what do I propose you ask? I don’t really know but one answer might be the Social Democrats of Bernie Sanders. I do know that Hillary is not the answer. She’s a career Democrat and they hate Republican ideas simply because there Republican and the Republicans are the same with Democrats. This has resulted in a in effective House and Senate for awhile now. The other problem is that these guys have been around so long and have their faces clued to the assholes of corporate America hat they have forgotten they work for us not the other way around. Now I’ve mentioned Bernie Sanders nut he might not be the answer it might well be someone we haven’t even heard about yet. But one thing is for we can’t keep having Democrats or the Republicans but forth things like Health Care or immigration and other major issues and then have the other party we need to get rid of this because it was the other guy’s idea. I think the possibility of a third party with the backing of the public and not the corporations might be the answer to getting something’s done that won’t be getting changed every four to eight years. I can hear people out there screaming that this will just create chaos well maybe that what we need because it’s becoming increasingly obvious to people from everywhere that this is just not working anymore. I’ll have more on this as I become more familiar with what is out there. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

7d724ea93d65b85d59d0bcb272548fd4I just read an Interview in Rolling Stone with Joan Baez. For those of you too young to remember she was a leading voice in the Anti War, Anti Draft movement. She brought up an interesting point all the people that are protesting now are doing so for different reasons. I think what she’s trying to tell us is that if were to unite against the Trumpster and his minions and work together we could end his attempt to turn America into his private fiefdom. I feel that if we start taking on the issues one at a time you give the advantage of fracturing us into little manageable groups but if like in the 60’s we unite as one he won’t be able to handle it and our representatives will have to listen. He’ll become so frustrated he’ll make the mistake that will bring him down. All tyrants are afraid of one thing a united people opposing them. The Trumpster uses his Twitter to send messages to distract you he attacks refugees and everyone reacts while he pushes his education policies and removes restraints on Wall Street. His supporters defend his immigration moves while he screws them on his promise to take on Wall Street. He’s like a magician using sleight of hand so you only see what he wants you to see, this succeeds in keeping us from uniting as one. We must look for leaders who will bring the change the country wants and needs without destroying our basic principles. If we don’t do this and do it soon we will find ourselves living in a country none of will recognize. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


February 6, 2017

603101_10200262962761274_1667488794_nOk it’s the day after and I’m still getting grief from some friends for comments I made right after the game. So let me tell you what I said so you guys can jump on me too don’t worry about hurting my feelings I live for this shit. I write my opinions so you guys have something to talk about. Anyway last night I asked how a guy can throw passes behind or short to his receivers, who were doing their job and getting open, and then all of a sudden start throw laser darts to them. Now I know Brady is either no 1 or 2 in history depending o who you talk to. But I have watched the Patriots for a long time and I have watched Bill Belicheck since he was defensive coach for Bill Parcells and have never seen them come back from what was a horrible performance. You really have to look closely at the play to see that his velocity and his aim were both off. I don’t think he uses drugs but something changed and having seen more football then most of you and have played and watched my brother play you just don’t see stuff like that. I have no ax to grind here I mean I was ready to turn of the game and watch the BBC because up till then the most exciting thing I saw was the Lady Gaga half time show (we don’t get the Super Bowl commercials down here and the game is covered by Mexican announcers who have absolutely no understanding of the game). So know it’s you turn to take your shots at me and don’t worry me and Flounder can take it. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin (who won their game last night), Colombia.


February 5, 2017

super-bowl-li-factsOk no political bullshit today I’m bored talking about it we’ll be back during the week. For now though it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, probably the next biggest party day of the year. The two teams this year are The New England Patriots (No Surprise There) and the Atlanta Falcons (A Little Surprise Here). Most sports people are picking the Patriots over the Falcons, personally I don’t care I just want an exciting game. Most years you sit around and wait for the commercials or the halftime show. I say this with some knowledge having watched all fifty previous games. The first one Jan 15, 1967 the Day before my 21st birthday. I watched the game in a recreation room of a basic training company at Fort Dix New Jersey. Known fondly to those of that were there as the ass hole of the world. The following day was my first day of basic training as well as my 21st birthday. Hell of a way to celebrate it right! I haven’t found anybody else who has seen all 50 games, look at Chris Berman he’s only been involved in 35. Maybe John Madden he’s been around long enough, but I don’t know if watched the one he wasn’t involved in. Having seen as I have said all 50 previous games, I have no trouble in saying Super Bowl 23 in 1988 was the best. by the time Montana started his game wining 92 yard drive I had all ready won my over under bet, so I just sat back and watched him weave his magic. Now you might say there have been better games and I will agree, but not Super Bowl Games. Montana called his own plays in the game something most quarterbacks in today’s world aren’t capable of. So I guess you can figure who my vote for the greatest QB of all time is. Now back to today’s game as I said most people are picking the Patriots if I was to make a prediction I would say a boring Falcons victory. Well that’s it lets hope for a great game and Lady Gaga does something extraordinary during the halftime show. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.