February 26, 2017

eeeeWell Sunday is here and I know your all sitting by your computer and breathlessly waiting for my next post. Ok so here it is. Today is February 26 which means Black History Month is coming to an end so I thought I would give you a few examples of what some of the famous Black inventors invented. First up is Dr. Mark Dean from IBM whose latest invention is a 1 Gigahertz chip which contains one million (Yup right one million) transistors and has un limiting potential. Another is Dr. Charles Drew who invented a way to store blood plasma that is used in blood banks today. That mean you probably know someone who is alive today because of him. Then we have Kenneth J. Dunkley he invented 3D viewing glasses which allow you to see that monster coming for your head. Of course you all remember Dr. Philip Emeagwali who in 1989 built the world’s fastest computer. Others of interest Benjamin Banneker, who as a youth built a fully functional clock entirely of wood he was also appointed to the three man committee to lay out Washington DC for George Washington. Then we have Dr Patricia Bath who improved cataract surgery and allowed for modern day laser surgery. Another famous woman Black inventor was Marie Van Brittan Brown who invented the first closed circuit television home security system. The list of famous Black inventors goes on and on which proves one of my points that if we were still a white dominated country, like so many people seem to want, we wouldn’t be where we are in the world today. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO and thanks from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “SEE WE NEED EACH OTHER”

  1. valerie said

    good blog – we all know the people we have heard of in our lives bur you listed people I have never heard or read about and I am sure there are many more – lily white has to move over


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