Vietnam_American_war_1974What exactly if war good for? I mean look at Hitler he goes and starts World War 2 because he didn’t like the way World War 1 ended didn’t work out to well for him did it? Then we have the North and South Korea a lot got accomplished with that one didn’t it. Next we have a little something called Viet Nam first the French get there ass kicked pretty good then America comes along and when all is said and done 50 something thousand American men and women are dead. Things stay pretty quiet for awhile the Sadam decides he want to own some strip of sand called Kuwait that didn’t go as planned then another guy blows up the world trade center in New York city and America is back in Iraq spends a few years there tries to leave and nothing’s really changed At the same time we’re in Afghanistan looking for the guy who blew up the trade center 10 years later he’s dead but the country is still nothing but a pile of rocks. Let’s go further back to the American civil war which wasn’t about slavery but was about states right to govern themselves. Now that little disagreement cost 625,000 dead and 452,200 wounded and they were all Americans and the states are still pissed at each other. I could go on and on but most people will say like fro WW 2 that we won but that’s not the point somebody has to start this shit before anybody can win and for somebody nothing changes or in some cases it gets worse. So the answer to the question WAR WHATS IT REALLY GOOD FOR is ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia


April 29, 2014

indexI got up this morning with Jeff he put on some Bob Dylan and we started looking for good news on the internet you know something other than death and destruction or politics. It was pretty near impossible to find I mean there was a story of a mixed martial artist trying to save a baby Dolphin and some human interest involving young people but not a lot of what I would call good or happy news. Why is when people try to do something good it gets but in such a place that very few people get to read it? If by chance some organization succeeds in defeating big business and save an animal or an area of land there made to look like the enemy rather than a hero. Being a cat I think you humans are doomed if keep thinking like that. I mean the people that protested the war in Viet Nam are only thought of as heroes by a few, the rest think they were misguided kids or worse today they would be labeled a terrorists probably because they dared to disagree with authority. One of these days if I live long enough maybe some TV news cast will do nothing but happy news. Wouldn’t that be something? This is Flounder saying CIAO form Medellin Colombia.


April 28, 2014

race-cloudWell over the weekend there has been a lot of talk about what the owner of a National Basketball team in the US said about Afro Americans. He was recorded telling his half black half Mexican girlfriend that he didn’t want her to bring black people to his teams home games. The idiot sais a lot of other things as well and his team which is made up of Afro Americans protested as well as many other people both black and white. The strange thing about this idiot is he has a good record as far as employing Afro Americans in positions of responsibility with the team. That makes him difficult to discipline. He is one of many what I refer to closet racists in the world not just the US. There are black racists in Africa and white one all over the world. Terrorists are racist in the actions although they use religion as well. The fact that white people forget is they are in the minority in the US as well as the world. The world in general forgets one very important fact that we need each other if this planet is going to survive. But I think it’s going to take an alien invasion and I’m not sure that will help to get people to realize this. People think the use of force to gain control of land or wealth contained in that land making them powerful will make them controllers of the world. Unfortunately before that happens I believe the planet will become a nuclear waste land. If you put all the different people of this planet side by side you’ll find other that the color of their skin there is no difference. You all have the same amount of bones; you all have hearts and lungs; you all need to breathe and eat. In other words we all need the same things and the majority all want the same things but if the few have their way the world will self destruct instead of flourishing as it should. Wake up people RACISM is a self defeating idea that leaves the world without a future. Do you think that Mr. Sterling could have made all the money he has without the Afro Americans on his team and workers who he employs I think not. Before you all think that I feel this is just an American problem Black people in Colombia face the same and some times worse racism as those in America do. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 25, 2014

gabriel-garcia-marquez-cubarteSouth America just finished 8 days of honoring the Author and news man Garcia Marques. Now seeing that most of what he has written is in Spanish Jeff really hasn’t read a lot of his writing he did however read a story written for Rolling Stone magazine in 1980. It was about post war Viet Nam and the effect the war had on the people we left behind. What amazed me the most about the death of Gabo as he’s affectionately called is the out pouring of sentiment for him? You won’t see anything like this in the US for any of our famous authors even if they do win a Nobel Prize. They might get a one hour special or coverage of their funeral but nothing like what went on in Colombia and he hasn’t even lived here for years, residing instead in Mexico City for the last many years. Great writers aren’t there anymore and you can thank the digital age for that and TV. There aren’t any great journalists setting in the shadows or Poe’s and Walden’s or Mark Twain’s waiting for their moment. Authors that are writing today do it for love and in some cases money. Journalists’ are on the list of dying jobs in the US. They call them bloggers now and finding an audience is not a simple thing. Print media is dying Jeff publishes on amazon Kindle and he does have paper book copies available as well but is the digital world where he thinks he might find success. I wish American authors could experience the same kind of adulation as the one down here. They get it not by having there bucks made into movies but by people reading them as they become a part of the history of Colombia. Garcia Marques is famous all over Latin America he’s friends with Fidel Castro and others. If you get a chance and you’re Spanish isn’t that good look for the article in Rolling Stone Magazine and read it. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 24, 2014

indexI’ve been watching Jeff when he’s writing and have seen him spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook and Twitter as well as other what are referred to as social media sites. At first I thought he was promoting his books or keeping tabs on friends and family in the US. But now I think he does it more as a addiction than anything else. But this morning he said to me Flounder this is getting ridicules I need to work on my book ad I’m spending time looking at dumb stuff. He has friends that are as bad if not worse than him posting all kinds of stuff like they have nothing else to do with their lives. Now most of this stuff is well intentioned for the most part and it helps Jeff stay up on what going on with his friends. Now Jeff says Twitter is how he promotes his books and keeps tabs on one of his nephews and I believe him I just think and he agrees he needs to back off of Facebook a little. He must spend an hour or more in the morning just going over what has been posted the night before. Anyhow this is what he says he going to do from now on he’ll post his album of the day and then he’ll just check once a day from now on and try to limit the amount of time he spends on the sight and spend more time on this blog with me and on writing we’ll see if he can do this. In the mean time this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin


April 23, 2014

images_cms-image-000001233Well here goes Colombian politics again. They just reinstated for the second time the mayor of Bogota the second most powerful position in Colombia. He had been ousted for mismanagement which I guess is a nice way of saying corruption. His name is Gustavo Petro and he’s an ex member of M19 a gorilla group that disbanded and decide to be politicians instead (the money was better). This means that he committed violent acts against the government he now works for and by violent acts I mean he’s probably responsible for some fellow Colombians dying. This reinstatement took place after the president had just replaced his replacement. Man you cannot make this shit up. Now nobody knows what’s going to happen but one thing we know for sure is the political gamesmanship and corruption will continue and that means all us Bloggers down here will have plenty of material. This is flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

gmoI wrote about the free trade agreement between the US and Colombia before and how I thought it wasn’t the great idea everybody was talking about. It had a hidden agenda and speaking of hidden agendas look what the Koch brothers and their close friend Monsanto are trying to do know. They want Congress to pass a law so they don’t have to mark their products as containing GMOS (Genetically Modified Organisms) in other words when you go to the store you won’t know what you buying to put in your body. Now Jeff and I are far from being heath freaks or even just health conscience but if GMOs are so great why does Monsanto have to force countries to use them and then hide the fact that a food product contains them. I don’t know how many other trade agreements the US have with other countries where they require the farmers to use only Monsanto seeds. But I do know we are not altruistic country and that we don’t make deals where someone isn’t making a great deal of money from it. Some of my friends up in the US are going to a march in New York City on May 24 to try and stop this there are also online petitions from several groups everything from labeling to a complete a ban. I don’t know about a complete ban I will say this you should be able to choose. On the other side of the coin I know that something will eventually have to be done or the world will face over population and starvation. It won’t bother me and Jeff but it will bother Hari Jeff’s grandchild as well as your grand Children so know would be a good time to stop talking and star doing. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 21, 2014

rig-wind-river-537x358Well here it is as promised a post on Fracking. First I should try and explain what it is. It’s the process of injecting water and chemicals into shale rock containing for the most par small pockets of natural gas. The process causes small earthquakes which cause the gas to released from the Sale and then be accessible to the drill process. The information available about whither this is good or bad in most case comes from the people doing the Fracking or the ones against it. There is one notable exception and that would be Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson who in February came out against Fracking near his wife’s Texas home his concern seems to be about devaluation of the property rather than any human concerns. I for one have had a terrible time trying to get enough information to form a definitive opinion. It’s sort of looking at information on eggs one week there really bad for you and the next there OK. As I said with Fracking it depends on who you talk to. But I do have an opinion, for what it’s worth, that anytime you but chemicals into the ground and then cause earthquakes it’s not a good thing. Most of what I’ve read has said the process when done right is safe and an effective way to get to oil and gas that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get too. but like anything else greed and time constraints make people take risks and unfortunately the consequences of these risks are never felt by those taking them or won’t be felt for years to come. If we’re to keep using the practices there has to be severe controls in place and they must be enforced no matter who or what, because what good is have all this oil and gas if there’s nobody around to buy it. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


April 18, 2014

indexI had a post on Fracking ready for today then I remembered that most of my friends and some of my relatives would be celebrating Good Friday so I decided not to post anything except the message and I’ll be back Monday. Enjoy the Easter weekend this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


April 17, 2014

indexSo Jeff finally got started on his new book tentatively titled A CHILD IS MISSING he’s not locked into that title yet but we’ll see this is going to be about young boys between 11 and 16 who are kidnapped and forced in to slavery by people you wouldn’t ordinarily suspect. I don’t want to give too much away not that I could because with fats you never know what’s going to come out of his head and appear on paper. He’s a little disappointed in his sales only 6 books, all in paperback, he would have thought that there would have been more digital sales. He does have a sale coming up on the 28th I believe I’ll keep you informed. His starting to write again means I have to do more of the blog posts by myself which should prove interesting I mean he wants me to do book reviews, rants and such which is really not my thing but we’ll see. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.