April 21, 2014

rig-wind-river-537x358Well here it is as promised a post on Fracking. First I should try and explain what it is. It’s the process of injecting water and chemicals into shale rock containing for the most par small pockets of natural gas. The process causes small earthquakes which cause the gas to released from the Sale and then be accessible to the drill process. The information available about whither this is good or bad in most case comes from the people doing the Fracking or the ones against it. There is one notable exception and that would be Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson who in February came out against Fracking near his wife’s Texas home his concern seems to be about devaluation of the property rather than any human concerns. I for one have had a terrible time trying to get enough information to form a definitive opinion. It’s sort of looking at information on eggs one week there really bad for you and the next there OK. As I said with Fracking it depends on who you talk to. But I do have an opinion, for what it’s worth, that anytime you but chemicals into the ground and then cause earthquakes it’s not a good thing. Most of what I’ve read has said the process when done right is safe and an effective way to get to oil and gas that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get too. but like anything else greed and time constraints make people take risks and unfortunately the consequences of these risks are never felt by those taking them or won’t be felt for years to come. If we’re to keep using the practices there has to be severe controls in place and they must be enforced no matter who or what, because what good is have all this oil and gas if there’s nobody around to buy it. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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