January 17, 2021

Well, here we are again. This week the good news is I celebrated my 75 birthday yesterday, the bad news is the put is quarantine again. The virus is getting out of control and the president down here is being called worse than Trump. Speaking, of the Trumpster he’s been up to no good inciting insurrection, and just plain being a crybaby. I just hope everybody understands it going to take some time to undo all the bad shit he did. I know everybody has there favourite thing they want fixed now, but this a democracy and it doesn’t always move at the speed of light. I also don’t know what the Trumpster little followers will do to stop Biden from fixing anything. I would also really know how many of them own guns and can pass a psych test. All the bullshit should come to a head this Wednesday when the Trumpster officially gets kicked to the curb. This has been the worst four years of any administration in my memory. I would hope they will fine some way to muzzle the Trumpster and that they have the balls to ban him from future public office in the future. I still don’t know how you make America great again when your isolating us from the rest of the world. I know I’m repeating myself when I say the only way we survive on this little planet is to work together. That means all the different races and religions or we face the real possibility of extinction. Hey its a playoff weekend so we’ll just say this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Hey guys, I‘ve been asked why I didn’t post during the events of last week. Well, it’s not easy to do with things changing as fast as they have and the anger I felt. I did however post several videos on my youtube channel, Jeffrey Bruff. I title them Antonia and Fats, right now there are 53 of them. It was easier to shout at the monitor than it was to sit and try and write, as things were happening so fast. It seems now that we have people wanting to impeach him again with the idea of preventing him from running in 2024. they are also considering using the 25th amendment as well to remove him. I would be surprised if either happened because you know Pence will pardon him right

away. I personally would like to see him walk out of the white house and be arrested and served with hundreds of thousands of wrongful death lawsuits. I want all his family included in this. He has done more damage to this country and democracy than Hitler, Stalin, and the rest. I‘m surprised Cuba didn’t invade us yet. I don’t like to wish ill on people because it has a habit of backfiring. I want this prick to get everything he has coming to him I‘m so tired of watching rich white people get away with shit. Sometimes I think we should bring back vigilantly justice. I’ve heard that some of the groups involved with last week’s attack on the Capital are threatening more violence for the inauguration. Well if that’s true I hope they issue Bayonets to the National Guard. Time for me to go check out my videos on youtube. This is FATS and ANTONIA, with a little help from the spirit of FLOUNDER saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


January 3, 2021

Welcome to 2021, I hope everyone survived the holidays and are looking towards a brighter New Year. I don’t want to start of the new year with a political rant so lets talk football. I guess you either love it or hate it. I love it, but it does have it’s faults. In high school kids can be pushed through to graduation. I know I saw guys that graduated and were lucky to find work unless they got a scholarship. I also know a couple of real smart ones who were recruited to big football schools got there and saw the size of the other players and quit. One in particular come to mind, he got a full ride to Syracuse University saw the other players quit and took a math scholarship to the University Of Miami. He was one of the lucky ones. I know another one who was a star in high school got a scholarship to Susquehanna university and managed to get expelled in a couple of months. He went and got married right away because the draft was still in place and when you got expelled you were automatically added to the draft as 1A. Now the ones that managed to stay out of trouble attended class’s when they were so inclined usually just enough to stay in school. I know one young man from my school who managed to get drafted in to the pros played on year I think on the taxi squad for Detroit Lions he bummed around for awhile. Now he graduated from college and ended up being a truck driver. Now there’ s nothing wrong with driving a truck but 4 years o college and that’s what you end up doing. So lets say you make it to the pros you will be paid far more than a regular student that succeeds in graduating. I don’t think that’s really fair. Now these athletes are asking to be paid while in school. I don’t have a problem with that if they sign a contract the requires them to keep a passing grade and that they stay for the full four years. No more of the one and done as seen in college basketball. So hows that for a star to the New Year. This is FATS and ANTONIA with the spirit of FLOUNDER saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


December 31, 2020


Well we sure know how to screw up a holiday season don’t we . First we have a pandemic killing people at an unbelievable rate, then we have a nut who blows up a street to commit suicide, and finally we have a President who is determined to leave the country in ruin on his way out. The pandemic doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, even with a vaccine in place. We have a President who would rather ignore it and complain about how he was cheated out of an election while playing golf. If he had done his one and only job, which is protecting the American people we wouldn’t be In this mess now. Then along comes nut job who apparently blew himself up on Christmas morning. This makes no sense, he warned people away then blew up the street. I don’t know what his purpose was is doing it that way and we’ll probably never know. At least he was the only one who died. Then we have the Trumpster who has done more damage to the country by doing nothing then a lot of politicians have done in the past. His vetoing the Defense bill just because of some article 230 is bullshit. His leaving the Covid bill unsigend is just pure arrogance. He wants 2000 dollar checks and he’ll probably get them the problem is somebody is gong to have to pay for them down the road. That will mean new taxes and trust the rich ain’t going to pay for it, we are. New taxes will spur inflation. All of this he thinks will make him look like a hero because he gave the people 2000 dollars. Remember when he suspended the payroll tax well that suspension ends in January and it has to be aid back by law. One thing I can agree he’s an expert in is leaving his business or leadership positions in ruin, making it extremely difficult for them to survive. Hope fully this fat prick will get his somewhere down the line. This is FATS and ANTONIA hoping next year will be better saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


December 20, 2020

I just saw a headline on CNN that said, Trumps actions show he’s only out for himself. I think they show a little more than that. I think they show a rapidly deteriorating mine whose actions are borderline treason. People tend to think that because there are only thirty days left for him, that he can’t do anything. Wrong, he’s still President and he can make life miserable for a lot of people. His thinking about Marshal Law is one way to screw everything up. I don’t care if your a Republican or Democrat the thing I think you don’t want to is armed soldiers out in front of your house. His gun toting supporters think that’s a good idea. Hey stupid Marshal Law can call for the removal of weapons from civilians. The would be ironic , to have the man they elected to protect there guns taking them away. Marshal Law also means soldiers will be but in the position of having to fire on their neighbours. The Trumpster is doing nothing help get the vaccine,that he wants credit for, out to the people. he’s also brushing off the massive Cyber attack that even his secretary of Defence says was caused by Russia. I believe his inaction is in itself Treason. I think that the complacency of people because he has only thirty days left will hurt this country for years. All this bitchin is giving me a headache. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


December 13, 2020

Well, tomorrow should be the end of the Trumpster now he’ll have to concentrate on staying out of jail. We have a vaccine, but it looks like about 40% of the population doesn’t want it, or doesn’t trust it, so exactly how effective it will be remains to be seen. I said this last week I think, or on one of my videos, I wouldn’t want to President right now for anything. The Trumpster is leaving such a mess it will take years to restore this country to what it once was. He is leaving the country with a population divided to the point of revolt. I hope Biden can do some real good and that the Republicans can get their shit back together and start thinking about the country instead of themselves. The college football season is done and the pros are near playoff time. Hope all the postseason stuff goes OK. They tell us it will be months before a vaccine is available to us assuming the cartels leave it alone. Oh here’s something I know your all dying to hear about. I’ll be starting off Christmas week with a colonoscopy. This year started shitty and is going to end shitty. I hope all of you will get the vaccine and will stay healthy through the holiday season. Maybe by the 4th of July, we can have a huge party to celebrate. In the meantime, we can watch a gentleman take office while a scumbag gets kicked to the curb and hopefully put in jail. I only have a few years left and I don’t want to see another situation like this again. OK, now it’s a football Sunday so I’ll say this is FATS and his buddy Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well it’s been a fairly cool week. I enjoy watching the Trumpster lose his mind, I just wish he wasn’t fucking up the country at the same time. What’s got me really pissed off is Major League Baseball suing insurance companies for all the money you didn’t spend on them this year. First let me say that I think athletes are all over paid. They’re spoiled as soon as they are seen to excel at a sport. In some areas of the country the diplomas they are given might as well be made out of toilet paper for all they’re worth. The team are owned by Billionaires and the player are paid a lot. I’m not seeing the minor league clubs where people have to have two jobs just to be able to play suing anybody. At least not yet. they’re are thousands of people who are out of work and can’t pay their mortgages or rent and they can’t sue anybody. Baseball players don’t need to sue they got money the owners well fuck them. If they’re losing money they should ask the players to take a pay cut and you know they won’t do that. How are they going to pay for all girlfriends and gold chains around their necks. I hope baseball doesn’t get a dime Fuck those rich owners. We need to worry more about the regular people the ones that they charge a fortune to so they can get to the game live. The people that pay to sit in traffic and a blistering hot sun so their kids can see the people the worship as heroes. They should be worshiping the real heroes the ones working to save live at the risk of their own. This is FATS and his friend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


November 29, 2020

Well the election is officially over as far as I’m concerned and Biden won. Now we have to face the Pandemic without excuses. We can still blame the Trumpster but that’s not going to save lives. we’re getting rid of the ass hole in charge but we still have thousands of people dying every day and that won’t stop with a vaccine. This year could be the worst in modern history for everyone. With this pandemic we can’t set at home and go poor us like we could with the Trumpster. We can’t even or at least we shouldn’t bitch and moan about it. We need to pull together because if we don’t nothing will get done and thousands of people will keep on dying. No one person or country can solve this problem. If we continue being selfish and ignorant then we might find ourselves gone just like other great societies. We could be the next Mayans or we could be like the people of Atlantis here today and gone tomorrow. My whole life I’ve wondered how smart people can be so stupid and selfish at times. The Trumpster started the Space Force to protect our planet from aliens. We need to star protecting this planet from us. We are the most self destructive spices on this planet and as such we should worry about us destroying us before we worry about Space Invaders. Well this is FATS and his Friend ANTONIA saying hope you survived Thanks Giving safely and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

This week should be a week of celebration with Thanksgiving coming up, but it doesn’t look that way. I guess if your Joe Biden it’s a good week or if you haven got or have survived Covid 19 it’s a great time. Me’ I can’t celebrate when I have to look around and wonder how many people wouldn’t of died if the Jack Off in the white house had done something. Even now he hides in his room like a little boy and refuse to help Biden in the transition of Government which might just save a few lives. we’ve never had a man as screwed up as the Trumpster as our leader in our history. Not little Georgie or even Ronnie at the end. No this ass hole is special he lost and now he’s trying to do to the US what he’s done to every business he ever owned. That is to rape and destroy it so it’s no good for anyone. I wish I knew more about the law because it seems to me that by doing nothing to help the sick people he is guilty of what they term as Involuntary Manslaughter. I hope there’s no pardon for him or his family and that they all get what they deserve, a lengthy prison term. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying’’ I hope your well and get to see family this Thanksgiving’’ and CIAO from Medellin Colombia.