March 26, 2017

Well I don’t know how the rest of you are doing but my tournament brackets are all busted. I might have a shot at picking the national champ if Gonzaga wins it all. Now back to reality the Republicans try at repealing and replacing Obama Care didn’t go like the Trumpster wanted, and looks dead for awhile at least. The Republicans have been after this bill since the day it was signed into law. I find all of this to strictly partisan since as far back as I can remember people have been complaining about health insurance. Actually they complain about all insurance but since Health insurance can actually be a matter of life and death it gets the most attention. The smart thing to do right now would be to fix Obama Care rather than trying to start all over again, but that would require Republicans and Democrats to work together and also to listen to the people. These are things that just don’t seem to be possible for the politicians that are there right now. Most insurance costs are just like any other cost. As the price of drugs rises doctors and pharmacies charge more and then the insurance companies charge more. I happen to live in Medellin, Colombia and I can’t figure out how the same drug that costs me with a deductable about 20 dollars in the US cost me about 80 cents here. Also I have a Neurosurgeon who went to Harvard medical school whose visits cost about a dollar fifty and you all know what they cost in America if your plan covers them. My insurance premiums are 37.63 at the present exchange rate. My drug charges are for Cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure pills less than tow dollars. Now in all cases these are drugs that are available in the US. I’ve also had three skin cancer surgeries for about 8 dollars. Now I’ve recently seen where Colombia is rated higher in health care than either Canada or the US. So I wonder why the hell does it cost so much more in America? Stories like this are why Americans complain about the high costs. My medical care is better than in the US I mean I doubt very much that I would be able to get an appointment with a Harvard trained Neurosurgeon with the insurance I had up there as well as my income. So I think it’s really time to sit down and make an attempt to fix Obama care, but what do I know. This is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


March 19, 2017

Well I’ve come to a decision. I ‘am no longer listening to anything that comes out of the Trumpster mouth unless it’s the words I resign. He is the ultimate charlatan, trickster, swindler, cheat, con artist. He listening to him reminds me of standing on a New York subway station platform watching a street performer while his partner sneaks up behind and steals your wallet. If you don’t want to be that person you must pay attention to what the Congress and Senate are doing. You must pay attention to both parties. You must watch for attachments to bills (called riders). If you insist on keeping this two party system you party must chose wisely. That doesn’t mean Hillary or any other old school politician. The world is changing right before our eyes and its time that we caught up to it before it’s out of our reach. The Trumpster and his minions for whatever selfish reasons are trying desperately trying to set the country on a backwards trajectory. The Trumpster has no empathy for anyone he wishes only to make as much money as possible so he can influence how we think. He is a hypocrite as evidenced by his appointments to his cabinet and staff. He uses his position to make money. A clear example of this is his weekend trips to Mar a lago where we pay for him to go and pay the hotel which his family owns to stay there. A really good example of his shell game is his claim that ex President Obama wire tapped him, now there are sadly some people whose hatred of the first black President is so great they actually believe this bullshit. The Native Americans have a saying for this “He Speak with Forked Tongue”. Everyday this man is out there saying his bullshit is another day that I feel embarrassed for this country. Well I’ve got to go and watch some basketball so this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Some of the greatest scientific minds in the world are predicting dire things for the human race as the Trumpster and other billionaires say bull shit. I for one don’t think it matters much what we do since we’re the most self destructive life on this planet. Is this surprising to you? The human race is the only animal on the planet that kills for sport. We’ve even been known to hunt our fellow human beings. In our lust for money, power or the more innocent sounding better life we destroy those things that are necessary to our own survival. We listen to our elder’s say we’re just trying to secure a better future for our children. I call bull shit on this one. Because if it isn’t greed, that motivates some of these ridicules decisions then it’s out and out stupidity. I’m going to go with both. If you look around the world you can see destructive behavior in every country. The leaders all say it’s for progress again I call bull shit. Eliminating a species is not progress that species served a purpose in supporting this planet and us. I’ve heard people say that for every species that goes extinct a new one is born. That saying is based on various forms of a physics theory that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This has been expressed as Karma, what goes around comes around, or yin and yang. So these people destroying a species say see the planet takes care of itself. The problem is that the new species may bot serve the same purpose as the one that it’s replacing. An example would be the honey bee or brown bat one helps pollinate our plants the other helps control insects like mosquitoes. There is nothing that shows that the replacement for the honey bee will be a pollinating flying insect or that what replaces the bat will eat insects. The other worry some thing is that this theory is based on natural extinction not manmade extinction. This is part of what makes us the most self destructive race on this planet. It’s our lack of thought our carelessness and our complete lack of empathy for the very planet which gives us life.
Ok I’ve managed to depress myself on this rainy Sunday morning so I’ll say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

maxresdefaultHave any of you really been paying attention to the news. You say you have well have you noticed that all the stuff about the Trumpster is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. What I’m trying to say is that in all of American history there’s never been a President who has been so deceitful, not even tricky Dick, and to make matters worse he keeps getting called on it. The Trumpster constantly complains of leaks and intrigue in his group of minions. Well somebody should inform him this is the Government of the United States not a board room where if something leaks out most of the world won’t give a shit. This is the US Government where if somebody comes to work with a hangover or a cold it becomes national news. The Trumpster is finding it hard to understand this. He does understand that he can easily distract the American people by standing up in front of them and saying something that will outrage them, such as his demand to investigate the Obama administration over supposed wire tapping of the Trumpster’s phones during the election. Now before I go further let me say that is entirely possible and I’m sure both sides probably at least attempted something along these lines. Let’s get back to the Trumpster, and his inability to keep scandals, in his group of so called insiders out of the news. There will always be leaks most administrations selectively leak stories to either help defeat something or to distract from some other issue. The Trumpster’s problem is, as I said earlier, this is not a boardroom where he can control everything. There is so much power and money up for grabs that he will never control everything the way he wants. He has made himself appear dumb and not in control of himself to the point that when he says something now people are looking under the rug to see what he’s trying to sweep there. that’s going to be it for now just remember now more that ever you must be vigilant and aware of what you government is trying to do because it will have a long term effect on you. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.