Well you try not to talk about the Trumpster for a few days and the ass hole goes and opens his mouth and pisses off a few million people. Now he has Germany saying that they can’t rely on us so they may have to go it alone. Now look people I’ve said this about race relations and every other kind of relation we need each other. But the Trumpster believes that we don’t need anybody but rather they need us. If he wants to promote some sort of nationalistic program of isolationism he will drive this country into depression and there won’t be anybody around to help us. The Russians and Chinese would love that. Didn’t we defeat communism that way by letting it self-destruct. Look I’m not a genius I don’t have all the right answers all I am is an old guy that remembers what he has seen and what history has shown us. This is two pissed of people Fats and Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but it was my wife Ruby’s birthday so I was a little busy. Now today America celebrates Memorial Day in honor of its veterans. This day has changed drastically since I was young, back then it was parades in every town to honor our veterans. Every kid would line the side walk to see the local National Guard unit march along with the living veterans, and every town had at least one vet. Now it seems it’s more about the start of the weekend with everybody heading out for a long weekend. Sometime today the Trumpster will go to Arlington National Cemetery to place a wraith at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor all who have died in defense of this country. Well first the Trumpster used all his money and influence to avoid the military, so I’m not sure he should be doing this. Of course the same could be said of other presidents too. Secondly the Second World War was the only one in which it was absolutely they only solution to a threat. The rest were for the rich to get richer. That includes the American Revolution, where the rich and educated elite sent those of lesser status off to fight to protect their interests. Viet Nam. Korean, First and Second Gulf wars didn’t have anything to do with protecting US citizens, if anything they served the oil and political power mongers in the country and actually made the world more unsafe. I could write for a week about how our interference in the Mid East screwed to pouch but I’ve alredy down posts on that. The American solider doesn’t know all the reasons he’s in some country that in some case’s he’s never even heard of. He joined, or in earlier times was drafted, took an oath to protect the country and do as he was told. Soldiers don’t have time to worry about the political reason for why their put in harm’s way they’re just to do what their told and as some cynics say die on command. The American solider is not a member of the elite, but his commander might be, he is for the most part a middle or lower class individual with at most a high school education. Most believe they’re doing something good and useful. They aren’t to blame for the war or the bad thing that happen because they believe in their country and it leaders, feeling that they would never deceive them. The point of all this is that the men and women who but on that uniform do so believing in our country, believing in the American Government that they would never send them into harm’s way unless it was to protect us. So on this day take a moment away from that BBQ and say thanks to a vet you probably know. If you don’t happen to be at the shore with the family stop by the nearest Veterans Hospital and say thanks to a vet that can’t get out of bed to go to the shore. This is Flounder and fats saying that 1960’s slogan MAKE LOVE NOT WAR and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


Guess what it Flounders Birthday today and he’s seventeen which makes him 84 in human years. I don’t think too many of you out there know his whole story so here goes. He was born in the parking lot of what was the home of the NJ Nets basketball team and the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team. When he was around 8 months old he was found by New Jersey goalie Martin Brodeur and brought to the East Rutherford Animal shelter. Now here you must remember Flounder was what is referred to as a feral cat. That means he’s basically a wild animal but he was cute and was soon adopted. From what I know about that and his second adoption they did not go well as his wild instincts were in control. So in 2000 he ended up at the Mount Pleasant animal shelter on Rt10 in Hanover New Jersey. They don’t euthanize animals there. I was looking for a cat to replace my Cockatiel Danny who had been with me for 11 years and had died suddenly. I felt a cat was a good replacement because they’re very independent. Well I ended up leaving with two cats one was an all white one named Sabastian and of course my Tuxedo buddy Flounder. They couldn’t of been more different Flounder hiding in my closet Sabastian a real people cat. I didn’t try to force Flounder to be more domesticated I let him stay in the closet. I even moved a litter box in there for him and even fed him there. I was going to let him decide if he wanted to come out and be part of the family. It took almost two years before he abandoned the closet and would come out. You still couldn’t pick him up if you valued your skin. He had this unique way of bringing his rear legs up and raking his claws along your forearms. Now about then I met my soon to be wife Rubiela she wasn’t and still isn’t what you would call a real animal lover and as it turned out was having a allergic reaction to the boys. So it was decided one would have to go back to Mt Pleasant shelter. I chose Sabastian for a couple of reasons one he was the more friendly of the two and I knew he wouldn’t have to wait long to find a new home. The other reason was I had originally gone to adopt Flounder from his picture on the internet. Now after just short of 17 years together Flounder’s not afraid of people and loves to cuddle with me and watch TV. Flounder sleeps about twenty hours a day if you want him up just start cooking chicken and he will be at you side crying in an instant. I don’t know how much time he and I have together or who will outlive who but till then he remains my inspiration for writing this blog and my best friend. So let me end this post with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flounder here’s hoping we have a few left in us. CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


May 14, 2017

It’s Mothers Day so we’ll stay away from all the political stuff and talk about Mothers. For those of us whose Mother is no longer physically with us days like this remind us of what they did for us to get us to this point. I’ve always said this I’m far from a perfect human being but whatever good there is to found in me I owe to my Mom. My body Flounder was an orphan I’ve never been able to find out what happened to her. On this day he keeps an eye on my wife I’m not sure why. My Mom has been gone for a long while, but when things are getting screwed up or I’ve accomplished something special I find myself first reaching for the phone then after I realize she’s not going to be there I feel an emptiness for a few seconds then I just smile and know she knows. I don’t know if others go through this or not if you do don’t worry your normal. Mothers always see you as a success even if you don’t feel that way. Mothers never let you see the worry when you take your first step or date your first girl or take the car for the first time. I think being a Mother must be the most stressful job in the world. I’m sitting here writing this and hoping I didn’t cause my mother that much worry and that she can see that I did learn those things she was trying to tell me. I wish my buddy Flounder had been able to experience his mother growing up. Well before I start crying and ramble on I’ll just say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

How about this a Wednesday special you can thank the Trumpster for this one. Last night it was announced that the Trumpster had fired the director of the FBI. That brought to three the number of people involved in the investigation of the Russian involvement in the last election who have been removed from their jobs. I’m beginning to see a pattern here and it’s probably not the one you think. The one I’m seeing is on in which we have a sitting President who doesn’t want to be in that seat. So what’s he to do resigning isn’t his style but if he makes it look like the world is against him and his Republican buddies get to hold on to their jobs maybe he can get rid of some people and get impeached. That way he doesn’t quit his supporters will still support him and he gets to tweet bad things about the Democrats and play golf all day. Wow what a friggin mess we’re in. How did this start? Well I’ll tell you. I blame it on the election of Obama. Why you say? Because, as the first Black President, he by his mere presence in the Oval Office, pissed off a lot of the country, especially Donald Trump (also known more commonly as the Trumpster). The Trumpster has an unhealthy hatred for Obama and the Clintons. I’m not sure of all the reasons but I would suggest because he believes he’s smarter than any Black man and he isn’t about to let a woman tell him what to do. Here’s hoping he does get impeached and soon then maybe just maybe we’ll be able to save what’s left of the good old USA. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well there were a lot of pissed off people this week blaming the republicans for screwing up Medicare and the rest of the health care. Well you should expect this because since this country was formed the government has been run by the Elite of the country as is the Military. Your taxes are decided by people that have more exemptions then dogs have fleas. Your health care is decided by people that have never paid for health insurance in their lives. Economic decisions are being made by a president that I’m willing to bet has never been in a grocery store let alone had to worry about how much milk costs; the problem is in every country. Down here in Colombia the president was educated in the United States his degree is in economics and is from Georgetown University as is many of the other politicians down here. We elect people to office so they can turn around and tell us what’s best for us. Oh they give lip service to our desires, just enough so we’ll vote for them. But as soon as they’re in office they say well that wouldn’t really be good for us because their friend won’t make enough money. When a President gets elected he immediately starts running for his second term. If he gets reelected he will say no to some of the stuff his friends want but now he’s looking out for himself when he leaves office. The job of politician, which as I said is an elitist occupation, is more about getting reelected than it is about helping the poor slobs that elected them. Now comes the real shocking part about the elitists. The top 20% of American families control 84% of the wealth. The bottom 40% combines for .3%. The Walton family, which owns Wal-Mart, has more wealth than 42% of American families combined. Now this should mean rioting in the streets, like in Venezuela. Well it would if American believed it, but fortunately for the political elite most Americans don’t believe it. I’ve been aware of the economic disparity that exists in this country for years and I’m no genius I just read a lot the information is out there you just have to read it. But it’s a little like Climate Change nobody wants to believe it so it’s a Liberal plot to get us to support socialism. Look there’s a lot to this story but the main points are the average American life is the hands of people who have no idea what an average American is. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.