May 29, 2017

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but it was my wife Ruby’s birthday so I was a little busy. Now today America celebrates Memorial Day in honor of its veterans. This day has changed drastically since I was young, back then it was parades in every town to honor our veterans. Every kid would line the side walk to see the local National Guard unit march along with the living veterans, and every town had at least one vet. Now it seems it’s more about the start of the weekend with everybody heading out for a long weekend. Sometime today the Trumpster will go to Arlington National Cemetery to place a wraith at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor all who have died in defense of this country. Well first the Trumpster used all his money and influence to avoid the military, so I’m not sure he should be doing this. Of course the same could be said of other presidents too. Secondly the Second World War was the only one in which it was absolutely they only solution to a threat. The rest were for the rich to get richer. That includes the American Revolution, where the rich and educated elite sent those of lesser status off to fight to protect their interests. Viet Nam. Korean, First and Second Gulf wars didn’t have anything to do with protecting US citizens, if anything they served the oil and political power mongers in the country and actually made the world more unsafe. I could write for a week about how our interference in the Mid East screwed to pouch but I’ve alredy down posts on that. The American solider doesn’t know all the reasons he’s in some country that in some case’s he’s never even heard of. He joined, or in earlier times was drafted, took an oath to protect the country and do as he was told. Soldiers don’t have time to worry about the political reason for why their put in harm’s way they’re just to do what their told and as some cynics say die on command. The American solider is not a member of the elite, but his commander might be, he is for the most part a middle or lower class individual with at most a high school education. Most believe they’re doing something good and useful. They aren’t to blame for the war or the bad thing that happen because they believe in their country and it leaders, feeling that they would never deceive them. The point of all this is that the men and women who but on that uniform do so believing in our country, believing in the American Government that they would never send them into harm’s way unless it was to protect us. So on this day take a moment away from that BBQ and say thanks to a vet you probably know. If you don’t happen to be at the shore with the family stop by the nearest Veterans Hospital and say thanks to a vet that can’t get out of bed to go to the shore. This is Flounder and fats saying that 1960’s slogan MAKE LOVE NOT WAR and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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