You know growing up I was in awe of Presidents and politicians because of smart I thought they were. Now I’m 72 and I can’t believe what comes out of some of these so called smart people. The other thing I don’t understand is why so many people just sit around and let all this bullshit go on unchecked. It’s not just the nut job in the oval office,it others who are supposed to be intelligent. You have this ex Senator Santorum saying on CNN that the kids protesting for gun control should take CPR lessons instead. Now that’s just one example others were more restrained in their disagreement with the marchers. This is like th beginning of the anti war movement some what disorganized and basically ignored until they started get out the vote rally s and mobilized they youth of this country to end a war and they did. I worry now about people who say stop complaining and get on with your life. Well all this bullshit hs brought us closer to Nuclear War since the Cuban Misled Crisis and unless you lived through that time please refrain from commenting about it. It seems that all those in power both Democrats and Republican would like us to just sit around pay are taxes and not bother them while they play God with our lives. They’re constantly trying to deflect us from what they’re doing like trying to keep us from thinking about how they plan on paying for there multi trillion dollar spending bill after reducing revenue by a large tax cut. Well when your Social Security check doesn’t show up you’ll know how. I have very vivid memories of 14 Presidents seven Republicans and seven Democrats I start with Eisenhower and end with the Trumpster. I probably studied FDR who was dead by the time I was born more that any other President. But I’ll tell you this they all had their faults but none had as many as our current leader. I tell you if your one of these people who just want everybody else to stop complaining study history and see what happens when good people do nothing. That means you can sit back and watch history happen or you can get of your ass and be part of it.This is Flounder and Fats Saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 18, 2018

I see the Trumpster’s new plan to fight drugs has the death penalty in it. Well I have a sort of split opinion on that subject. First I don’t like the argument that it is a determent to crime. It has been proven that it really isn’t especially now when you can be on death row for over ten years and then you stand a good chance of having it converted to life without parole. I am very much in favor of it as a punishment that befits the crime. I’ll go even further and say child molesters should just be shot on sight. Now I know I just pissed off a whole lot of people when I said that yo know the ones that will tell they need treatment rather then death. Well pedophilia is a non curable offense, these guys sit in jail and can’t wait to get back on the streets and find a little child same thing goes for about 99% of rapists. Now lets look at from a reality point of view. Drug dealers have lots of money so getting convictions take a lot of time and taxpayer money. It costs 1.26 million to try a death penalty case as opposed to 750,000 on a normal case. It costs about 90,000 dollars a year more that normal prisoners. The death penalty is still relativity less expensive than life in prison. But it takes a minimum of 15 years in most states to execute a prisoner thats 1,350,000 dollars of tax payer money add the cost of the trial and you around 2.6 million dollars. Now I say look at the money that these drug dealers have. Take El Chapo he’s been sitting In prison for over a year and no trial. The government wants to try him for murder but doesn’t have any witness’s to testify. They may get him for dealing and he’ll get life but with all the appeals and such it will cost the US millions to convict him mean time his organization just keeps rolling on. The Trumpster’s plan is just another costly war on drug that won’t work but will cost taxpayers million and result in a lot of small criminals doing time. This is Flounder (Yes I’m Ok for now) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 13, 2018

Well I guess your all waiting to see what I’ll say about the Trumpster firing his Secretary of State, well here goes. Not only is he treating government as if it was the TV show apprentice he is once again showing that a drunk on the Bowery of New York city has more class then he does. In addition a one year old has bigger balls then him. Rex, whom I will admit was not a favorite of mind, found out he was fired by Twitter, some class Trumpster. Now we’re going to get a yes man in the office who wants to tear down the Iran Nuke deal just as much as the head asshole wants to. Now remember the rest of the world supports that deal. This fat moron is setting us up to have to deal with not one but two potential nuclear threats at once. And the people in the position of negotiators have no experience in this kind of high level negotiations. The Russians have already out foxed us and many believe it’s because of the Trumpster. I hope but doubt that the politicians in the congress and senate have the balls to not to approve these decisions and that they wake up to the fact that they have a complete idiot in charge. Based upon what I’ve read and heard this morning the rest of the world is already aware of this. This is a really pissed of Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 11, 2018

This is going to be in the form of a question that I would like some feed back on. The major governments of the world are plagued by drugs and the corruption and violent crime they bring. Now the question is with all the technology available to locate and destroy the rug crop at it’s source why don’t they . They could easily send military to thee countries with air support and destroy the cartels but they won’t. My opinion as to why they won’t is money. I don’t think countries like Colombia, Mexico or any of the other south American countries economies would survive if drug money were to be removed. Add to that all the aid they receive and you would see economic collapse. Even in the United States if drugs were eliminated millions now being wasted in trying to stop it could be used to lets say improve care for Veterans. The United States air force possess gunships capable of destroying Cartel hideout from miles away. I understand the fear of of innocent people dieing in such attacks but, and this is going to sound horrible it might just be worth the risk. Now getting Mexico or one of the other countries to allow this is a whole nother kettle of fish. As I said at he beginning the amount of money involved is mind boggling. But the question still arises why is this not even discussed amongst the countries involved. MONEY there’s just to much around. We have all seen when really tough stands are taken against crime the results are great. So again I ask why? This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia:

Today is International Women’s Day so I thought I’d say a few things. First off I think a woman should be writing this but Flounder says he can do it. One thing I think a lot of people conveniently forget are all the accomplishments made by women or the sacrifices that they made during war time. I’m not talking about keeping the house clean or changing the sheets in a hospital room. They were on the battlefields along with the men Take these women from the American Revolution. Deborah Samson- American Solider, Prudence Cummings Wright – Minutewoman, Sybil Ludington- The female Paul Revere, Lydia Darragh – Undercover Patriot, and Patience Wright – Sculptor and Spy. There are more this is just a small sampling. Then there were the 350,000 women that served in the armed forces during WW II as well as the millions that took the places of men on the assembly lines so that they could go stop Hitler and the rest from taking over the world. Now women are again standing up fro themselves so that they can stop being considered second to men. There’s a lot against them Politicians led by Trumpster and a whole bunch of ignorant men that still think that women belong in the kitchen at home. Notice I said home because women chefs still have not reached the same level of acceptance as men despite what you might see on the food network. The country needs the power of women more than ever because the man who said “Make America Great Again” is out there doing everything but. So ladies if you don’t mind give the men a kick in the ass and make some changes at the polls PLEASE. This is Flounder and Fats with help from Ruby saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

I can’t do a whole post of politics today if I do I’ll throw up all over my computer. So lets talk about a little of this and that. Have you noticed the change in the technical world or are you to busy talking politics. Well I get 4 tech newsletters a day a habit I got into when I went to computer repair school. Now that diploma is worth about next to nothing. The way computers are it’s easier and cheaper to just get a new one or you can do what I did and change the operating system from windows to Linux. it’s all part of the throw away nation that we’ve become. Another thing to notice is sale advertising when it come to computers. Laptops and desktops are no longer being sold as work tools as the are gaming tools. Of the computing power of a gaming computer makes it ideal for a hacking tool. But as a research tool you have to deal with certain modifications that have been made to the keyboard. In todays world if your looking for a work computer they’re going to sell you a smart phone and then a tablet. The days of people building their own computer are also gone it become much cheaper to buy one already put together. But the fact that the advertising has gone from educational tool to basically a game shows how education is no longer a emphasis in the computer industry it’s more about occupying your time. Now if I was a conspiracy nut I would say they’re trying to brain wash our youth. Well I think thats enough disturbing thoughts for today. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.