March 31, 2012

Well it’s the weekend thing are really confusing on the Camilo front now it appears that he has to appear in Clifton Municipal court next month. So until he gets here I’m going to stop Jeff from saying anything because there’s just too much miss information out there about this. Jeff just signed up for Netflix again so Ruby and him can watch New moon he’s only a little crazy today. Nobody has said anything about soccer this weekend but there is the Final Four that’s always great sport . Ruby is calling Jeff for lunch so I have to get up Ciao

Rainy Friday

March 30, 2012

Thank god it’s Friday Ruby and Olga are helping Hader clean his apartment Catalina is coming this weekend so it’s just Jeff and me today. On the Camilo front it looks like another week because of ticket prices although Jeff found a cheaper ticket for this week on Expedia but they don’t know if the ticket has already been purchased. Whoever they buy tickets from up is always about two hundred dollars more and never exchangeable or refundable. Anyhow we know he’s coming, just that next week I don’t think Jeff and Ruby will be able to go to the airport but we’ll see. No big plans for the weekend except church on Sunday but people usually come up with something at the last minute. Today is one of those really rainy days get down here with the temperature maybe reaching 80 and the low around 64. Just so you know when I say rain I mean the type where you start looking around to make sure no building an arc. I think there’s some soccer this weekend but I’m not sure if I find out today I’ll do another post Ciao


First let me tell you Camilo will be in Colombia next Wed. that’s April 4th that’s great for his folks and all those down here who have worried about him sense he first got into trouble. I really don’t know how Jeff feels about I think he wants to wait and talk to him before he form any opinions. Now Jeff went to the eye doctor yesterday everything was fine although Jeff said it was the quickest eye exam he ever had and the equipment was not the most modern in other words of all the doctor’s visits he has had down here this one felt a little shaky but sense his vision is OK he’s not really upset by it. Did anybody watch the soccer yesterday AC Milan and Barcelona 0-0 in the Champions League? I watched the first half with Jeff before he went to the doctor Barcelona spent most of it in AC Milan’s part of the field so he was as surprised as I was that the score was 0-0. Well we’ll see what happens in the next game. Jeff’s pretty tired he’s still sick they don’t call a cold a cold down here I don’t know why they call it the flu, wonder what happens when you get the flu? Anyhow Jeff’s OK he’s just an old baby when he gets sick and I’m not taking care of him I have my own problems, like finding a new hiding place when Hari comes over he keeps finding me which is Ok but I think he needs a new challenge. Tomorrow is Friday and I’ll be letting you know what the weekend plans are so until then Ciao


Just another Hump day

March 28, 2012

It’s Wed. and you know Jeff likes to refer to it as hump day because from here on in the weekend gets closer. This Sunday is Palm Sunday and in this predominately Catholic country it marks a week of processions and masses leading up to Easter. Ruby has told Jeff that there will celebrations everywhere and the churches will be celebrating the mass all day every day. I don’t know how that affects things like banking hours or shopping after all this will be our first Easter down here. Jeff goes to the eye doctor today maybe then he won’t have to use spell check so much. The real reason they check his eyes is to make sure his Diabetes is not affecting his vision. I feel the need to pee so Ciao.

Book writing

March 27, 2012

I think I told Jeff is starting a book he’s decided to do a science fiction detective story. He says that every mystery or adventure book is basically the same story told over and over; let me try to expand on that thought. First all books start out developing the lead character, how he got there his past etc., then they go on to the rest of the characters and the main plot .How all these books differ or become special is either by having the main character be so unusual or entertaining you can’t help turning pages to see what happens next or you have an ending that’s so unusual everyone will tell everyone “you’re not going to believe how this ends”. This makes the book a best seller and a one of a kind Silence of the Lambs was never going to be two books until the movie came out and the world demanded more. Jeff has his story outline now before he tries to write the book all he has to do is come up with a spectacular ending much like my signature ending Ciao

A little Neil Young and Crazy Horse Rust never sleeps this morning, it’s a great way to wake up. Well one story we missed from the weekend was the defeat of John’s futbol team Nacional by Medellin that mean in I think the last four games Nacional has lost to or been tied by the last place team in the league. Now considering the new players they have and the money they spent this should not be happening, it’s sort of like the Yankees spending a hundred eighty million dollars and then finishing in last place. Now if that had happened a lot of people would have lost their jobs most noticeably the coach and general manager who were responsible for both the purchase of the players and the running of the team. So once again we say that Nacional needs a new coach and if that doesn’t work than they should overhaul the whole team. I really feel bad for John sense he went out and got season tickets and now feels like it was the worst investment of his life. I would expect fans to start becoming unruly and trying to sell their tickets as well as plain not showing up for the games. Well that was truly the last story of the weekend Oh one more thing Hader is back to work at his old job and is working part time to so he doing fine and that’s great we hope to see him over the weekend. It’s nap time now even though it’s only 10 am down here but I’ve always been one to say anytime is a good time to take a nap Ciao. 

Monday morning Blahs

March 26, 2012

Monday and it’s raining not a good omen for a day that’s not on the top of everybody’s favorite list. Not too much happened this weekend as everybody had some sort of cold or flu and rest was the order of the day. Nothing to report on the Camilo front except some of his “friends took exception to some comments by Jeff on his Facebook page. Jeff knows there are a lot of people trying to help Camilo and trying to make him comfortable while he’s in jail and he hoes Camilo appreciates them. He just doesn’t believe he just walked down the street and decided to buy drugs. In other news, wait there is no other news. God what a boring weekend I hope the week is not as bad. Maybe Jeff will write some more of his book (yeah right) I mean what else has he got to do? Well that’s it for Monday morning in Bello Ciao.


March 25, 2012

Another day and Jeff’s nose is still running you know when you don’t have something to do or  a place to go it’s pretty boring around here. If you look out the window all you see is the apartments across the way and nobody’s home there so there’s nothing to see. It’s also unusually quite around here today, to bad we’ve had so much sleep we can’t even take a nap. So here I sit with my sick friend Jeff trying to come up with something interesting to say. Well for one thing Ruby got her hair done yesterday and she looks gorgeous, not that she doesn’t always look good. Nothing new on the Camilo front I just hope this kid realizes just how many people are trying to help him and that he doesn’t anything this stupid again. John is selling the Stroller and car seat we gave him I guess he doesn’t plan on having anymore kids. In case anyone is interested Jeff has started to write a book, at the rate he’s going it should be ready when he’s about 215 years old. Well that pissed him of and now he’s trying to kick me off his lap so Ciao.

Still sick

March 24, 2012

Well we found out this morning that Camilo is not in Elizabeth but rather in Newark. He called his family this morning and said it was minimal security which means no hard core drug dealers or thugs. He thinks he has to go to court on Thursday and nobody knows what will happen after that. Jeff is still sick he has a fever and sweating all over me right now so we’ll have to keep this short so I can put him to bed then I have to curl up next to him. God I hope I don’t get sick, we’ll see what the morrow brings Ciao.

Sorry we didn’t post yesterday but Jeff has a bad cold that he got from Ruby and he’s a big (and I do mean Big) baby when he’s sick. So today I finally got him to sit at the computer for a little while and he stated to listening to 50’s music. We got some news about Camilo his drug charges were dropped but he was moved to Elizabeth we think for deportation but he can’t call anymore so we have no idea what’s happening. We expect some sort of news today the more optimistic of these hopes he’ll be here this weekend. John’s futbol team Nacional turned an uninspired game last night that ended in a tie. I still think they need to fire the coach, but I’m just a cat. The weekend is sort of up in the air till we know more about Camilo. If he’s not going to get here it looks like a rest and relaxation weekend for Jeff and Ruby and of course me, but every day is R&R for me. Ok that’s it Jeff just sneezed on me so I’m out of here Ciao.