July 25, 2021

Well I just looked at my stats for the week and nobody stopped by, now that’s depressing. Well lets get on with it. This week the Olympics opened with no spectators in the stands. It was weird to watch the athletes march in then stand around and try to look interested when there was nobody there. The Olympics are for the athletes but, also for the host country to make some money. I have never heard of one that didn’t lose some money and except for politicians not too many people want them back in their country. I don’t like the TV coverage because its always about the glamour events and I like the ones that you see more than the end of the event. But, you TV its all about the ratings so that they can charge more money to advertises. This time around it’s a year late and I don’t see hotels sold out. I liked the Olympics when I was a kid where it was really armatures, that is until the US lost a basketball game. Then came the pros and there went the Olympics. Now its all about winning and not sportsmanship. Well eventually it will turn into something like the movie Roller Ball. Hey don’t forget to watch me and Antonia live on YouTube Monday nights at 8pm Daylight savings time. There are also a lot of old videos I posted as well as new ones and if you have access to Facebook or Tumblr and Twitter check out my three for free every day. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well it’s getting closer to August the time when Trumps says he’s going to become President again, just another thing to worry about. I see where the virus seems to be surging in certain parts of the US to the extent that they are talking about restarting Covid protocols. This is what the Trumpster lives for watching American die to create chaos that he believes will make him President again. Should that happen you almost immediately see Social Security disappear scientists that differ in his beliefs sent to jail. The complete destruction of the free press and anything that isn’t good for the rich White folk. Won’t that start a revolution you say, maybe but there are a lot of closet racists out there. A few months after he gets back in the country will start to resemble Orwell’s 1984. I don’t think he can get back in but the Republican s just might. Did you where his sun-in laws parents threw a campaign lunch for Nikki Haley. That put them squarely on his shit list. I think the Republicans would vote for her just so no Black Woman could become the first woman President. that’s all I got today be sure to check out my live show on m YouTube channel Monday,s at 8 pm Standard time. This has been ANTONIA and FATS saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well here we go. Richard Branson is in space, who gives a shit. We’re sitting here with a climate gone crazy, with temps in triple digits. We have racial problems and of course we have economic in equality to deal with. So pardon me if a guy with a billion dollars is in space so he can make more money and the odds of any average adult that’s a live today getting into space in their life time are ridiculous. Yet, we’re all watching some because they think it’s historical and others watching to see if his plane blows up. I think he could but his money to more humanitarian uses rather then self promoting his ego. Now in a few days the richest man in the world will do the same thing. Talk about putting a lot of crap into space. This just shows that the rich don’t give a shit about the little guys only themselves. Hey if you’d like to watch me say crap like this tune in Monday nights at 8pm daylight savings time on the East Coast or 7pm standard time in Colombia on my YouTube Channel Jeffrey Bruff look for Antonia and Fats live. Of course there are many other of my videos available there as well. This is FATS with ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


July 4, 2021

You know Google lets some wrong info get out there. Take for instance me looking for a new bank. I asked Google what was the best bank for people living overseas and they gave me some web site to check. Most of them listed a bank called Ally number one with Capital One 360 second as well as my present bank HSBC. Well Ally requires you to have a US address for the last 5 years, Capital One 360 requires a US address as well as a US cellphone no. And finally my present bank HSBC, which is dumping me, requires 75,000 balance in the account. I finally found an article that tells you that you can’t open a US bank account without a US address. Now I know that there are a few million American living overseas but I don’t know how many are regular joes like me. It took me days to find this out it actually took three days for Capital one to explain it to me. Now I have to look into the legality off HSBC just dumping me. I have no intention of moving back to the US because I wouldn’t be able to afford it 1437.00 dollars a month just doesn’t go as far as it used to. So look if you hear someone sneaking around your back door it just might be me. Oh,another reason I’m not going back is they won’t let me bring Antonia with me. This has been FATS and a worried ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.