July 11, 2021

Well here we go. Richard Branson is in space, who gives a shit. We’re sitting here with a climate gone crazy, with temps in triple digits. We have racial problems and of course we have economic in equality to deal with. So pardon me if a guy with a billion dollars is in space so he can make more money and the odds of any average adult that’s a live today getting into space in their life time are ridiculous. Yet, we’re all watching some because they think it’s historical and others watching to see if his plane blows up. I think he could but his money to more humanitarian uses rather then self promoting his ego. Now in a few days the richest man in the world will do the same thing. Talk about putting a lot of crap into space. This just shows that the rich don’t give a shit about the little guys only themselves. Hey if you’d like to watch me say crap like this tune in Monday nights at 8pm daylight savings time on the East Coast or 7pm standard time in Colombia on my YouTube Channel Jeffrey Bruff look for Antonia and Fats live. Of course there are many other of my videos available there as well. This is FATS with ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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