August 31, 2013

indexWell looks like the good old US of A is about to get involved in another can’t win situation in Syria. We have made more mistakes there than anywhere else first Bush goes and removes Sadam who was the only thing keeping Iran in check. Then it takes ten years for us to find Ben Ladin and put him away and he was the one that started all this crap. Now we want to go remove Assad from power which will further destabilize the area and give the terrorist groups another foothold in the region. This is what I mean by can’t win we put half these guys in power and when they do something we don’t like we want to kill them. I am neither a politician nor a statesman so I can only express my lowly opinion here but I believe this time we should before we leap into a situation that could truly backfire on us. It’s not a feeling of isolationism to want to stay out of this until we know what we’re doing it’s not wanting to get involved in an situation that has no upside. We do this and some countries will say bravo while others will say see America is trying to get in our business again. If this guy I s so bad why aren’t the other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and for that matter Israel doing something about them they live next door we live something like 4000 miles away. I don’t see how this is suddenly just our problem and I know I’m pissing off a lot of people by saying that but that’s the way I feel this Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

Military in Bogota

August 30, 2013

Juan-Manuel-SantosI guess this was inevitable President Santos has ordered the Military into the capital city of Bogota because of the disturbances in the last two day in which two people died. It would appear that the original demonstration in support of the farm protest was peaceful until the tugs in the neighbor hood decided to fight with the police and destroy private property. This isn’t something that just happens in Colombia, in the US many times peaceful protest is upset by more militant parties that use it as an excuse to rob and beat with relatively anonymously. They wouldn’t have to send in troops if the police were better trained for this kind of situation. In the US back in the sixties when the race riots happened, neither the police nor the military were trained in riot control. If they started to train them now it wouldn’t help the present situation but at least the military presence should help protect the civilians and their property. I don’t think this is a long term solution but it might help a little or it could make things a lot worse. He also said he would use the air force to fly in supplies to areas affected by the farmer blockade of the highways; also he will use guarded caravans to insure the safety of civilian transportation so people can get back to work and school. I have no idea what will happen next I will keep you all posted thru this blog. This is a nervous Flounder saying CIAO from Peaceful (So far) Medellin.


August 29, 2013



p3575241a877576354-ssThe farm protests down here are continuing and the situation seems to be deteriorating into just riots with the accompanying rioting. The police look undisciplined at times throwing rocks back at the demonstrators and chasing individuals down and beating them with their fists and clubs. As is usual in these type of protests the innocent people in the urban areas are the most affected. The protesters have blocked roads preventing the delivery of produce, gasoline, and milk. The prices of what is available are going up very fast and things don’t look like they’ll get better real quick. Part of what is upsetting the farmers is the importing of product from the US at reduced prices because of the recent trade agreement. We said that we didn’t think it would be good for Colombians but now it appears that we were correct. America is not the only one doing this recently it was on the news that the traditional straw sombrero worn by the Colombian, and handmade as a occupation, were being imported from China at a lower price (But not the same quality). Food shortages will start to show up this weekend as people are getting paid and purchasing food for the next two weeks or more. I’ve seen figures of import and export since the trade agreement and America is sending a lot more than it’s importing. Traditional business’s such as shoe making, sombreros, clothes, and food are being threatened by imports from America and elsewhere. The economy in most of Colombia is based on the individual not the massive corporations we see in America. If all this continues Colombia will see an end to a lot of its old ways and very high inflation. I hope the Government wakes up soon and starts taking care of its people instead of its pocketbooks or the FARC could win without firing another shot. This Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia


August 28, 2013

indexThe world is completely screwed up look a t the news Chinese parents are selling their kids eye for money. The US is going to make another mistake in an area of the world they have never understood and you know their doing it for selfish reasons. Just like they do when they make trade agreements with developing nations they don’t do to help them they do it to screw them. Now don’t think I’m anti American I’m a citizen and proud of it but I refuse to keep quiet when I see the country making mistakes. If we help over throw Sadat in Syria we further destabilize the area and give the Taliban and Al Qaeda another place to gain influence. If the planet continues its present trend of having countries try to solve other countries problems with the use of force we may yet see Armageddon in our life time.


August 27, 2013

indexWell it was bound to happen I guess Starbucks is coming to Colombia. I don’t know how they think they’ll be successful but you have to give them credit for trying. First thing I saw wrong was Starbucks rep. that was being interviewed spoke lees Spanish than JEFF. Second thing is I don’t see there menu going over really big and as Dunkin Doughnuts has found out they don’t get exclusive territories down here. When the average Colombian is given a choice between a Dunkin Doughnuts over priced Latte and a cup of Coffee from a local vendor Dunkin loses every time. I would assume in places like the Santa Fe mall, which is rather expensive they will probably do OK. Down here where we live people work and they don’t have time to wait for while somebody whips up a double shot almond latte with skim milk and sugar substitute. They say they’ll be using only Colombia coffee which means it will be the same as everywhere. One good thing people down here make everything to order including coffee you won’t have a whole bunch of different coffees setting in thermos bottles behind the counter. Here they usually use espresso machines to make regular coffee. I think this is on time when Starbucks has made a huge mistake. Another thing they should about is the back lash towards America for importing cheap products thank to the trade Agreement (which Jeff and I both said the people were going to get screwed). I also don’t think the average Colombian can afford Starbucks an example of this is when Jeff and Ruby recently went to a Subway restaurant down here and bought two Subway Club foot long sandwiches and spent as much as they would have for a Filet Migon dinner for two at a near buy restaurant. In conclusion Jeff doesn’t like Starbucks, never has, and doesn’t see them as having much future but what do I know I’m a cat and don’t drink coffee. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


song-chart-memes-small-earthquakeWe had another of our small earthquakes down here last evening Jeff didn’t feel it (he always was a little numb from the neck up), but Ruby and I did Nothing big but still get the blood pumping. What else we had a double rainbow before the storm as well and Medellin lost to what Jeff thought was a much inferior team. Looks like a lot will be happening today and the rest of the week. I’m going to wait for the news at one o’clock down here that’s two o’clock up there and then if there’s anything of real importance to talk about I’ll be back this Flounder saying CIAO fro Medellin.

2013-08-25T021125Z_1_CBRE97O063900_RTROPTP_2_CNEWS-US-COLOMBIA-REBELSThursday the FARC said they would postpone the peace talks while the discussed whether a proposal to but the final agreement (if they ever get one) should be but on the ballot as a referendum. You see they want a constitutional convention to decide that so that the agreement becomes of the constitution. Those conventions are run by politicians rather than the people my question is why are the FARC so afraid to let the people decide? Could it be they don’t think they have the support from the people they think they have or are they just trying to delay the talks while the farm protests continue. Friday they agreed to go back to the talks on Monday. I believe that they think that Santos is so invested in these talks that they can get what they want out of him. They can’t appear to be the ones that cause the talks to fail If they do Santos gets what he want s and the people will want to see a military victory. This is all political BS as far as I’m concerned I’m just a cat trying to catch a few winks this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

toothpasteOne thing you can say for Colombian people they don’t waste anything. They’re very big on recycling it’s used as a source of income for many people down here, especially the younger ones. I mean take a look at Ruby she does everything but suck on the toothpaste tube to get every last bit out. In America most people don’t bother Americans waste a lot of stuff they’re the wasteful people in the world. The only problem in Colombia is they’re polluters. They think nothing of throwing an old couch down the hill in back of their apartment. If you take a train ride from Bello to the center of Medellin you get to see the river next to the tracks. You will see pollution at its worst they actually use garbage to make landfill next to the river never thinking about the stuff that will seep in the water. They wash their front side walks with detergent but car that the water drains into the river. Like most rivers they begin as pristine water ways until they come in contact with humans. The day is not too far off when you humans will have to pay for your crimes against nature. It’s nice to be thrifty but you still have to take care of the empty containers. Ok I’ll stop preaching but remember I’m a cat and I know about this nature stuff. This is Flounder Saying CIAO from Colombia.


August 22, 2013

imagesWell in today’s news there’s a story about the defense minister of Colombia saying that the Farc is already involved in the farm protests, of course they are. It’s what revolutions do they thrive on social and economic unrest among the poor working class people. They don’t want the rich there the enemy. Rich people don’t fight revolutions they go out and but elections then have the army do their dirty work. That what I’ve been talking about when I say the President needs to address issues amongst his own people before worry about making peace with the Farc because if he doesn’t he’ll be gone and the country can kiss democracy goodbye. But like I’ve said before who’s gonna listen to me I’m just a cat, this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


August 21, 2013

not-my-faultYesterday after I had posted this blog there was an announcement that the Farc had admitted to sharing in the blame for all the deaths and destruction that Colombians have face since this “Revolution” had started. They also said they agreed that reparations should be made to those that have suffered because of it. Well I know how the Government intends to do this by using the same people’s tax money to pay for it but I’m kind of confused where the Farc intends to get money or property to give to these folks. They have financed there revolution by working for drug dealers, extortion. And bank robbery, so how do they plan on being in a position to make reparations? Are they going to rob banks in other countries or are they planning to get aide from the same country they have robbed and pillaged for the last fifty years. I hope there’s finally peace but from what I’ve read I don’t think the people are going to satisfied with the results. But what do I know I’m a cat this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.