August 31, 2013

indexWell looks like the good old US of A is about to get involved in another can’t win situation in Syria. We have made more mistakes there than anywhere else first Bush goes and removes Sadam who was the only thing keeping Iran in check. Then it takes ten years for us to find Ben Ladin and put him away and he was the one that started all this crap. Now we want to go remove Assad from power which will further destabilize the area and give the terrorist groups another foothold in the region. This is what I mean by can’t win we put half these guys in power and when they do something we don’t like we want to kill them. I am neither a politician nor a statesman so I can only express my lowly opinion here but I believe this time we should before we leap into a situation that could truly backfire on us. It’s not a feeling of isolationism to want to stay out of this until we know what we’re doing it’s not wanting to get involved in an situation that has no upside. We do this and some countries will say bravo while others will say see America is trying to get in our business again. If this guy I s so bad why aren’t the other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and for that matter Israel doing something about them they live next door we live something like 4000 miles away. I don’t see how this is suddenly just our problem and I know I’m pissing off a lot of people by saying that but that’s the way I feel this Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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