Another day another cat nap it’s Wed. Ruby just went to collect her prize a facial at a spa Vanessa also won she’s getting a massage. Sounds exciting sort of like watching catnip grow. Oh well let’s move on, it would appear that a lot of folks in other towns were a little upset with the election results. There have been a lot of riots the last couple of days don’t know what they want all elections are fixed just ask Al core. Did I tell you gambling appears to be legal down here but I don’t suggest you go to the local casino they’re all run by organized crime and there are little if any regulations on them. Wow there goes the hammering again the guy in the building next store is always banging on something he could have built a brand new building in the time its taking him to remodel the old one. Well it’s time for me to take over Jeff’s chair and take my nap then when he wants it back I’ll make feed me and get me water.Ahhhh being a cat is wonderful no matter what country you’re in talk to you all next time.

Hari and friends

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