October 31, 2013

l-Halloween-catsToday is Halloween or as they call it down here Children’s day it’s an excuse for adults to get dressed up as characters or real people they wish they could be. For kids it’s a great day of fun and scares for adult’s time to party. There will costume contests for everyone there will be hunted house tours as well. In the US specifically New Orleans there will be Cemetery tours and New Orleans has some really spooky ones. New Orleans had (I not sure if she still does) one of the best and hardest to get as invite party in the country at the author Anne Rice’s house. There will be a parade in Medellin and Bello down here but I’m sorry Colombia no on e can beat Greenwich Village New York for a Halloween parade. It’s also me day because we cats have a special relationship with Witches Ghosts and Goblins. If you been nasty to a cat during the past year, you could be in for a bad day and night so don’t let a Black walk across your path or thing could get strange. The sad thing about this day that some really sick people will try and hurt kids with bad candy or something worse. They pick today because the cowardly pricks can hide behind masks. Well let’s not think about that right now everybody have a fun and safe day this Flounder waiting for the ghosts to arrive saying CIAO from Transylvania no I mean Colombia.


October 30, 2013

no entiendo nada III bet most of you are just like Jeff when it comes to understanding insurance policies. I sometimes think that people love to go around and confuse each other then complain about things they never understood in the first place. I don’t think most agents understand everything their selling you since policies are filled with a lot of fine print and legal mumbo jumbo. So when I hear the news from the US and they talk about Obama care I wonder do they really understand what they’re talking about or do they just like to complain. You know politicians buy a policy and then give to their lawyers to explain it to them that and their position in government makes sure there covered adequately. The rest of the world has to trust their relatives in the insurance business or the smooth talker that’s sitting across the dining room selling them this wonderful thing called an insurance policy. Most people aren’t aware of what it covers until they have to use it. That’s because it’s usually contained in a book the size of a dictionary. If the politicians want to reform Healthcare or other insurances they should first make sure they’re written in language that the common men can understand, then when everybody starts discussing it we’ll all know what the hell we’re talking about. This is a confused and bewildered Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


October 29, 2013

imagesI read this article about this baby that never grew older she had just died last Thursday at the age of twenty but had never aged past the age of 1. Everybody is excited saying maybe her DNA will show how to stop the aging process. That’s all and good but like I’ve said many times in this blog if people live longer and certain diseases stop killing us where are we going to put all the people and how are we going to feed them. It’s like watching land developers build high rises in a crowded neighborhood so that they can but more people there. They never look at where the water is going to come from or anything else. Jeff spent a few years as a mechanic when he was younger and he realized designers and engineers never talk to each other when he had to drill holes to remove spark plugs from engines that were to tight for the space that was designed. Sure having a planet full of 21 year old looking people sounds really cool until you start worrying about all the other shit. This is an aging gracefully Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


October 29, 2013

trending_temp_logoLet’s see what’s trending on yahoo right now we have in order Jane Seymour, Troy Aikman, McDonald’s ketchup, Zumwalt Destroyer, St Louis Rams, Derek Hough, Suzanne Somers, Mandy Matola, La Brea Tar Pits, and Boston Redsox. None of these so called trending stories is earth shattering or worthy of more than a cursory glance. But the people who use yahoo search engine think there of significant value. It just shows you that the IQ of Americans is going dumber as we speak. People worry about math skills and reading skills how do figure this into this list. If this is what people are concerned about then I guess shutting down the government really isn’t that important. I mean the La Brea Tar Pits 100th anniversary is more important than jobs or health care. I must have stepped into the Twilight Zone and not realized it, once again you humans have mystified me and just in time for Halloween. This is a seriously dumbfounded Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


October 28, 2013

imagesToday I’m writing at the request of my buddy one eyed Jeff, he’s completing his third book. This one is a detective thriller of sorts tentatively called “Death Comes Home” his character returns from Afghanistan after serving as a Long Range Recon Sniper and doing things he can’t talk about for unnamed Intelligence organizations. After a short stint at being a cop he decides to return to school where he discovers he’s a genius when it comes to computers. So when he finishes his courses he goes to Newark NJ of all places and opens up a Private Investigation office. His first client turns out to be friends with someone he worked with overseas and is being hunted by an international drug concern out of the Infamous Golden Triangle in South East Asia. Oh and before I forget he’s also a Serial Killer. Now what Jeff needs is an idea for a cover he has no money to get one done professionally so he’s asking his friends out there to help out. Believe me when I say he needs all the help he can get and not just for a book cover this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


October 27, 2013

spyvsspyI’m sure you’ve heard how upset the world is with the US about spying on everyone well this has been going on forever. Every country spies on every other country this nothing new it’s just the fact that it became public that’s upsetting everyone. In America we spied on the British, French Spanish, and Native American during the revolution and they all spied on us. Now days Israel spies on us we spy on them. Even the Catholic Church has an intelligence agency and it’s very effective, but you won’t see that in the papers or on line. All countries handle the issue of spies as quietly as possible by simply removing them from the country and sending them home without publicity. Even corporations spy on each other with regularity, so I don’t know why everybody’s upset with the US unless their jealous of the technology used. It does make for good reading on the internet everybody loves a good spy story and it gives more plots to the Fiction writers. I’m sure we’ll see a boat load or books involving the NSA and it’s spying in the next year. it also keeps commentators and politicians something to talk about instead of the real issues. Well this is Flounder, and its Sunday my day of rest while Jeff and Ruby go off to El Jefe’s house for lunch, so CIAO from Medellin.


October 25, 2013

missing-children-smOne thing that really disturbs me about humans is their ability to do harm to children. I mean how a parent can beat a child sexually attack them or any of the horrible things that are done to them. Humans are supposed to be more developed than animals with a sense of caring for their fellows. But some of the things I read about or see on TV make me believe humans have some serious flaws. They use kids as weapons or bargaining chips in divorces why? There is a multibillion dollar business going on in the traffic of children and it seems that most of the world doesn’t give a shit. There ought to be more severe punishment for crimes against children and I think torturing child molester should be legal as well as vigilante justice. Now before you say that would make us as bad as the criminals let me say this there is no cure for their addiction they will continue to inflect pain and suffering as long as their aloud to live. Let’s see how willing you are if a child you care about is abused by someone you knew and trusted. I know if someone did harm to Hari Jeff wouldn’t let the justice system punish him, even jail wouldn’t keep Jeff from getting to him. he doesn’t believe in forgiveness when it comes to someone doing harm to a child. I know he would kill anybody that hurt anyone in his family including me. This is a secure Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


October 24, 2013

firedI just finished reading an article about a young African American lady that was fired from the restaurant chain Hooters for having blond highlights in her hair and is now suing Hooters. Now this may or may not be a legitimate claim but it reminded Jeff of all the crap he had to put up with as a restaurant manager as well as owner of a small business. In the restaurant he managed the stall had the labor department on speed dial so it was managing while working on egg shells. If an employee did something wrong you had to document it in triplicate warn them twice about their behavior and then talk to the company lawyer to make sure you did everything right before you could fire that person. While you were doing that said employee was going around saying he was being picked on and trying to create unrest in the rest of the staff. Now if you ever worked in the business you know that people work different days and time so it’s possible that some of the staff would be unaware of said employee’s behavior and would take his side. This would require a staff meeting after the dismissal to explain yourself, and reaffirm the policies that had got the person fired in the first place. That is why Jeff hated management because even when they more than disserved to be fired you had to jump thru hoops to get rid of them. This is a glad I never had to work Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


October 23, 2013

tv-games-motionI get tired of reading about violence involving kids and then hearing it’s the fault of TV and electronic games. That’s not the fault youth violence has been around forever and the biggest cause, other than actual some kind of brain damage, has been parental neglect. We don’t mean parents abandoning their kids although that does happen far too often. We mean with the cost of having a family so high now both parents have to work and the kids spend their youth being brought up by nannies or schools rather than their mother and father. When parents get home from work now, they but the kids in front of the TV and use it as a baby sitter while there on the phone or taking a nap. When something bad happens involving there kid they look everywhere for an excuse rather than saying I guess I just never gave him enough time. When Jeff was growing up his mother didn’t work she was there every day when he got home from school she new every kid he ever made friends with they had to come to the house and meet her to get her stamp of approval. Some of them who didn’t have the best home life spent more time at his house than they did at theirs. The point of this story is stop blaming the TV and the Play Station and start taking responsibility for your kids. If you don’t you might be seeing them on TV and not the way you want. This the confirmed Bachelor Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

imagesFirst I apologize for not posting the last few days but Rubies cousin Christian passed away Saturday and we were involved with that. He was only thirty three he had lung Cancer and had a lung transplant last year. Everybody thought he was doing better but Wed. or Thur. of last week he got sick it was an infection in the other lung and he went quickly. I won’t go into details of the funeral it was very beautiful and well over a hundred people showed up. As we get older we see people we know and love die but no one expects someone so young to die. Parents are never supposed to bury their children. While Jeff sat thru this with his wife Ruby, who was sadder than he had ever seen her, he decided he didn’t want any of this when he died. He knows his nieces will want to be there and family will put pressure on Ruby to have funeral but he doesn’t want people, some of whom he won’t even know, standing around saying stuff about him. he would rather they Cremate him right away then the family can gather to scatter his ashes someplace quiet and peaceful. Then they should go and party not sit around and cry. Jeff is nonreligious and doesn’t want to be hypocritical after he’s gone. He wants people to take his wife and party she doesn’t need to feel sad and morn my death she should celebrate life. Jeff hopes people will abide by his wishes, but he dies he’s not going to know one way or the other. I don’t want to talk about this anymore this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.