October 25, 2013

missing-children-smOne thing that really disturbs me about humans is their ability to do harm to children. I mean how a parent can beat a child sexually attack them or any of the horrible things that are done to them. Humans are supposed to be more developed than animals with a sense of caring for their fellows. But some of the things I read about or see on TV make me believe humans have some serious flaws. They use kids as weapons or bargaining chips in divorces why? There is a multibillion dollar business going on in the traffic of children and it seems that most of the world doesn’t give a shit. There ought to be more severe punishment for crimes against children and I think torturing child molester should be legal as well as vigilante justice. Now before you say that would make us as bad as the criminals let me say this there is no cure for their addiction they will continue to inflect pain and suffering as long as their aloud to live. Let’s see how willing you are if a child you care about is abused by someone you knew and trusted. I know if someone did harm to Hari Jeff wouldn’t let the justice system punish him, even jail wouldn’t keep Jeff from getting to him. he doesn’t believe in forgiveness when it comes to someone doing harm to a child. I know he would kill anybody that hurt anyone in his family including me. This is a secure Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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