imagesI’ve got old one eye helping with today’s post, so if it’s a little funny looking don’t blame me. We’ve been reading the news lately and have noticed a lot of train and bus accidents around the world and we’re wondering if either our technology has surpassed our ability to control it safely or is it outdated already. We’re going to go with its surpassed our ability to control it. I think that we’ve made thing so much faster that the human element is too slow to react in crisis situations. I also think that we’ve gotten to dependent on the machines making the right decisions for us so that if they don’t we can’t react fast enough. There is the maintenance factor to take into consideration to. The stress on components to go faster or carry more people is eventually going to take its toll. The solution seems to be but as much blame as possible on the human element so people won’t lose trust in the machines. Yes the human element contributes to the problem but that’s simply because you not going to get well educated bus drivers or train conductors. I don’t mean to demean the professions it’s just that these are boring jobs with little chance for real advancement. I don’t know if a higher degree of education would make a difference because unless you’re a hockey goalie or stockcar driver when things are happening at very high speeds around you’re not going to react fast enough in certain situations. We’ll be back to look at other aspects of technology soon this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


July 30, 2013

10596133-outlined-sad-cartoon-eyesIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted but if I wait for Jeff’s eye to get better it will be 2014. In order for him to have surgery for his cataract he had to see a regular doctor who has now sent him to a specialist with whom he has an appointment in Sept. this is the system that or insurance company has in place, he can’t afford to pay for it himself so he has to go with the flow don’t worry if it was an emergency he would have had it done already but they don’t consider not having perfect vision an emergency. So if he’s lucky he might get the operation by the end of the year and as he put the doctors are great but the system sucks big time. I’ll keep you all posted on what’s going on and I’m going to try to resume daily posts as long as old one eye doesn’t mind this is Flounder saying CIAO form Medellin.


July 27, 2013

307088_10151655442270491_2066564764_nWell I’ve been diagnosed with cataracts in my right eye and have to have surgery I don’t think I’ll be writing to many blogs for awhile but if something good comes up I’ll make sure Flounder gets a post out. I might just let him takeover completely but I need to talk to him first, I want to thank all the well wishers out there and I’ll “see” you soon


July 24, 2013

bolim-visionJeff is having some eye problems and may not be able to help with the blog so if we miss a few days don’t get alarmed (and don’t cheer to much) I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

DuckDynasty-s3-cast-630-jpg_215638This morning Jeff and Ruby went to The hospital where Ruby’s going to have the hand surgery to meet with the surgeon and fill out all the paper work so were ready to go on Thursday. But now I want to talk about a TV phenomenon called Duck Dynasty it’s about a family that has gotten rich making duck calls. To me glorifying hunting for sport is just wrong I mean cats don’t hunt for play we hunt to eat and that’s OK. But this family pretends to be a bunch of dumb hillbillies so first you’ll watch their show and then but their stuff. I had Jeff go to a hunting and fishing store website, the store was Cabelas, and look for these duck call it turns out that they do carry a few and there inexpensive and cheap looking. I guess their theory is only make them to last on season so people will have to keep buying new ones. As for the show even Jeff’s niece who is living in Japan at the moment watches this show we tried one night and made to the first commercial and decided that these people need to cared for by professionals and I don’t mean hunters. If haven’t at least tried to watch a episode it’s on A&E in the US and down here but don’t look for rewarding TV but maybe you’ll get lucky and get a funny moment or two. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia


July 22, 2013





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday was Hari’s big birthday bash and as I understand it was a lot of fun. One problem though Jeff insists his camera recorded video but he can’t find it on his camera so he missed some good photos when he thought he was videoing them. He might be upset about that but I’m really pissed because he didn’t bring me any cake, he going to pay for that. This week should be exciting Ruby is having surgery on her left hand on Thursday and its El Jefe’s birthday on Saturday and everybody is moving this weekend. Nacho is moving back to his old neighborhood, Hader is moving into Nacho’s old house and Nelida is moving into a new place as well. Things won’t be slowing down anytime soon with Camilo’s Birthday and Jeff and Ruby’s anniversary they better save enough money for cat food and cat litter or there will be hell to pay. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


July 21, 2013

CourtesyQuote1I’m sitting here at the computer sipping Jeff’s coffee trying to wake up, there was a party for the bus drivers across the way it stated at around 7:30 last night and ended at about 8:00 am. It’s amazing how people down here can have a reputation for being so nice, when all they care about is themselves. Jeff has met several Americans living or visiting down here and they all have the same complaint and it’s how rude the people are. If you’re walking down the street carrying a package and someone is coming from the other direction it becomes a contest to see who will give way and invariably it’s the person with the package that ends up walking in the street. If your riding a bus let’s say during off hours and you arrive at the last stop usually the Metro station people will run you down to get off before you and the same applies to boarding or exiting a train. The only thing good you see is that the young men will give up their seat on the Metro for an older woman or man. Kids will sit there and laugh while looking right at you. People down here haven’t learned that if you have managed to get to a position where you can have a nice house in a nice neighborhood, you don’t continue to throw your garbage in the street or nearby water way. Jeff say’s he saw the same thing in the US after the race riots of the sixties when people who had been displaced were placed in new buildings with affordable rent and in two years they looked like the old slums. Down by the Exito there’s a bunch of fairly new looking buildings but if you pass them on the right day every balcony and window will have laundry hanging from it making a rather unattractive sight. Well that’s enough complaining for now today is the big birthday bash for Jeff and Ruby’s grandson Hari so I’ve got to go and get ready This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


July 20, 2013

imagesWell this is about guns I don’t like guns but I’m a cat and we naturally don’t like guns. When Jeff was 12 you could go into any sporting goods store and buy a rifle or shot gun no registration required and Jeff father bought him a single shot 22 cal. Winchester bolt action rifle. He was pretty good with it, actually he was fantastic with it, he joined a NRA rifle shooting team at the local YMCA. He immediately got a reputation as someone who didn’t miss he won all his matches but he loved when he beat the little rich kid with the shooting jacket and target sights on his gun. The kid complained the Jeff had miss the target on one round but the spotters said the bullet passed thru the same hole. To prove this Jeff reeled in his target and put a plain piece of white paper behind the hole, he let the rich kids old man check it out he then sent the target back down range and proceeded to put his shot threw the exact same hole as before. The point of this story isn’t about his expertise but the fact that he could easily buy the gun and then take a city bus to the range with the gun in a box and no one would question the 12 year old Jeff. The other thing is we didn’t have armed robberies or as many gun related crimes it just wasn’t done. Somewhere along the line our society has flipped out and is in need of serious therapy. That’s it I’m out of here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


July 20, 2013

t_7fd5a19c7f314cfc9550d1ea28e661c6OK we’re going to have more than one post today because I had a lot of trouble with the one I was writing for yesterday. Today is Colombian Independence Day on July 20th 1810 Colombia declared its independence from Spain its independence was officially recognized on Aug 7th 1819. Obviously there have been a lot of changes down here and things are better than they were back then but a lot still has to be done if the present government wish’s to maintain control. Thing have gotten better for the lower classes in some areas but not in others as can be seen by the recent protests around the country. There is a great deal of similarity in some of as they involve the coal mine workers. These are the protests that have blocked some roads and caused major confrontations with the police. If Colombia isn’t mindful of these peoples complaints it has the potential to turn into another Venezuela although as is usually the case no one believes that it could or will happen. Anyhow HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY COLOMBIA this is a very happy Flounder saying CIAO for now from Medellin.


July 18, 2013

Foto-ligaWell the game is over and Nacional won we must give credit where credit is due they did win. I ‘m not sure when they’re going to stop parting and I don’t know when the league starts up again so for now that’s it for soccer in Medellin as for the rest of the country now they have to prepare for the world cup in 2014 first they must make sure they qualify then they have to see how far they can go. They do have two world class players in Falcao and James both have played well on the world stage. Getting back to Nacional Jeff will now have to put up with John and the fact that just about everybody in the family roots for Nacional except Jeff and Hader who root for Medellin. I guess they like rooting for the underdogs it will be a long off season. Although if you look at Nacional never beat Medellin this year so we at least can say that. That’s it for me the Nacional folks kept setting off fireworks all night so I’m bushed and going to take a nap this is Flounder saying Congratulations to Nacional and CIAO