July 20, 2013

t_7fd5a19c7f314cfc9550d1ea28e661c6OK we’re going to have more than one post today because I had a lot of trouble with the one I was writing for yesterday. Today is Colombian Independence Day on July 20th 1810 Colombia declared its independence from Spain its independence was officially recognized on Aug 7th 1819. Obviously there have been a lot of changes down here and things are better than they were back then but a lot still has to be done if the present government wish’s to maintain control. Thing have gotten better for the lower classes in some areas but not in others as can be seen by the recent protests around the country. There is a great deal of similarity in some of as they involve the coal mine workers. These are the protests that have blocked some roads and caused major confrontations with the police. If Colombia isn’t mindful of these peoples complaints it has the potential to turn into another Venezuela although as is usually the case no one believes that it could or will happen. Anyhow HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY COLOMBIA this is a very happy Flounder saying CIAO for now from Medellin.

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