November 24, 2019

Well I ‘ve had enough politics for awhile so lets talk about the death of music shall we. Now a lot of people fell that the music died on February 3, 1959 when the Big Booper, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly died in a plane crash. Well I don’t think so Rock and Roll was still in its infancy. It was in 1951 that Rhythm and Blues began to called Rock and Roll officially. The term had been around since the 40’s but Bill Haley’s Rock Round the clock from Blackboard Jungle took off and Allen Freed called the music Rock and Roll on his radio program in Cleveland Ohio and well the rest is history as they say. My opinion that is that the music started to die with the beginning of MTV. What you say! Are you crazy! No at least I don’t think so. Those of you that are my age (73) remember listening to groups singing on the corner or in the Subway or the Bathrooms at school. They did it with no instruments no sound or light equipment at all. We listened to the lyrics and they all held meaning for us. It wasn’t about the lite show or the dance music or the video like MJ’s Thriller it was like The Lion Sleeps Tonight or Run Around Sue. It was the sound a group of boys or girls could make harmonizing together. Now I know anybody younger than me is going to say I ‘m just an old man. But lets ask the question when was the last time you heard you favorite artist sit down and sing with ot a lite show or a sound engineer tuning their voice. I remember hearing Dion and The Four seasons on a high school stage without mikes. I remember going to Washington Square park in Greenwich Village New York and hearing people like Joan Baez, and Bod Dillon play for free on a Sunday afternoon. I can remember seeing the Rolling Stones at the Capital Theater in Passaic New Jersey for 15 bucks. There was no million dollar stage, no elaborate light show and we were close enough to see Mick and Kieth’s wrinkly faces. This up to Thriller and MTV no more home made videos now you had to spend thousands of dollars before MTV would even consider you. Then came the sexual innuendo and it wasn’t about the music anymore it was who had the better producer, sound engineer and who would wear the least amount of clothes and had the better tits. Woodstock played its own role in the death of the music when it showed that 500,000 people would travel to see Rock acts that they wouldn’t be able to get close too or really hear for that matter. After that you started paying hundreds of dollars for the same acts (only they were older) that you use to pay 15 bucks for. They started to turn concerts into big production numbers with dancing. Now if you’ve ever tried to run around and sing without huffing and puffing you will realize that the music is no longer live. Listen to the voices no one sounds like that. So yes I think the music is dead. This is Fats and Flounders friend Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well lets talk about impeachment today. I read this morning that some people think because the Trumpster went to the doctor yesterday for an unscheduled checkup that he’s going to use a medical excuse to quit. I don’t believe it. The Trumpster may be a coward but he also an egotistical bastard and that my friends will keep him from resigning. He might if it looks like he may face criminal charges, like Nixon, make some sort of deal that gives him immunity to those charges. If, and it looks like they will, the Congress votes for impeachment it will go to the Senate. The Senate hold the trial to either acquit or convict. They then can decide to censure or remove him. Based on what’s being said now they will vote to dismiss all charges and the Democrats will look like asshole for wasting so much time and money trying to convict him. That in my opinion my friends will pretty much guarantee his reelection. He, if by some chance is convicted and removed can still run for election. It is my belief that the Dems should not of pursued impeachment at this time but concentrated their efforts on denying his reelection and the removal of all the Republicans that are coming up for reelection in 2020. The Trumpster’s supporters are the same people that went nuts when Obama was elected. They are the ones that consistently used racial slurs in their criticism of him. I usually make fun of all politicians but the way people talked about Obama and the insults that were thrown around I didn’t say anything. That doesn’t mean I think he was great history will judge that not me. He did however get changes to the medical insurance done something that Bill Clinton had assigned to his wife but she was never able to do. Even today as the Trumpster makes every effort to take apart Obama Care he has no idea what to replace it with. There in lies the real reason for him to be removed. He doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s doing. He only does those thing that will benefit him and not the rest of us, but of course his minions don’t believe that. He has made promises that even if he keeps them won’t bring back manufacturing jobs or the coal industry. In short he not only the most dishonest President my generation has had, he’s also more incompetent than any. Well look it’s football Sunday and I need my weekly fix so for Flounders friend and my companion Antonia this is Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well if you really want to know how bad things are getting. I just heard that the intelligence people are saying that America is now a leading exporter of WHITE SUPREMACY RHETORIC.. that just one thing your president the Trumpster has done to make America Great Again in his own little mind. His bowing and admiring of the worlds leading despots is tell us he wants to be Emperor of the world not just the US. Some how he has convinced a segment of the country, all of whom are not radical nut jobs, that he has all the answers, is never wrong, and has the regular people in his heart. Well first we know he doesn’t have all the answers and the ones he does have only benefit him or his rich friends around the world. To have a leader that admits to admiring a man like Kim because he can get his people to sit straight up in their chairs when they are speaking should worry everybody. They aren’t sitting up in respect they are sitting up out of fear. The Trumpster wants to take this country beyond the fictional 1984 and into a world where he is Emperor. Now your saying how can I say this. Easy, he believes only he has the answers to other countries problems and that only he can solve all the worlds differences if he commands it. So far Russia is just laughing, North Korea is as well and Iran is pretty much telling us to go fuck ourselves. Wait: I just heard that Kim and North Korea want to talk again. They did this during the Korean war and while we talked they got just about everything the could want. North Viet Nam did the same thing with even better results. The Trumpster believes he’s smarter that everyone else and will be able to make a deal. He might make a deal but Korea’s will most likely cheat on it. Then sometime in the future they will just simple say fuck you. You kind of have to admire Iran,s attitude they don’t try to hide behind a lot of bullshit they simply do what they want to and say fuck you. Now the only thing I can say is unless we remove him, and there’s no guarantee we can, the world will not be a better place and America will be a lot unsafer then at any other time in its history. This is Fats and my new writing partner Antonia (who had and has Flounders complete confidence) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


November 4, 2019

I guess I need to change the day of my Blog, I mean it is football season and the Holidays are coming and I have an over weight Labradoodle to play around with, so maybe Sunday is not the best day we’ll see.
Now to business, you have all seen the TV and print news so you know the Democrats are trying to impeach the Trumpster. You also know that the Trumpster and his party are screaming foul. Well I’m not screaming foul but I’m yelling about it. I think giving that for anything punitive to happen the Senate has to convict him, that this is a big waste of time. Your not going to convince his followers of anything, you’ll just make them more loyal. The Republican Senate will more than likely either just throw the case out or acquit him right away. This will empower him and dis empower the Dems to the point that it will just make everything worse. The only way to get rid of him, legally that is, is to vote him and the rest out. Now if you’ve read my blog you know I hate all politicians because I think they’re all dishonest old fucks. You don’t need some deranged orange haired mental patient to bring about change in government, unless of course your tired of Democracy. You can gain change simply by removing the old pricks that are there and replacing them with younger people. So what if they don’t have all that “experience” they’ll make mistake sure but at least they will be honest ones and not ones driven by money and greed. If all your interested in is how the economy is doing your going to wake p one morning and find out you’ve been replaced by a robot built in China and controlled by either the Russians or North Koreans. We are part of a Planet not just a country. Humans think too small, all we worry about is ourselves. The many time I’ve said here that we need everybody working together if we are to survive no one listens. After all I’m just an old man with a key board. This is Fats with Flounders ghost saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.