November 4, 2019

I guess I need to change the day of my Blog, I mean it is football season and the Holidays are coming and I have an over weight Labradoodle to play around with, so maybe Sunday is not the best day we’ll see.
Now to business, you have all seen the TV and print news so you know the Democrats are trying to impeach the Trumpster. You also know that the Trumpster and his party are screaming foul. Well I’m not screaming foul but I’m yelling about it. I think giving that for anything punitive to happen the Senate has to convict him, that this is a big waste of time. Your not going to convince his followers of anything, you’ll just make them more loyal. The Republican Senate will more than likely either just throw the case out or acquit him right away. This will empower him and dis empower the Dems to the point that it will just make everything worse. The only way to get rid of him, legally that is, is to vote him and the rest out. Now if you’ve read my blog you know I hate all politicians because I think they’re all dishonest old fucks. You don’t need some deranged orange haired mental patient to bring about change in government, unless of course your tired of Democracy. You can gain change simply by removing the old pricks that are there and replacing them with younger people. So what if they don’t have all that “experience” they’ll make mistake sure but at least they will be honest ones and not ones driven by money and greed. If all your interested in is how the economy is doing your going to wake p one morning and find out you’ve been replaced by a robot built in China and controlled by either the Russians or North Koreans. We are part of a Planet not just a country. Humans think too small, all we worry about is ourselves. The many time I’ve said here that we need everybody working together if we are to survive no one listens. After all I’m just an old man with a key board. This is Fats with Flounders ghost saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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