pet-peeves-emily-mcdowellWell first let me apologize for no saying goodbye properly last post. Now that’s out of the way don’t forget I really am running for President. Now it’s time to discuss my pet peeves. You know things that really piss me of like waiting in line 10 minutes to pay for something. Hey if you want my money get somebody over here to take don’t make me wait to give it to you. Rock singers piss me off along with movie stars and some professional athletes because they think they’re better than us they seem to forget that without us they’re nothing they should pay us for asking for an autograph. The one thing that really piss’s me off is watching people waste their talent or worse yet an opportunity. You this in athlete are all the time a good example of this would be Johnny Manziel. A kid with a lot of talent that thought he didn’t have to obey the rule because he was just so cool. I see a lot of kids that come from really good homes and have money and brains just destroy their lives when there are a lot of kids out there that would love to be able to go to college. Again you see scholarship students and athletes that just waste their time and don’t seem to care. Rock singers screw up their lives with drugs like Jimi Hendricks, Janice Joplin. Amy Winehouse. They become troubled souls and decide to destroy themselves. What really gets me is the kid that has a chance to go to college because his parent have broke their ass to give him that chance and they decide not to take advantage and just sit around wasting their lives. There are the kids that have talent but let booze or a girl destroy their chances. What’s worse, are the ones who are just too scared to take a chance. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJeff, you remember him we’ll call him fats from now on, put my picture up on Facebook and said I was running for President. Well everybody got a good laugh including me. But then I started to think what if I did run for President and by some screwed up miracle I won? Can you just see the Donald running around going I lost to what you’re kidding it’s a Mexican trick or the Muslims have taken over the world? Then there would be Hillary standing there in that pose you know the one I’m talking about. Her mouth open and her eyes with that wild pissed off look. Bernie and Obama would be sitting around doing shots and saying you get what you deserve. My platform would be free college education for everyone a flat tax so those rich bastards would have to finally pay something. I would ban assault rifles as well as large capacity magazines. I tell Congress that they have to perform or get out no more hanging around the pretty interns. I would make the big banks pay back all that bailout money as well as those ridicules large bonus’s they gave themselves as a reward for screwing everybody. I would see to it that major companies had to hire qualified Americans first before bringing in immigrants for a job. I would help those immigrants that are here illegally to become citizens. I wouldn’t make it easy but I would give them a shot. Now if Cuban relations keep improving I would make Cubans go through the same procedures as any other country in order to visit this country or apply for citizenship. I have a lot of other good ideas and I want to hear yours before November. So this is my official announcement that I’m putting my tail in the race ( I don’t wear hats I leave that to fats)


June 19, 2016

thWell it’s Sunday and Fathers day to boot. I don’t have any kids of my own but I’ve been around kids forever and for whatever the reason they seem to like me. my experience with my father wasn’t the best he was a sometimes violent drunk and other times a good father. I think I got my work alcoholic attitude from him as well as my alcoholism. Both of which I’m done with now. Work because I retired and drinking because I stopped over thirty years ago. I’ve never wanted to drink again and I’m gradually losing my tolerance to be around drunken people especially if they’re family. I have wanted a cigarette or cigar occasionally but so far have been able to resist. My father didn’t set out to be what he was he was a product of his time. Business deals were conducted at the three martini lunch or at dinner and cocktails. He loved to entertain friends and family and when I was born he was very well off, time and bad decisions took his money but that never stopped his entertaining. I think I also got my distrust of others from my dad since his financial loss can be traced back to a bad business deal made with friends who after word pretended not to know my dad. I know these people names and have looked them up once in awhile and let me tell Karma is a bitch most of them are worse off than my dad was. Now I don’t want you to think I had a lousy child hood or my dad was a real scumbag. Not so; he took me fishing and ball games whenever he could our problems came from the fact that I started drinking and became the bigger ass. When I stopped drinking, and I did it on my own, I realized that all drinking was doing was making me a bigger asshole. My dad taught me how to fix things with my hands, to work numbers in my head. He did the best he could under the circumstances. I have tried real hard not to be him to be sober and kind to people and not a racist he helped me that way by being an example of what I didn’t want to be. But like say everything wasn’t all bad so if you’re Dad is still around give him a hug he’s doing the best he can. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

sThere was another mass shooting yesterday in which 50 people died and 53 were injured. Almost immediately the press and politicians were looking where to place the blame. It was Christian conservatives, gay bashers, ISIS, President Obama and just about everybody else. Let’s say for a second that there all to blame what are we going to do about it. Donald Trump wants to build walls ban Muslims others want to ban guns. I’m sorry to say none of these will work. They might stop organized terror plots but they won’t stop the crazy guy next door. If we had done all of this it wouldn’t of stopped the Oklahoma bombing or any of the school shootings. School related shooting aren’t just the type of gun is. I think the real culprit here might be money. The huge amounts that gun manufactures make the lack of money for schools so that classes might be smaller and teachers might be better trained to recognize troubled kids. If you’re looking to ban something, don’t ban Bambi from TV ban gang members from school until they have proven the no longer are affiliated. You know the old argument about gun control “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. That might be true but that doesn’t mean we should allow military grade weapons into the hands of civilians. The most common being the AR15 and AK 47 both of which are readily available in most gun stores. Part of the problem was that at the end of the Viet Nam war there literally thousands of these weapons sitting in warehouse all over the world. These weapons are the one of choice because they are cheap and easy to convert to fully automatic. Now I’ve said this before weapons like these with 30, 50, or 100 round magazines are not for recreation or sport they are designed strictly to kill people. These weapons are available because they high profit and be sold at affordable prices. Now I now yesterday’s shooter had an AR15 and a semi automatic pistol. Whether they had high capacity magazines I don’t know nor had the rifle been converted to fully automatic. What I do know was the shooter was able to walk into a gun store a few days earlier and purchase these weapons. The government says the manufactures can’t be held responsible for mass shootings. My question is those that mean they can just dump those weapons out there and never have to worry about what they’re used for. Maybe if one of their families had been a victim they might feel different, I doubt it since they are just a bunch of greedy bastards. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

springtime-1886Well it’s springtime remember when all it meant was time to plant flowers, get the lawn mower out, head for the Trout stream, clean the barbeque, and start looking for that vacation spot. Well now it means college protests, pissed off farmers, and crazy people with guns running around killing people. And this year you have presidential primaries which have set race relations back fifty years. There’s a great anti war song by the Kinston trio and Peter, Paul and Mary called, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”. It seems the only thing people are interested in planting this spring is hatred and racism. Sad because spring is supposed to be a time of rebirth and instead we’re getting a season of destruction more in line with Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction”. Where did it go so terribly wrong? My belief is that after the Viet Nam War and Water Gate the American people just wanted to get on with their lives and sort of put on blinders to anything that might upset there peaceful existence. They were grateful all the credit that was around and they used it forgetting that they would have to pay it back. They believed that everything was just going to continue being rosy. They forgot one thing the people that were running everything were nothing more than a bunch of power hungry greedy bastards. When everything started to go downhill they wanted to blame somebody so those in power gave them a scapegoat illegal immigrants and programs like Affirmative Action. Forgetting the fact that the profit hungry corporate assholes were moving overseas to escape taxes and obtain access to cheap labor. Others imported Asians to the lucrative market and paid them less than Americans and blamed the Mexicans. Mexicans were willing to work as farm labors, dishwashers or anything else without the benefit of hospitalization or any other benefit. A major complaint was they worked for cash and didn’t pay taxes. Well here’s a flash either did their employers avoiding payroll taxes and increasing their profits. So the rich got richer and the rest of us kept looking for someone to blame other than the real culprits’ politicians and big business. Now we have race issues that have nothing to do with the middle class being screwed once again. We look around and see Donald Trump saying all these crazy things and think well he’s rich and powerful he must know what he’s talking about. And then there’s Hillary Clinton who people say is the most qualified to become President. What’s that mean she’s better at screwing the little guy and getting away with it. We had a legitimate dark horse candidate in Bernie Sanders but he made the mistake of allowing the word Socialism to be attached to his name and that was pretty much that, although he gave it a good run. Look people what I’m trying to say here in a long winded sort of way is you better start looking at yourselves and what you can do to fix the government instead of looking to blame everything and everybody else. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

04cb29ed9f32f7c4d7a60963437ca76bYou know I talk a lot about age in these posts I guess it’s because I’m getting old and so is Flounder. I turned 70 in January and Flounders had his birthday the end of May when he turned 16 that’s 80 in human years. So when I read about Mohamed Ali passing away I began to think how we take our living friend, relatives, or celebrities for granted and then when their gone we start to have regrets. Regrets about not seeing them or knowing how their health was or talking to them. I know I have a lot. When my brother died I regretted not talking to him more, the same applies to his wife my sister in –law. Now there is no time to say the things I want. With my mom I still want to pick up the phone and ask her advice about something or other but it’s too late. I wish I had been more of a better son to her but its too late. When my niece Kim passed away I thought we had many years ahead of us now I regret worry about other thing rather than getting on a plane and seeing her. She was so much younger than me I thought I had plenty of time but I was too late. You hear people talking about life being too short, don’t wait do it now and of course you wait thinking there’s plenty of time but there isn’t. So don’t wait pick up the phone, get in the car, get that flight find out what’s going on in their lives none of us is going to be here forever. Don’t be like me sad that you didn’t call or make an effort to see someone you care about. You know you’ll wonder what they would have said to your questions plus if it’s a relative they need to know that you’re proud of them as well as happy for them. Don’t wait till it’s too late. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.