June 23, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJeff, you remember him we’ll call him fats from now on, put my picture up on Facebook and said I was running for President. Well everybody got a good laugh including me. But then I started to think what if I did run for President and by some screwed up miracle I won? Can you just see the Donald running around going I lost to what you’re kidding it’s a Mexican trick or the Muslims have taken over the world? Then there would be Hillary standing there in that pose you know the one I’m talking about. Her mouth open and her eyes with that wild pissed off look. Bernie and Obama would be sitting around doing shots and saying you get what you deserve. My platform would be free college education for everyone a flat tax so those rich bastards would have to finally pay something. I would ban assault rifles as well as large capacity magazines. I tell Congress that they have to perform or get out no more hanging around the pretty interns. I would make the big banks pay back all that bailout money as well as those ridicules large bonus’s they gave themselves as a reward for screwing everybody. I would see to it that major companies had to hire qualified Americans first before bringing in immigrants for a job. I would help those immigrants that are here illegally to become citizens. I wouldn’t make it easy but I would give them a shot. Now if Cuban relations keep improving I would make Cubans go through the same procedures as any other country in order to visit this country or apply for citizenship. I have a lot of other good ideas and I want to hear yours before November. So this is my official announcement that I’m putting my tail in the race ( I don’t wear hats I leave that to fats)


  1. valerie said

    Flounder I have a beautiful tuxedo female kitty cat named Charlotte she wants to know if she could your VP


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