January 31, 2016

173d4a95633de8d6efb974e9bbc70d6bRecently Republican candidate Ted Cruz was asked what he would replace Obama care with and didn’t have an answer. This is typical of all politicians that are asked this question. It the Republicans who have been most vocal about replacing it, but as of yet I haven’t read of any replacement programs that would be better or at worst equal to it. This to me is just another example the politicians in Washington being unable to put aside the political bullshit and actually do the job we elected them to and also pay them for. If they don’t like something let us here reasons other than it’s a Republican or Democrat idea and for that matter it would be nice if they both kept the banks out of it. Situations like this are why I hate all politicians equally. They care nothing for the voter only their political contributors and their own self interests. Right now some of my friends who actually read my blog are saying here we go again politics. When is he going to be funny again? Well I get my ideas for topics from the news and right now the funniest stuff is politics and it’s complete absurdity. I’ll try to do better with future posts. Please forgive any typos as I’m doing this without my glasses because I had some surgery to remove some cancer from my nose. Not to fear all went well I’m fine and will continue to post here along with my writing buddy Flounder. This is Flounder along with Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

remember-when2-1 Remember last post when I talked about all I had witnessed in seventy years? Well here are a few more tid bits. Snow days meant going outside playing with the family, shoveling snow for money, not doing marathon video gaming, or social networking, people actually helped each other. Helping each other now there’s a concept you don’t hear much about any more. I think it disappeared in the fifties. It was caused by the Kitty Genovese case where a young woman was stabbed in front of her home. At least twenty people heard her scream but decided to do nothing. In interviews with the killer he said he wasn’t worried about being seen because he knew nobody would do anything. The people who ignored her weren’t charged with anything and left to get on with their lives. Funny, how it’s sometime easier to remember the bad thing s then the good ones. I remember a lot of things seeing my niece Janet coming home as a new born. Seeing the look on her moms face was priceless. I remember when sports were played by people who cared about their fans; you know what I mean you could get just about anybody’s autograph just by asking for it. I remember when a kid could go walk around the city by himself and not have to worry because there was a cop on the corner. I remember when our presidents were great men not clowns. I remember as a kid going to Broadway play with my folks. I remember when I could afford to go to sporting event or a concert. Well those were the good old days and people say well that then and this is now and the worlds a better place. I’ll let you guys decide if it’s a better place let me know what you think. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

il_214x170.847022289_4i8yTomorrow I turn Seventy and that got me thinking about all that I’ve seen in my life time. There was the Korean War, Viet Nam War, Granada, Desert Storm and all the others that followed. I’ve seen the Atomic Bomb, the Hydrogen Bomb and terrorism. I saw a man walk on the moon, a cure for Polio, Color TV, computers for the home, cell phones, IMAX. I saw a President assassinated and another one shot, I saw Martin Luther king get shot and John Lennon. I saw live pictures from Mars, driverless cars, the birth of Rock and Roll, Hippies, Disco, Hip Hop, and Rap. I’ve seen 49 Super Bowls, 17 Olympics, 68 World Series. I’ve seen our heroes turned in to goats. But I’ve also witnessed what we lost, the great actors and actresses of Hollywood’s glory days Bogart, Edward G, Tracey, and Hepburn. The demise of the movie musical and along with it Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney and Ginger Rogers all forgotten now. Personally I’ve lost my father, mother, older brother, sister in-lawn and my niece Kim. There have been uncles and cousins some of whom I barely knew others that I was not close too but Kim hurt the most because she was younger and I didn’t think her time should have been up. I know I haven’t covered everything that I’ve seen in my seventy years but it’s a start. What would I like the future to hold? Well a safe world for my grandson, Niece, and great Nephews to live. An end to racism, of course this would require people understanding that we need each other to survive. Ah well this old guy is tired and so is my friend Flounder who says CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

29906170001_4697690797001_video-still-for-video-4697562592001By now you have all read or heard Sean Penn’s interview with the notorious Mexican Cartel leader “El Chapo” Guzman. You probably have seen where the Mexican government says the interview helped catch him again, and how law enforcement wants to have a conversation with Mr. Penn. Well I think what people should be asking how is it that the US government, and several other governments in the world, were looking for Mr. Guzman with their multimillion dollar spy equipment and couldn’t find him. You realize they have satellites that see ant hills from out space, they have high flying spy planes, drones, all kinds of sophisticated spy stuff yet and actor found him first. The governments of the world could shut down drug production if they really wanted to. With their technology they could find these people and then maybe a group of apache gunships or perhaps a cruise missile could eliminate the problem but we can’t find these guys and a actor/ journalist can. This reminds me of the cure for Cancer. You know what I mean it probably exists but there’s no money in the cure the real money is in ongoing treatment. Well all those law enforcement agencies would lose millions in grants and subsidies if there were no drugs. Not only since most drug abusers are usually poor, if you took the drugs away they might just get really pissed about things and decide to change them. Most of my regulars know I’ve written a couple of blogs about a book written by George Orwell titled 1984. Now if any of you have checked out you see that drugs were one way of suppressing the populace. I think the governments of Mexico and the United States are embarrassed by Penn’s interview because it exposes how easy it was to actually find this guy. Think about this and let me know in my comment section. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 5, 2016

imagesThe New Year is five days old now and what’s been going on? On the first of the New Year Venezuela cut the flow of natural gas to Colombia for climate reasons, it said. A female Mexican mayor was shot to death in her home. Mexico needs to either just let organized crime take over the government or ask for outside military strikes against the drug cartels. Donald trump could very well be your next president. Could you imagine that close to three hundred Americans seeking refuge in Syria? Supreme justice Scalia challenges the constitution on separation of church and state. So my question is which church is he saying is the right one. And finally everybody said the hell with it and went to see the new Star Wars movie. I saw the original and have never bothered to see any of the sequels. Well that’s it for the first post of the year hope you had great holidays. I’m looking forward to some interesting posts this year. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.