January 24, 2016

remember-when2-1 Remember last post when I talked about all I had witnessed in seventy years? Well here are a few more tid bits. Snow days meant going outside playing with the family, shoveling snow for money, not doing marathon video gaming, or social networking, people actually helped each other. Helping each other now there’s a concept you don’t hear much about any more. I think it disappeared in the fifties. It was caused by the Kitty Genovese case where a young woman was stabbed in front of her home. At least twenty people heard her scream but decided to do nothing. In interviews with the killer he said he wasn’t worried about being seen because he knew nobody would do anything. The people who ignored her weren’t charged with anything and left to get on with their lives. Funny, how it’s sometime easier to remember the bad thing s then the good ones. I remember a lot of things seeing my niece Janet coming home as a new born. Seeing the look on her moms face was priceless. I remember when sports were played by people who cared about their fans; you know what I mean you could get just about anybody’s autograph just by asking for it. I remember when a kid could go walk around the city by himself and not have to worry because there was a cop on the corner. I remember when our presidents were great men not clowns. I remember as a kid going to Broadway play with my folks. I remember when I could afford to go to sporting event or a concert. Well those were the good old days and people say well that then and this is now and the worlds a better place. I’ll let you guys decide if it’s a better place let me know what you think. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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