May 31, 2013

NEW COVERWell Jeff published his second book and it doesn’t look like this one is going to be a blockbuster either. I guess his friends and relatives are just o busy to read, but that’s cool Jeff thinks one of these days someone will read it and tell him what they think. If no one does that’s still cool he says it’s not worth getting all bent out of shape about and I just look at him and wonder where the angry Jeff I remember has gone. I think you guys should read it and if it’s no good tell him why I mean he in Colombia he’s not coming to you r house in the middle of the night to kill you. Any how I tired and it’s time for me to say this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia and READ THE DAM BOOK.

images Most people in America are familiar with the expression not in my backyard it kinda means yes we want or need this but I don’t want it in my town. It also coming to mean that yes we need to change this law but wait a minute I don’t like the change but I don’t have a better idea. This is obvious in the new Health care Law that was recently passed and is referred to as Obama Care people said for years that the health care system needed to be changed so it was changed now states and politicians are saying no, the new law sucks, but are offering no solutions rather they are saying lets repeal the law and go back to the way things were. Well they just got thru saying the old way is no good now they say it wasn’t that bad. Now look at the new Immigration Law that they’re trying to pass now one of its creators is now saying this part and that part are no good. If that’s true why did he vote to release the bill for vote by House and Senate? This not in my back yard stuff goes on and on we need alternative power wind is a good source of cheap power but nobody wants the windmills in their town. That happens with Cell towers even in Colombia everybody wants better connections but don’t put the tower there it doesn’t go with the neighborhood. I’m convinced that you humans are perhaps the most argumentative species in the world and that you’d rather argue about something rather than fix it. My head hurts with all this stuff so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

Vacation 2013 251

Vacation 2013 252 OK Jeff’s been back for a day now and I’m still pissed he left me alone for four days. Now I’m pissed because he won’t leave me alone he’s constantly picking me and hugging me or he’s combing me, why can’t he just put the food out and let me sleep? Does he think I just slept and didn’t worry that I’d be stuck with Camilo forever? I love Jeff and Ruby but come on give me a break. John, Hari and Vanessa are on the coast for the next four days so Ruby is on vacation she just left to visit family and leaves poor Jeff home so he can bother me. I put up a couple of pictures of Jeff and Hari that I think are cute. I need Hari to hurry up and get back so Jeff has someone else he can bother. That’s all I got today so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


May 28, 2013

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more vacation 2013 053This is Monday day four and everyone got up early and they were on the road by 7:30. Jeff took picture of the farm and they drove to a chorizo place were Jeff at a little more and Ruby bought some Chorizo to bring home. They arrived at the hot springs and everybody went to change and went into the water which to Jeff wasn’t real hot but felt great and made his body stop hurting for awhile abut unfortunately he had to get out of the water and since there was no sun it was cold but was a good time and really felt good they left there about 1:30 and were told they would eat lunch and then should be back in Medellin about 7 or 7:30. Well lunch was great everybody got on the bus and was looking forward to getting home in time for dinner wrong. About a hour from the restaurant we stop and we are stuck there for about 2 plus hours as 331 one trucks come from the other side. When we finally get going we see that the delay was from two accidents about a hundred yards apart. Now they are behind schedule and it’s hard to make up the time on these two lane mountain roads because you can’t pass on account of the roads are always making left and right turns. You can have two tractor trailers enter the same turn from different directions at ht same time so that slows you down. The roads barley fit two cars so you can’t drive too fast a night because you can’t see too far ahead. Take that and through in some rain, and by the way they don’t turn on their windshield wipers, now you really have to slow down in the turns. In Colombia if you see a road sign that pictures a sharp turn you can bet it really is a 90 degree turn. So to make a long story short they got back Medellin at 9:oo pm and Jeff could barely walk he still trying to recover as I am writing this. I think his problem is he’s out of shape check out the picture from the hot springs. So this Flounder saying CIAO and nice to have Jeff back from Medellin


May 28, 2013

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Vacation 2013 405Welcome to day three of vacation this was spent at an animal park with pigs, goats, cows, horses, cats, and dogs. Jeff says it was a cool place but thought most of it ws for younger folks and the smell wasn’t really good. The day was overcast but there was no traffic delays so it was cool. They did a lot of walking fed pigs and goats went to see the dog show which was good. They every breed of dog you can imagine down here in Colombia unfortunately a lot are homeless. There was a show with the pigs that was for kids one with cows and goats as well as a Llama. There was a lot of walking up and down hills these parks are huge compared to American ones. There was a really good horse show that had a little something for all ages. No traffic back to the farm got there for dinner on time. I should say the food was really good and the people very nice. After dinner everyone went to their rooms to pack and get ready to leave the next day because they were going to star home from the last park. They had everybody up earlier because they wanted to get back early as you’ll see that didn’t work to well this Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia


May 28, 2013

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Vacation 2013 339Day two begins with a good breakfast at 7:30 and on the bus for a forty minute ride to the Coffee Park. This park is a working coffee plantation that has added some rides for the family. The strange thing about Colombia is that the really good coffee beans are sent to other countries and the Colombians end up with what’s left. Jeff says he finds it ironic that he’s in that coffee capital of the world and can’t get a cup of coffee that’s as good as Folgers in the US. Anyway they went on the log ride and the rapids ride and got good and wet. It was a beautiful day and a great time but then it was time to go and we were supposed t stop because a couple of people needed some stuff but once again traffic was stopped because of a parade in one of the towns we had to pass thru. Because of that they couldn’t stop a forty minute ride was almost 3 hours and they got back late for dinner again. This time it rained at 4:30 in the morning and it woke up everybody followed by the rooster at 5:30. Well that was day two see the pictures for more and this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


May 28, 2013

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Vacation 2013 288Well there back and we’ll start their story with the first day of vacation Friday. They got up at 5:30 in the morning because the buss left at 7Am first stop was for breakfast around 9am then they drove for about 3 hours then had a piss break then what should have been lunch around 1pm turned out to be lunch at 3pm because of traffic delays due to lane closures. They stopped in a really pretty town had lunch then went sightseeing. Ruby got Jeff to climb this really steep staid cast to the top of a mountain for the view. It was really spectacular but Jeff says it almost killed him then it was back on the bus for the last part of the trip. It took over three hours to get to the hotel again because of traffic. They finally got there about 7:45 and dinner was at eight. The rooms were very nice and comfortable dinner was very good. After dinner everybody talked for awhile Jeff made friends with a fellow American who was down to see his fiancé. People didn’t stay up to long everybody was very tired Jeff slept right through the night Ruby couldn’t because of the frogs singing and his friend Roger complained that the roosters crowed every hour on the hour from eleven o’clock on. That was pretty much it for the first day there are some photos here the rest are on Facebook. Day one is over and this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

tumblr_lkyqvcegbM1qis4cio1_400Well Jeff and Ruby are getting ready for the 4 day vacation and Camilo is all set to take care of me all is cool. You won’t see any posts till Maybe Monday but Tuesday for sure and there will be pictures or there will be hell to pay. I just hope this rain stops or at least it’s not raining where they’re going. If they have to spend four days locked inside because of rain one of them might not come back. As usual nobody is buying Jeff’s new book but he doesn’t care he plans to start a new one while on vacation. He says this one will have a different theme, we’ll see what he comes up with. He wants this one published before the end of the summer and the next ILF book either by Christmas or right after the first of the year. Well look it’s time for me to stock up on snacks and get ready to party for 4 days so you guys take care and we’ll talk on Monday or Tuesday this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


May 22, 2013

37727262Well Jeff finally published his second book ILF cats and assassins it up on amazon but only in a digital form for now. Jeff and Ruby are going away on Friday for the weekend to a hotel I hope the rain stops by then. It’s been raining everyday and yesterday and last night were the strongest storms yet. There is a little stream across the road from the house and it has maybe a foot of water in it but mostly the level is around eight inches. Yesterday in the space of about twenty to thirty minutes the water level went to over four feet and the wind and thunder were so bad that even I got scared and I’m pretty used to the storms down here now. Like I said yesterday there seems to be more of these storms than in years past. Tomorrow will be the last post until Jeff and Ruby get back on Monday but don’t worry about me Camilo is coming over to take care of me and we get along OK. I really don’t care who comes over so long as they empty the litter box and feed me. Well that’s it for today this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

imagesI’ve been reading a lot about all the destruction from the tornadoes in Oklahoma and can’t help feeling very sad for the loss of life. I did like the story of survival of the dog they dug out of the rubble maybe with gods will some of those missing kids will turn up OK. Most people down here and up there have never seen a tornado for real they only see the news coverage of the after math. Jeff has seen two one out west and on in Pennsylvania he says they sound like a combination of a steam engine and a jet engine. If you never been in an area where they are common you would know it was coming you’d just think it was a bad storm forming and then suddenly it drops out of the sky. They’ve been referred to as the Hammer of god or the Fickle Finger of Fate because they might destroy on home on a street and not even knock the garbage over on the house next door then they’ll go two blocks over and destroy everything on the street. We’re fortunate that they don’t have them in most of Colombia they do get a lot of water spouts which are tornadoes that travel over water. Where we live we get very strong thunderstorms and if it wasn’t for the mountains we might have tornadoes too. These storms do a lot of damage because of the strong lightening and winds never mind the rain and like up there people are saying that they are stronger than in years past and there are more of them. I hope none of our friends ever have to experience a tornado or the full force of a hurricane. We’re going to say a little prayer for those people in Oklahoma and everywhere else that’s suffered this storm season.
One last thing I have my own email address now it’s so if you want to talk drop me a line. This is Flounder saying CIAO and stay safe from Medellin.