May 28, 2013

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more vacation 2013 053This is Monday day four and everyone got up early and they were on the road by 7:30. Jeff took picture of the farm and they drove to a chorizo place were Jeff at a little more and Ruby bought some Chorizo to bring home. They arrived at the hot springs and everybody went to change and went into the water which to Jeff wasn’t real hot but felt great and made his body stop hurting for awhile abut unfortunately he had to get out of the water and since there was no sun it was cold but was a good time and really felt good they left there about 1:30 and were told they would eat lunch and then should be back in Medellin about 7 or 7:30. Well lunch was great everybody got on the bus and was looking forward to getting home in time for dinner wrong. About a hour from the restaurant we stop and we are stuck there for about 2 plus hours as 331 one trucks come from the other side. When we finally get going we see that the delay was from two accidents about a hundred yards apart. Now they are behind schedule and it’s hard to make up the time on these two lane mountain roads because you can’t pass on account of the roads are always making left and right turns. You can have two tractor trailers enter the same turn from different directions at ht same time so that slows you down. The roads barley fit two cars so you can’t drive too fast a night because you can’t see too far ahead. Take that and through in some rain, and by the way they don’t turn on their windshield wipers, now you really have to slow down in the turns. In Colombia if you see a road sign that pictures a sharp turn you can bet it really is a 90 degree turn. So to make a long story short they got back Medellin at 9:oo pm and Jeff could barely walk he still trying to recover as I am writing this. I think his problem is he’s out of shape check out the picture from the hot springs. So this Flounder saying CIAO and nice to have Jeff back from Medellin


  1. valerie said

    Pictures are really good the place is so colorful and you and Ruby look great other then being late from traveling there seemed to be not other mishaps even the roosters and frogs didn’t keep Jeff awake Founder I bet you are glad to have them back


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